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  1. Fame at last!!! Just had this pointed out to me, a little late I know, but yes I am he, The Allotment Gardener Funnily enough I have recently changed my caching name to TAG. TAG
  2. Think it's about time that cache size's are redone and guidelines as to what size fits into each. Definately need one for nano and probably another two mid range sizes. Also, have the site show GMT time for those of us in United Kingdom, there are quite a few of us now! When you say "site will be down in the afternoon tomorrow" we don't know when that is. Or at least give us the option to change it to another time and make your downtime messages more specific, in a number of time zones. TAG
  3. Thanks Deci, keep at it :-) Sounds like you need more help, how do you become a reviewer?
  4. I submitted a cache last thursday and still waiting for publication, five days a bit excessive I think. Is there a problem somewhere?
  5. Congratulations Alan & Sue from me and the rest of the Yelnow Consortium. I think you will agree our Milestone cache was worthy of your milestone and was was as much fun to set up as it was for you to do it. Anyone else out there who is nearing a major milestone and would like to do the cache, please let us know in advance so we have time to change things to suit like we did for each of the finders so far. Follow the link to the cache Major Milestone
  6. You can, mark it as missing, but would be nice if you inform owner as well!
  7. How do you know it's been trashed and GC1DJW7 needs checking physically!!
  8. Solving a mystery cache is always rewarding, the harder the mystery the greater the reward, but have to say a micro in poor area, you can't help thinking 'was it worth it'. I'm sure if you look hard enough you could find somewhere nice to place a decent size container.
  9. Email to Groundspeak, well don't hold your breath for a reply, and if you do it will be absolutely no help what so ever
  10. I'm sure they have, but as we have yet to hear back from them we don't really know!
  11. Yes but they would all have the same IP Address, if from same computer!!
  12. Just discovered a couple more from a few days ago, GC1DJW7 GCB2A8 That's 13 now!
  13. Just in case any one is wondering, I have put a watch on all caches 5 miles from the 'epicentre', presently Raunds!
  14. Two more have just been logged!! GC162DR GC14N8M
  15. The caches concerned are: GC1EAQV GC13W4M GC1BDQ9 GC1D9EN GC16MHW GC1N62K GC1PE18 GC18X7P
  16. Sorry to see that you have had to do this. We are visiting Northants this weekend for a friend's birthday party and I had already uploaded the co-ordinates of three of your caches to attempt. Have only been doing this for 4 weeks and intend to become premium at some stage - I guess this just advances it. Would be interested to know which of your caches are missing in case we still try the ones we have ready. My caches are as far as I know unaffected so far, I had one trashed some months ago but that has been archived. TAG
  17. Two more today bringing the total so far (that we know of) to eight. I have plotted them on Memory map and so far they seem to be following the A6 A605 corridor from Santa Pod area to Oundle. First thoughts were kids as they are on holiday from school, but the distance involved tends to rule that out. Also they are all traditional caches so far. It’s sad that I had to make most of my caches member only, but I hope you will understand why, particularly my new series which took a considerable time to set up. TAG
  18. I know you can adopt a cache, but can you adopt a coin? I have two identical coins and both are activated to my account, now want to pass one on to a friend, who tried but failed to get one of them.
  19. Yes, started this one first by mistake!
  20. PWFF? Whassat? J Present When First Found!
  21. I thought FTF stood for First To Find, so that there can only be one FTF and in some cases joint FTF. However there are an increasing amount of FTF claimers that just happened to be present when first found. So come on you lot, play the game, PWFF if you were, FTF if you did!
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