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  1. Can I edit the original post somehow? The Garmin 72 is still available, still asking 100. The GPSMAP 60C and MetroGuide are sold.
  2. Sorry, I discovered the GSAK board shortly after asking the question here. Yes, there are a few scripts there.
  3. Has someone come up with a GSAK macro that creates individual .gpx files for different cache types? That way a .bmp could be created for each cache type. Further dividing it by found caches would be even better...
  4. I am in Canada so prices are Canadian. For the GPSMAP 60C bundled with the DC adapter and the MetroGuide CD I am asking CDN$300 (which would be about US$280). Perhaps CDN$100 for the GPS 72.
  5. Here is some Garmin gear I am selling. First is an immaculate Garmin GPSMAP 60C. All accessories are included, belt clip, belt clip button, lanyard, USB cable, User Manual (English & French), Quick Start Guide (English & French), Trip & Waypoint Manager CD. Second is my trusty old Garmin GPS 72. It has some minor cosmetic blemishes including a small scratch on the display area. The GPS comes with the lanyard and the User Manual (English & French). Also included is a zippered Neoprene case and a RAM cradle. Third is a original Garmin DC power cable that will work with either of the GPS above. Fourth is an original unopened, shrink wrapped, copy of MapSource MetroGuide Canada v4. The MapSource Users Manual is included as well. The GPSMAP 60C The GPS 72 The Garmin power cable The MetroGuide CD
  6. Here in Ontario we have logging roads that were constructed for the sole purpose of wood harvest. These roads could provide access to sensitive natural habitat and are therefore closed to the public. The choice of denying public access to the road wasn't made by the logging companies but the Ministry of Natural Resources. These roads are posted "Private" or "No Trespassing". In those cases the road owner has no right to grant access to the road for the purpose of sightseeing, hunting, fishing, geocaching, etc.
  7. I thoroughly enjoy driving. So much interesting things to see along the road.
  8. Sioux Lookout, about 400km west of Thunder Bay or 200km east of the Ontario Manitoba border. Drove to Sault Ste. Marie on Thursday, took 13 hours for 1100km. Then Friday onward to Brockville, another 10 hours for 940km. Ontario is a big province I'll be in Brockville (near Kingston) till mid week. Then I'll be headed back toward Sault Ste. Marie. Have some work to do in Sudbury and Timmins before spending the weekend in Sault Ste. Marie. Hoping to do some caching while in Sault Ste. Marie, I doubt there'll be time for it during the week.
  9. I'd like to pickup some ammo cans but they are very hard to find in northern Ontario. I am heading for a trip south, spending some time in Timmins, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie along the way. Also going to Brockville and other places east of Toronto and south of Ottawa. Are there any places that would have ammo cans for sale at a reasonable price?
  10. Anybody using Nalgene bottles? There is no surplus store within a reasonable distance around here. Purchased some ammocans on eBay but with shipping they cost about $10 each. Add to that some spray paint to make them look less hostile. I've used 4 lock'n'lock containers recently, 2 cheap Dollar store knockoffs and 2 original. Have to wait and see how they stand up. Except for the Dollar store containers, none of these options are cheap. So I thought about Nalgene bottles. They're advertised to be indestructible. How would they fare as cache containers?
  11. The geocaching website brings hiders and finders together. Unfortunately logs are owned by the cache owner. I agree that a cache owner needs to be able to maintain their cache listing and edit/delete logs if necessary. However, as a finder my log entries belong to me. So even if the cache owner deletes a log I should be able to retain a copy of this log in my online records records...
  12. Thanks to all that took the time to address my question.
  13. There is a PHP photo gallery script called Gallery 2 which has a Google Maps plugin available. With this plugin you can place picture with GPS coordinates on a map. Here is an example of it. Note this is NOT my webpage. Adi
  14. It would be very nice if logs deleted by a cache owner would remain available to the poster of the log. Currently all my log entries are at the whim of the cache owners. If a log gets deleted there is no record of the log that I have access to. As much as the cache owner should have the ability to control what is logged about his cache, the log is also a record that belongs to the finder. Right now the only way to "preserve" my logs is to keep my own records of my finds and logs.
  15. Why couldn't a reviewer approve a cache but leave it temporarily disabled? Then the cache owner can enable the cache whenever he sees fit.
  16. Performed some maintenance on Chanda's Treasure - TCDNON and updated the listing to reflect it as a TCDNON cache. I have another cache that is located near the Trans Canada. It is about 1.1km away on Hwy72. It is located about 360m from the most practical parking spot. I am not sure whether or not it can be completed in 30 minutes. Really depends on ones stamina and physical condition, it is up a hill with a fair elevation change, cutting across a power line right of way. I.e. with decent hiking boots should be able to do it in under 30 minutes, no way with regular runners. Difficulty will be 2 or less but terrain more like a 2.5 or 3. Thoughts on whether it could be TCDNON or not?
  17. What do I need to do? Just edit the description and title. Add the logo. That's it?
  18. Would Chanda's Treasure qualify as a Trans Canada Cache?
  19. Really makes me wonder of where this suspicious package thing is headed. Here is a quote from a Globe and Mail article regarding an explosion and initially suspected bombing of a Tim Hortons in Toronto. There is no mentioning of any charges against the owner of the stray plastic bag. However, it does make me wonder how far 'we' (as in society) can actually go to make individuals liable for harmless mistakes or actions with no harm intended or done. Any bag or parcel left at a high traffic area, a train station, airport, shopping center, you name it, qualifies as a suspicious package. Does that make anyone that looses or forgets a bag criminally liable or at minimum liable for the cost rolling out the bomb squad...??? Sad...
  20. Where I live caches are far and few in between. There are several weeks between new cache placement. I have some cache ideas that I'd like to pursue when snow is gone. Some of these locations are quite a ways out of my way. My concern really is that once the cache is placed and for whatever reason not approved I am expected to retrieve it. That might require a third trip to a remote area in a short period of time for now other reason then to retrieve a cache. When I look at this from the perspective of a much more active area it makes a lot of sense to require cache placement first. It might just be the fairest way to ensure cache placements are treated first come first serve. I wouldn't be happy if someone else were to "reservere" a great cache location for an extended period of time by having a cache idea approved but nothing there. Just leaves one question, what would be the proper way to attract reviewer attention to my cache listing once the container has been placed?
  21. Ok, I get it... "Your cache should be in place and ready to hunt at the time your cache page is submitted for review. If for any reason it is not ready, please either disable your cache page so that it won’t be seen by the reviewer until ready, or include a “note to reviewer” to explain your special circumstances (for example, waiting for a permit from a land manager)." I shall get the cache placed and wait...
  22. Team Oodi

    Cache Review

    Wait a little longer? Seriously, though, I asked that same question earlier in the How Long For A Listing To Be Reviewed? forum topic. I learned that "After 7 days it's time to start wondering"...
  23. So what's wrong with paying $3 to try Premium Membership for a month? That's what I thought and did, never cancelled the subscription. If someone is enjoying the site so much they're considering Premium Membership it certainly isn't much to ask. And if Premium Membership doesn't feel right after a month it is a $3 donation to a good cause.
  24. Kinder Surprise (Wikipedia) Google turns up a bunch of links on the FDA not allowing the sale of these in the US. Good chocloate and neat toys when for a 9 year old (my age when I liked them).
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