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  1. I am a little confused about the add a picture option on user notes. I added a picture expecting to see the pic show up. All I saw was the location of the pic. Like this: "<img src='file://C:\Documents and Settings\Dewayne Dean\My Documents\puzzler.JPG' alt='picture'><Br>" is this how this is supposed to work?
  2. Mopar, I am quite take back by your lack of civility. I came here to ask a simple question. You, for what ever reason , have a desire to attack, judge, slam, and criticize me. What does the fact that I have 100+ finds have to do with anything. Does the fact that you have less 10 finds mean anything? Is not the purpose of these forums to ask qeustions and get answers? You seem to think that the purpose of these forums is for people to be rude when some one asks a question. It seems like you are well known. I have spent considerable time and effort placing caches for others to enjoy. You it seems have spent considerable time and effort slamming people on the forums. I have an idea. You keep it up and so will I.
  3. Wow, you would think that someone with 5440 posts would know how to be polite.
  4. How far in advance can you post an Event Cache? Thanks
  5. does lostoutdoors.com work with FireFox browser? It didn't seem to wrk for me.
  6. We cached in Argentina and Brazil a few years ago. It was great. One was a FTF that had been out for almost two years.
  7. wow that is strange, I have over 5000 waypoints in my database and add more every week. How are you adding the PQs?
  8. I am also in favor of an easy way to make a donation . When I think of how much I spend on things that don't give me any where close to the warm fuzzies I get from using GSAK, I would definitely like to give more to GSAK.
  9. You also want to display the column that shows found by me date
  10. Is there a way to find the ID # other than by looking at the user on these forums? ie. what if the cacher doesn't use the forums? or you can't find a post by the cacher?
  11. How can I find out the GC ID # for a cacher other than myself? Thanks
  12. We have this cache at 10,728 ' and it has been found in the dead of winter. I was truly amazed. You just never know.
  13. Where does one sign up for 'insta-notify' ?
  14. I have a router and a firewall and this feature works fine for me. Don't give up, it is really nice once you get it going
  15. the cache in question was here
  16. We found this interesting rock art while searching for a cache in San Rafael Utah:
  17. This is how we beat the heat on a recent trip cool
  18. A lot of cacher use GSAK It will do anything you need with GPX files , handhelds, queries and USB for the Garmin works as well.
  19. In my database there are caches which have no date in the last found column. When I go online and look at the caches they have been found. However the last few logs are notes and not found logs. Is there a way to fix this. When I try and edit the caches, I can mark that I have found it, but I don't see a way to mark that others have found it. I am interested in caches that have not been found by any cacher so I am trying to have GSAK show this. Thanks
  20. I think the problem is that Magellan's only have enough room for 200 memo entries. So if you load 500 caches only 200 have memos. Nice feature huh? I had a Magellan once and this is one of the reasons that I got rid of it.
  21. This site will give you a map showing mulitple way points.
  22. This Cacher has a map on his profile with a link.
  23. Hey Clyde, Have you ever thought of adding a search box that would search the "placed by" column? Similiar to the way the name search works now. GSAK is a great program
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