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  1. I use CacheMaps to do this. First get the caches of the area you are going to in a LOC or GPX file, load them into CacheMaps, Select a new AreaMap for them and off you go. A lot (50) of online mapping available for the caches too.
  2. cacheMaps can do that offline with it's overview map.
  3. Take a look at CacheMaps. It supports 50 online maps that all take coordinates on an url input. The formatting of the url's can be found in the CMX files. When you use CacheMaps to retreive a map, the logfile generated will show the url used. Copy, Paste, change and use the url for you needs.
  4. CacheMaps for all online maps (50 supported) OziExplorer for offline maps TomTom and oziCE for PDA maps
  5. You can also use LocLess2Loc to extract the coordinates from the page. You can use GPS Visualizer to show a map with all waypoints in the loc file on it. LocLess2Loc is also part of CacheMaps. If you start it from CacheMaps, it directly gives you the opportunity to view maps for the caches or directly go into the logfile to view the log for a specific coordinate. By using maps, you can easily identify if the location you want to log is not logged yet by someone else. Finally, you can always download the latest version of LocLess2Loc from the CacheMaps download site.
  6. In Europe we can use the PDA route navigation system TomTom to do the trick. Convert the waypoints from the caches to Points of Interest and add these to TomTom. Now, while driving along you route, your PDA will shout to you when you het nearby a cachelocation. I read that TomTom is also available now in the US...
  7. Take a look at GPSVisualizer. Here you can load your loc-file and show it on a lot of different maps and photo's worldwide. So convert your waypoints to a loc-file and try...
  8. I use a iPaq 3630 with sleeve and a 128MB CF card. Don't know about 256 or 512 but don't see why not.
  9. quote:Originally posted by Schnauzer Patrol:Is there a website where a street address can be entered and the latitude and longitude will be returned (at no charge, of course). Maporama WhereOnEarth Mapsonus (coords for cities worldwide) BigBird
  10. Version 3.21 is available for download. - LocLess2Loc can now also read the new cachepage syntax - ClickMap is enhanced. Now differentiates cache types BigBird
  11. quote:Originally posted by Scooby, Shaggy & Daphne:OK, _my_ question is why would anyone want to do _that_? I use this with my LocLess2Loc tool. This creates a loc-file from all logs of a locationless cache. The hyperlinks associated with the waypoints in the loc-file are referring to the individual logs. When you use GPS Visualizer or CacheMaps to show the loc-file waypoints on a map, you can directly click through to the log entry. You can find LocLess2Loc on my homepage in the downlad area. Make sure to download version 1.1! BigBird
  12. These scripts only work for the Western regions of the world, which is no problem for the RandMcNally map as this only covers the USA anyway. For other parts of the world I made up a couple of other scripts: Vicinity/MapBlast, 20km wide: javascript:Q=document.selection.createRange().text;if(Q){myArr=Q.split(' ');latd=parseFloat(myArr[1])+parseFloat(myArr[2])/60;lond=parseFloat(myArr[4])+parseFloat(myArr[5])/60;if(myArr[0]=='S'){ns='-'} else{ns=''};if(myArr[3]=='W'){ew='-'}else{ew=''};window.open ('http://www.vicinity.com/gif?DU=both&FAM=myblast&W=500&H=500&CT='+ns+latd+':'+ew+lond+':96000&IC='+ns+latd+':'+ew+lond+':8:');gohistory(-1);} Map24 (Europe), 5km wide: javascript:Q=document.selection.createRange().text;if(Q){myArr=Q.split(' ');latd=parseFloat(myArr[1])*60+parseFloat(myArr[2]);lond=parseFloat(myArr[4])*60+parseFloat(myArr[5]);if(myArr[0]=='S'){ns='-'} else{ns=''};if(myArr[3]=='W'){ew='-'}else{ew=''};window.open ('http://www.map24.nl/map24/link2Map24.php?lid=17ac66fb&maptype=cgi&wx='+ew+lond+'&wy='+ns+latd+'&width=5000&description=&maptype=RELOAD');gohistory(-1);} Map24 (Europe), 2km wide: javascript:Q=document.selection.createRange().text;if(Q){myArr=Q.split(' ');latd=parseFloat(myArr[1])*60+parseFloat(myArr[2]);lond=parseFloat(myArr[4])*60+parseFloat(myArr[5]);if(myArr[0]=='S'){ns='-'} else{ns=''};if(myArr[3]=='W'){ew='-'}else{ew=''};window.open ('http://www.map24.nl/map24/link2Map24.php?lid=17ac66fb&maptype=cgi&wx='+ew+lond+'&wy='+ns+latd+'&width=2000&description=&maptype=RELOAD');gohistory(-1);} Does anyone have a way to ask for the wanted zoomlevel using these scrips? BigBird
  13. From an earlier thread: PC-in-a-box and another ammoPC. To use these you certainly need connection:
  14. Yes, I use IE. I am glad it's not a gc.com restriction. Still strange that I cannot login. The auto-login does not work, but also the manually login using the login screen does not work. Tried it once again today and it miraculously worked again, while testing yesterday had no positive results at all. Only loggin in without frames worked. But it seems to have solved itself Thanks for your response. BigBird
  15. BigBirdNL

    Map Ref

    quote:Originally posted by Touchstone: a site like Jeeep.com can do it for you. Sorry, Jeeep cannot convert from GB-OS (UK) grid to WGS84. The earlier mentioned thread has dead links to the coord convertor. You can find it on Chris n Maria's Geocaching Homepage and is called the Waypoint Workbench. This spreadsheet can convert from and to UK grid. BigBird
  16. When I open a cachepage from within a frame, it refuses to log me on. Going directly to the cachepage without using frames I have no problem. I use frames to go to cachepages using CacheMaps to be able to show usage counters. Is it a known 'feature' that calling from within a frame won't allow you to logon? BigBird
  17. Here's the ref to the part of another thread where the numbering scheme is described: New Cache numbering system? BigBird
  18. quote:Originally posted by beejay&esskay:Have you considered this could be Jeremy's elaborate joke on the Dutch? He told the rest of us to go along with it... Oh, never mind. Go to a cache, find "Online maps". There is a new option for geocaching.com maps. Those are the new maps. (But I think Jeremy does not (yet?) have maps outside the US, so these will probably be of limited value at the moment.) Found it, thanks. And no, it is not showing European maps (yet?). I will incorporate this map into the CacheMaps range of online maps available for geocaching. BigBird
  19. quote:Originally posted by Kealia:Ok, I'll be the guy that asks - WHERE ARE THE MAPS? I've always used (Find Nearest...) but want to take a looksie and see if I'm missing something or if there's a better way. Somebody point me in the right direction please (be nice). _Nevermind, got it. Will check it out._ [This message was edited by Kealia on September 28, 2003 at 10:35 PM.] I still did not find it! How can I access these maps?? BigBird
  20. quote:Originally posted by Huntnlady:I'd like to put your list of locationless caches on my web site. Drop me a line. Same for me. It's a good and usefull overview! Additionally to this thread: I wrote a tool (LocLess2Loc) to generate a loc-file with all coords of Locationless Caches Logs. This loc-file can be used with your favorite mapping software to show the locations. This makes it easier to check if the location you want to log is not already logged by somebody else. There is also a very good site where you can upload the loc-file directly to get an overview map: GPS Visualizer Or you can use CacheMaps to generate maps for you. LocLess2Loc is also integrated in CacheMaps. You can find LocLess2Loc here in my download area. BigBird
  21. Here's the experience of a biking geocacher: Prof. Y Lupardi's bike BigBird
  22. Dang, I didn't try that possiblility :-( Thanks, I will try further! BigBird
  23. GPSTuner v1.3 is published on Handago. Still did not try it out. BigBird
  24. quote:Originally posted by tylosaurus:I e-mailed GEO, and this is his reply "... It's similar to Watcher if you are familiar with this PC software. But it also includes a few features that no other geocaching software contains right now. The goal of the application is to provide zero-paper geocaching and, eventually, to be able to synchronize with www.geocaching.com. I installed the PPC2k2 version. The only thing it is showing me is the cache descriptions (which looks really good!). However it cannot compare (yet) with Watcher which has much more functionallity. Or am I missing something? What I am aware of missing: - hints + decrypt function - search function (I have a lot of caches in it) - translation of non-ASCII characters (', ", ü, etc) These all are suggestions for improvement. Thanks for the good work! BigBird
  25. Yes, it is all explaned in the manual. First read the installation manual on my home page. In short: - Online maps and new AreaMaps only work when you are online :-). Existing AreaMaps can be selected offline. However these are not intended to give a lot of detail. - The AreaMap needs MapTool to be installed properly (if not it will timeout after 30 secs) - The online maps may need to be re-initialized. Go to the Setup screen and select the cmx-files you want to use. This should make the maps work. If you are still having problems, send me the CacheMaps.log file(s) generated. This contains all details on how it is trying. Be aware that this file is overwriting itself every time you try something. BigBird
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