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  1. Probabely the same effort as loading Ozi, but free and flexible: Download the loc file and load it into CacheMaps. It can show you any free online available map in any detail you want.


    If you want to create clickable overview maps of you region or the whole of Australia, you can also use CacheMaps for it...


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  2. quote:
    Originally posted by SomewhereInND:

    I was hoping to find a place where I could download tracks of Interstate systems, and/or Major highways. I am using a software package called GPS Tracker, that I use on my PC. It would be nice to let it display major highways along with cache waypoints. Then I would have a way of relating the location of a cache to the real world.

    Cannot help you with tracks of interstates.

    Can help you with relating cachelocations to the real world. If you use CacheMaps, you will be able to project the cache waypoints to (free online) maps of your choice. Giving you the connection to the 'real' world.

    But if you want that on your GPS, you must have mapping abilities on the device itself.

    You can build your own set of tracks by actually driving the interstates you need with your GPS turned on.


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  3. quote:
    Originally posted by scoobie10:

    Thanks for the post. You may want to check your link, I think you've made a typo.





    A day without sunshine is like.....NIGHT!

    I'm not allowed to edit my message anymore. So you have to use the link in my signature logo...


    Too bad I can only view 50 caches without paying to register

    You actually can add more that 50. Only you are allowed 50 at a time. So if you split your loc- or gpx file in parts of 50 caches you can work around :-)


    Registration will cost whatever you think CacheMaps is worth to you. The lowest PayPal will accept is $1. If it is worth less for you, then don't use it! (or send me a mail to request a regcode).

    I ask for registration just to have a good feeling. I will not get rich from geocaching (although www.geocashing.com is the link I use :-)


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  4. Just a little off topic:

    If you want to check where locationless caches are logged, you can use my LocLess2Loc tool. This generates a loc-file from all logs of a locationless file.

    Feed this loc-file to your favorite mapping program and you have your overview.

    You can also feed the locfile to GPS Visualizer to get an online overview map.


    See my Download Area for downloading LocLess2Loc (it's at the end of the list)


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  5. There is much more mapping on the net. With CacheMaps I collected most and combined it to work with the geocaching loc- and gpx-files.


    If you also use offline mapping programs, you can also connect to these from CacheMaps.


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  6. quote:
    Originally posted by Doc-Dean:

    Originally posted by BigBirdNL:

    If you are looking for more detailed maps of the cache environment, use CacheMaps. It has over 20 flavours of maps...


    If you can figure out the install process...

    OK, it seems that I made it too complicated?

    Let me know what problems you are encountering and I can and will help you out.

    At (almost) every action, a CacheMaps.log file is written. This will give an indication on what is not working. Send this one with your description for faster solution.


    In short the installation is:

    - download and unzip CMDirTree

    - download and unzip CM3.x.x

    - download, unzip and install Maptool

    This should do for all mapping.


    For connecting other apps, you need to install GPSBabel and all other apps as you wish and make sure the paths used by CacheMaps are correct.


    Mail me, post me or leave a message in the guestbook. I will respond!


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  7. Take a look at this site. It has a couple of maps, together with calibration file.

    The calibration file is for UIView, but can easily be used. It's an INF file, which is plain text. The first two lines will give you the topleft and bottomright corners coordinates. The format is DD.MM.mm (e.g 28.11.24N will be 28 degrees, 11.24 minutes North) Be aware also that N and S / E and W are used. E and S will give negative coordinates in some packages.

    This should be enough for calibrating it in the package you want to use.


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    BTW you can use these UIView maps directly in CacheMaps, although this is of no use for your purpose...



  8. quote:
    Originally posted by Mopar:

    there is no easy way to check if a locationless with 100's of logs on it has already had a log for the site you want to log.

    Take a look at this thread. This discusses a little tool I created to generate a loc-file for all logs in a locationless cachepage. Feed this loc-file to your favorite mapping program (e.g. CacheMaps :-) and it will show you all spots already logged.


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  9. quote:
    Originally posted by Kealia:

    I have NO clue as to how to format the stash-note in Word to make it into a circle that I can attach to the lid of a circular jar I'm using.

    Did you try the WordArt button? It's in the Drawing menu-bar. WordArt can do printing in curves.

    But I think the previous mentioned circular print is much nicer...


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  10. WOW!

    This looks very good!

    With CacheMaps I also visualize cache waypoints and I am impressed by the way you you it!


    Is there an option to 'feed' gpsvisualizer from the url? If so, I can directly call your site with the inputfile and maybe the wanted settings (or default settings).

    I also created a tool to get the locations from the los of a locationless cache and create a loc-file from this. It would be great to directly open your site with the freshly created loc-file.


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  11. quote:
    Originally posted by Warm Fuzzies - Fuzzy:

    The problem with using GPSBabel, of course, is that it's nearly impossible to get a database of all of the caches that _might_ be within a mile of I-70 between KC and DC. If only we could download a .loc file for an entire state....

    I think you're right. We don't have this problem in the Netherlands. You can download all caches in the Netherlands easily in 2 Pocket Queries :-).


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  12. You can create you own maps with the caches you wanna see on it by using CacheMaps.

    Additional you can select a cache and have all details, online maps of your choice, sent to GPS or other application and much more.


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