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  1. This is exactly what I was hoping for, thanks
  2. DeViDe

    Web Site Status

    Geocaching.com is a more visited site than SamsClub.com Geocaching.com rank #1298 SamsClub.com rank #1302 I think this is great
  3. I am wondering if there is a way to use Google Maps and GSAK together like GSAK and OziExplorer work together now? If I was less "techno challenged" I might be able to figure this out, but I have to ask the "techno guru's" for this kind of stuff.
  4. I use Firefox. When I want to view a cache online, it opens up in Firefox just fine. I don't have to view off line and then online. This is probably a redundant question, but is Firefox set as your default browser?
  5. Just for the heck of it, I tried to see if I could replicate this problem. I am running XP Home Second Edition. I opened GSAK and a filter window, switched programs did a few things and came back. GSAK worked just fine. Tried several time with the same result each time. Not sure what it all means. Just glad mine works.
  6. We went to Argentina a few years ago and went to a cache that had been sitting for 14 months. When we logged our find, the owner got really excited. He was beginning to think that no one would ever log his cache. It was kind of fun to see him get so excited.
  7. This is sad but true. My wife is a teacher and she has to buy from "approved vendors" some times paying as much as triple the price she could buy it on her own.
  8. The Wonders of the Reef series We did this series for an event we were having.
  9. For topo maps, you can't beat NationalGeographic TOPO! TOPO!
  10. Any chance of getting a column that displays row numbers? You guys do a super job Thanks
  11. One important thing to remember is after you download the driver from Garmin, you have to run the program to install the driver. If you just download, the driver is not installed.
  12. I have a 60CS and download waypoints all the time. A 60 would work the same. To get the waypoints from the website to the program, you either have to download them individually or as a group by using pocket queries which are a premium member feature. Once you have the waypoints on your computer, then Mapsource can transfer them to your 60. Hope this helps, if not let us know which part is a problem and I am sure we can help.
  13. When your buddy loads your GPX file just get him to select the never option under "Found status update options" For more information please see the help file or online here http://gsak.net/help/hs5190.htm Hey Thanks Clyde, You give the best customer support in the entire universe.
  14. I realize that the answer to my question might already be in this thread, but it would take me hours maybe even days to look for it. A buddy and me both use GSAK and we like to compare files. When I export my database to a GPX file and send to him, it still shows my finds in yellow. Is there a way to export and not have the caches tagged as found by me? Thanks.
  15. DeViDe


    Using GSAK and pocket queries, I have a up to date databse of every cache in my state. Currently at 3442. I can sort them, map them, load them to my GPS. It is such a great program. Try it, you will like it.
  16. Thanks Clyde, you are awesome.
  17. I don't use a macro, I use the "get data via email" option from the drop down menu. The message I get is " Finished OK"
  18. I really love the new "get data via email" feature. I just miss the report at the end that tells me how many caches have been processed, updated and added. Is there a way to still get the report when getting the data via email?
  19. Pictures in your Geo-gallery are photos that you have included in your log for caches that you have found. If you log your find for a cache and include a photo, then it will show up in you gallery. Hope this helps.
  20. Thanks Clyde for a great product and even greater support. Is there a way to know which row I am on in the data base? If I have 3000 caches in my database and I am looking at the cache that is on row 55 down from the top, I am hoping that somewhere it will say row 55 out of 3000.
  21. I considered the lunch time angle, but that would depend on where you work in relation to where the cache is.
  22. Wondering what determines when you set this attrribute, "Takes less than 1 hour" Is it 1 hour from when you park your car? Is is 1 hour from when your GPS says you have arrived and now start looking? Is it when your wife says OK you can go as long as you are back in 1 hour? Not trying to be a smart alec , just not sure how to use this since it could mean so many things. Thanks for the attributes, I think they are great.
  23. You are right in your observation , that no one has been rude or insulting to me. But I have been pretty careful about where I post. I should have worded my original post differently. If I had said: intimitating? no Insulting? most definitely Then my original post would have reflected how I feel about what I see going on in the forums. This might interest you in how the forums are regarded by other cachers that I know: a poll from UTAG I rest my case
  24. Intimidated? No Insulted ? Most definitely. You are only kidding yourselves if you "regulars" think you foster a friendly environment here. I know more than a few cachers who share the same feeling.
  25. I have National Geographic TOPO! for my state. I use it on my PC to look at caches that I am interested in. The detail is great on the PC. When using the GPS in the field Topo maps are only good for general reference anyway since the display is so small. Good Luck
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