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  1. This worked for me on a HTC Touch Diamond. On step 4, I cannot close because Wherigo cannot test the GPS. Bij enabeling Com4 at this point again Wherigo accepted the GPS and I can start cartridges. (did not check if my other GPS-enabled apps still work, but I assume so as these also use Com4) Thanks for this workaround. BigBird
  2. Thank you all for this (for me) overnight response! Now I know it's possible, I will start my investigations on developing a game for an event. And will be back with other questions for sure Question answered. Topic can be closed.
  3. Is it possible to show a specific image when a player enters a zone? If so, can you show only after the correct response to a question? What are the limitations of the images? I have not digged into the builder yet and want to be sure my idea is possible. Thanks, BigBird (NL)
  4. As development continues, version 4.1.5 is available now. This is a bugfix release and needs 4.1.1 to be installed. Please see this thread and my site for more information on CacheMaps. BigBird
  5. A bugfix release has seen the light. Please check www.CacheMaps.com for more details. Rgdz BigBird
  6. A little late response... If this still gives problems, please send me a note. I can fix it (being the developer of CacheMaps) BigBird
  7. Look at http://www.geocaching.de/. On this site there are interactive maps per region. Even without understanding the language it is easy to navigate.
  8. Is start with GSAK and from there send the cache info to CacheMaps. And from there I can open any map on the Internet. This all without typing in any coordinate. CacheMaps works for me! (offcourse, I created it :-) BigBird
  9. You can use CacheMaps to get your own overview maps on your PC. Download all your Finds (as premium member) and you can show them on your map. BigBird
  10. I cannot get any map out of this new EasyGPS version! Should it show a map or just the waypoints relative to each other? What mapserver is it using? Or does it use Mapsource (which I don't have)? For me it looks like a strange feature, but maybe someone can explane the use of it... BigBird
  11. About the mapview of EasyGPS: it's a nice feature... Unless you live outside the US and no map shows up... Unless you want more choice of different map types... If you want maps with your caches, try CacheMaps. It offers you a lot of options on mapping.
  12. GSAK for all the cache information, combined with CacheMaps for all the mapping.
  13. Please be informed that an update of CacheMaps is available. The new version 4.1 has even more maps, improved configuration and possibility to show larger maps. For the few that don't know CacheMaps yet, below an overview of this tool for getting maps for your caches: Windows program for online and offline map retreival Choice of about 40 online maps for your cache. Without conversion of coords! Choice of 6 AreaMaps to show all caches in your list on one map. This map is stored on your PC for later (offline) use Can be spawned from GSAK for a selection of caches you make there Automatically converts coordinates to the format and datum needed for a map Reads both loc-files and gpx-files Creation of ClickMap for linking to the cache information Retreiving caches for the selected AreaMap You can see and download CacheMaps at www.CacheMaps.com
  14. CacheMaps will give you a wide range of online and offline maps. Combined with GSAK you have powerfull tools at hand.
  15. You can now use CacheMaps for you need: Select an AreaMap (choice out of 6), zoom in to the area you want to search, Click Caches4Map button, save loc-file and you have your selection shown on your AreaMap. Click the cache to see the cachepage. Select an online map (choice out of 18) to get the best route to the cache. That easy and simple. You can also use GSAK to prepare a sublist and then parse it to CacheMaps for the needed maps. Enjoy!
  16. Hi Clyde (and all others), Please be informed that the new CacheMaps version can be used as an extension to GSAK for getting maps for caches stored in GSAK. In short: you select the caches you want to find a map for and press the CacheMaps macro button. This will export the selected caches as a loc-file, create html pages with with the cache information and open CacheMaps with this loc-file loaded. In CacheMaps you then have a huge amount of maps on a click. 18 Online maps are supported and 6 maps can be used as an offline AreaMap showing all caches that are on that map. Ofcourse you can zoom in and out on almost all maps. The manuals on the site tell you how to create the needed GSAK macros. If you like this feature, please feel free to include the macros and needed settings in you GSAK deliveries. You can find CacheMaps here. Enjoy caching with GSAK and CacheMaps! BigBird
  17. Take a look at CacheMaps. I created this especially for showing maps for lists of caches (in loc-files) To create a locfile, you can use fo example GSAK, GPS babel. Another good site is GPSVisualizer, where you can add a list of coordinates and show numerous online maps. This site also has a tool to easily convert a list of coordinates to a loc file (if my memory is correct) Enjoy! BigBird
  18. @VW and all other potential users of CacheMaps: A new version of CacheMaps is available, with some additional maps (including the mentioned Mapion maps for Japan and two maps for the UK). The total number of available online maps for your cache at a click is now 18 and the number of maps ready to be used as offline AreaMap is increased to 6. The ability to directely open CacheMaps from GSAK is still one of the strong points, although also the standalone use, using loc-files directely from gc.com, is very usefull. Please download you copy of CacheMaps from www.CacheMaps.com. Enjoy geocaching (supported by CacheMaps) BigBird
  19. Hi VW, If you can send me the conversion formula, I guess it is not a big problem to implement the Mapion maps as online map that can be accessed. unfortunately this maps is not usable as AreaMap because it builds in tiles and not as one image. Please send the coordinate conversion information to cachemaps@bigfoot.com. By the way, did you check if the online map Expedia WRLD gives results? This one should cover the whole world, although the resolution is not very high. If this one works, I can implement it as AreaMap. Looking forward to hear from you, BigBird
  20. CacheMaps v4 gives you mapping facilities for your loc-files. Where the previous version of CacheMaps was based on an Excel list of caches, this completely new version is an application of its own. Where GSAK has a perfect database for your caches, CacheMaps adds perfect mapping to the caches of you choice. It takes a loc-file (from gc.com or from GSAK) and enables a wide range of maps at a mouseclick. Without converting and copy-pasting coordinates. It shows your caches on an overview map (called AreaMap). You can create your own AreaMap with the scale of your choice and centered around the cache of your choice. I hope it satisfies you mapping needs! Enjoy, BigBird BTW, you can find CacheMaps at www.CacheMaps.com.
  21. The forum is faster then the site update. The link is referring to a temporary page where registered users were able to download the new version of CacheMaps. As of today, the site has been updated and CacheMaps v4 is now available to the world! CacheMaps lets you retreive a wide range of maps from the internet using the geocaching loc-files. And yes, CacheMaps can be spawned from GSAK, combining the strength of both applications. The way to connect GSAK to CacheMaps is described clearly (I hope :-) in the manual that you can find on the site. I will post another note explaning some more about CacheMaps. grtz, BigBird BTW the link is www.CacheMaps.com
  22. Also take a look at Boulter's site. On the bottom you have a link to a java script that prevents the need of typing in the coords again.
  23. I have a syntax description on my web page: Loc-file syntax. Not sure if this solves your problem.
  24. If you use LocLess2Loc with GPSVisuaizer or within CacheMaps, you can show all logged locations on a map. Makes it easy to identify if the object you want to go to for the exact coords has already been logged.
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