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  1. Wow, that second cache has got to be the ugliest and most convincing fake person cache container I have ever seen. ummmm..... you were just PWNED
  2. Man, a parking meter would be awesome! Talk about urban camo. I wonder if there's any in town that aren't bolted down tight... yea man me and my friend jack these all the time and turn em into caches... its tight
  3. Sympathy for the Devil -The Stones motha
  4. Most of these dips have never even seen a GPS before. So I like to tell em its a radiation detector and that the area that we are in is off the charts for unstable uranium-235i and that they better move out of the area
  5. We do, but I don't think we're "geo-thugs". (What's a geo-thug?) A geo-thug is a tight baller (could also be a shot caller -- not necessary tho) who occasionally hits a few caches
  6. John Lennon... RIP "All we are sayin, Is give PEACE a chance"
  7. thats a good idea tho, im gonna have to implement that next trip im on with my gf
  8. Dude this guys talkin like hes hot stuff, never had a DNF. I bet thats hard when youve found a total of 22 caches umm... you were just PWNED
  9. Wow dude, will somebody tell this d-load to leave the cave
  10. We've all found some wierd stuff. What was the number one craziest/sickest/straight-up effed up thing you found in a cache. Personally, I found a dime-bag on one of my adventures a cache in down-town LA
  11. Yea, I love it when some noob takes an object out of a cache and replaces it with something he finds a foot away from the cache. A rock, thats a good one, a piece of garbage, even better.... quit dippin it up
  12. I was at an event this weekend and heard a rumor about a movie soley dedicated to geocaching starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Hanks. Has anyone else heard of this? Would anyone pay 8 bucks to see this movie?
  13. Ok all you geo-thugs, how many of you log your DNF's... be honest
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