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  1. :)Hello every one.

    I wanted to thank you all for the great feed back and say that i am really really glad you had so much fun at the Goup Hunt.

    I wish I could have been there but It just didn't work out. I want to thank Ttpee and Planet in particular for theyr great support of this event with Wraps, picture taking and guidance on this hunt as they are experts in this area.

    Also thanks to BrianSnat and JohnBoy for their expertise, you guys are also a great asset to the GeoCommunity here. :)

    I was going to list every one individually here but Brian has done that already so no need to repeat that, I hope I will be able to meet you all at the CITO Event at Harriman later this month.

    Again thanks for the great turnout and posts, I am so glad I set out some of the caches you found, this hunt made it all worthwhile.

  2. ;) Good luck everyone on this cache event, I am sorry that I can't be part of it, but I went out today and did a big huge maintenance trip to ensure that all caches are still there and I found all including gates of the hudson from JohnBoy, whereever it was needet, I stocked up but all in all the caches are in realy good condition. Again, sorry I can't join you all, mostly Ttepee and Planet though.

    It is 3:22 am, just got back from NYC going to bed now and then work at 9:30am

    Have a great time, I hope you won't get too frustrated with my caches.

    So Long; Eagleflyby

  3. [icon_smile.gif]I am not realy sure what the big deal is, people complaining about 2,4 or even 5 Days wait, I think that the approvers have spoiled us a lot in the past. I am still waiting on a easy muly that I set out on the 12th and whilst I would like to see it approved rather yesterday than today, I had one cache that I set out days after the multy already approved 2 days ago, that however was a Regular cache.

    In any way, the only thing I would like to see is as a previous poster mentioned put the NEW flag on from the time of approval for 7 days and not backdated.

    Other than that, Thanks to all the approvers for their work. I hope to everyones benefit that there will be more people addet soon so that there will be less workload.[icon_smile.gif]


    So Long Eagleflyby

  4. I just saw the Two Towers on Thursday night, movie started at 10:30 PM. It was awsome.

    But I agree, there were a number of things that were missing but then, I am sure if it would have been up to Peter Jackson and the Lord of the Ring fans like us, the moovie would have been at least twice as long, unfortunately they need to finance it so it has to be lailored to the liking of the general public icon_frown.gif

    I just recently got the extendet version of the Fellowship on DVD and have to say that it is worth to buy a DVD plaier and the 4 DVD set just to watch that extendet version. It is soo much better than the original movie. icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif


    So Long grinchtv.gif Eagleflyby

  5. Well seems to me that it is pretty important to find out if one is a newbie or an oldie. The only thing I can't quite follow is why is it so important, does it make you a better more successfull cacher if you can "call" yourself a newbie or is there even a big extra special cache somewhere that is only available to non newbies???

    Because if that is not the case, then who cares...? icon_confused.gif


    So Long grinchtv.gif Eagleflyby

  6. quote:
    First, how can you write a book about our sport with limited experience?

    Was it not discussed to a big extent in another thread??

    The guy is trying to make some experiences so that he can write the book....

    Writer, I presume you are not trying to write a

    "How to Geocache" kind of book and more a history and a bit of insight kind of book.

    Is that correct or am I wrong? icon_wink.gif


    So Long grinchtv.gif Eagleflyby

  7. I do not know this for sure, it is only a theory of mine. Maybe the Leonids (Asteroids) have something to do with this?

    I realize that the biggest part of the shower is over but hey who knows....

    Also, as I was reading some older articles about GPS accuracy, I was wondering what is going to happen if the war against Iraq will happen. I presume there could be a governmental temporary fuzzing of the GPS Signals. icon_confused.gif

    Any word on that?


    So Long grinchtv.gif Eagleflyby

  8. That is what I use and I would buy it again and again. icon_biggrin.gif The Petzl LED head lamp is also great. icon_smile.gif

    I have been working with white LED lighting for the past few years and I have to say, it is great. Especially the low battery consumption. I bought my Aurora Headlamp i August and I still have the original batteries in it. And yes I do use it every other day.


    So Long grinchtv.gif Eagleflyby

  9. I mainly cache in the Hudson Highlands but have been to southern Ontario and souther Germany recently and have been caching there too.

    All I can say for my personal liking I prefer the mountains.

    It is just so much more rewarding to stand on the top of one having found 1 or 2 caches than hiking near suburbia and getting 5. And by now one can go into the Hudson Highlands and within 4 hours get 7 caches arround the area between Cold Spring and Break Neck Ridge.

    And if JohnBoy keeps going like this, it will be quite a bit more very shortly.

    On this note, I would like to thank Ttepee and JohnBoy[b/] for all these cool caches they are putting out there. icon_biggrin.gif

    Great Job, the Highlands are a better place because of you all. Thanks. icon_smile.gif


    So Long grinchtv.gif Eagleflyby

  10. I just recieved an order of 4 .50 cal. cans and 3 mortar tubes and a 25mm canon ammo can from Major Survival and military surplus and the service was great. Shipping was only $16, and the stuff was in great condition.

    I'll order there again.

    And...no. I am not related nor do I have any shares of them icon_razz.gif


    So Long grinchtv.gif Eagleflyby

  11. Thank you all for the constructive input.

    I am planning on seting out sometime this weekend and placing another cache in the Cold Spring area and if what I have in mind works out, it will be a more difficult one icon_eek.gifthan the ones I have placed so far.

    The encouragement on this site is awsome.

    Thanks folks..... icon_biggrin.gif


    So Long grinchtv.gif Eagleflyby

  12. Hello Bassoonpilot. Congratualations.

    700 icon_eek.gif??? That is just amazing, you should have a website where w little guys (under 100 finds) can learn your ways and tricks.

    May I ask how often a week you cache and since when you do it?


    icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gifCongrats and keep on caching. icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif


    So Long grinchtv.gif Eagleflyby

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