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  1. Hate bin bags for all the usual reasons whilst caching and also going back a few years to when we found a gun wrapped in a bin bag whilst caching, see this thread http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...c=60440&hl=
  2. We are staying in Redmire next week for a short break so If your holiday is the same time we may cross paths whilst caching.
  3. On March 18 we dropped of 2 tb`s ( A micro cache travel bug) and (Did I bring my flip flops) in our cache Lakeside loot but a few weeks later the cache was found but no TB`s were in it. As it does not appear to have been muggled then we an only asume someone has picked them up and not logged them. To be fair to the TB owners then if this is the case then could that person please log them Thanks poshandbecks
  4. We dont like plastic bags afer we found a gun in one near the Rivington fountain cache (View topic)
  5. It works!!!!! edited the reg manually and alls ok, did have a error saying to reinstall mapsource but just re checked the strings in the key and found an error, so if anyone does it then make sure the paths to the files are typed in exactly right.
  6. Yes a we're using win98se maybe thats the prob, will try and edit the reg manually. Did download and unzip again but still same error
  7. Cant get the .reg file to work, it gives an error of not a registry script, any ideas to sort this?
  8. We often combine a camping/caravanning trip with lots of caching so think its a great idea but it will be hard going to book a site in the lakes on a bank hol unless a site has a rally field available.
  9. Thanks that works fine now. Just about to upload the cache pages for the North west meet to our Ipaq but have found the battery had gone flat and wiped everything off the machine and gone back to default. Modern technology eh.!!!!
  10. Normally download files from GUK but as its down decided to save .loc files from Geocaching.com and import into GSAK. When files uploaded into GPSr the cache name is displayed and not the waypoint (ie GCXXXX) The waypoints appear in GSAK in the CODE column. any help gratefully recieved.
  11. We were mountain biking in North wales and after taking a wrong turn in the forest we decided to get a GPSr to help, whilst looking for a GPSr to buy on the net we stumbled across geocaching.
  12. Finally our shifts line up (just!) so we will be coming to the meet. Looking forward to meeting you all. Don't forget we are almost royalty so prepare a couple of thrones for us!!! poshandbecks
  13. We dont believe it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have missed another northwest meet and this one is a only a couple of minutes walk from our house. If it aint shifts, prior engagements or something we always miss them, never mind this time we had a great reason and that is we were in the Seychelles on our honeymoon, so we suppose lying on a white sandy beach with palm trees and crystal clear water must be a good match for a night in the "Foot" So maybe we will get to meet everyone one day! poshandbecks
  14. Hey dont forget us!! OK so we are not the real P&B but have adopted a celeb name. see this link for explanation of how we got it. http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/chatter/displa...=0&ThreadPage=2 poshandbecks
  15. We would love to come but as with all the other events in the NW we have been on earlies, lates, dayshift or nightshift and we bet we're working for this one too. Maybe the event could be in the "Foot", plenty of caches around here (Jsteads and of course inukshuks circle of 5). Hope to get there so we can finally put some ugly mugs to these names!! ( and to reveal our ugly mugs as well)
  16. We have just spent a few days caching and trigging in the Lake district and found a few TB`s but didn`t place them anywhere for this very reason. By the time we got home to log the TB the chances are someone will have picked it up and logged it themselves. We tried to log them on the Smartphone but kept getting errors on the TB page (OK to log caches on it, has any other smartphone user had this problem?). Maybe the answer lies in etiqutte of the finder not to log it untill the placer has had time to log it into that cache. A quick read of the log book at the cache will show who placed it and maybe a follow up email to them to confirm that the new owner is waiting to log the TB as a find poshandbecks
  17. We placed a cache on Sunday afternoon and had a bet as to who would log it first (jstead,Pyoung1s or Seasider), Jstead got there first but were amazed that Pyoung1s logged it as finding it at 0130 Mon morning!!! We can picture him tramping through the undergrowth with a torch in the dead of night! Well done.
  18. The "find" at rivington has now made the local paper, see link below http://www.thisisbolton.co.uk/lancashire/b...news/NEWS5.html poshandbecks
  19. Thought we had better inform anyone finding this cache (Rivington Fountain GCH4GD) in the next few days not to bother as the area is under police investigation and maybe inaccesable. The reason for this is, whilst we were looking for the cache today we found, about five feet from the cache, hidden under a stone, a gun wrapped in a black bin liner! We called the police and upon arrival informed them about the cache location and that it was in an "ammo box"!!! So hopefully they will leave it in situ. By next week things should, hopefully, be back to normal.
  20. Leave the system as is. Remember Geocaching and trigpointing is a hobby and lets not get too emotive about it. Yes there may be a few chancers logging virtuals from plate numbers but they are only really cheating themselves and if they log many such caches then they will be exposed as cheats by themselves. Maybe cachers should not use trigs as virtuals any more, so keeping the 2 hobbys seperate.There is a cheating element in a lot of things and dont see the need for elobarate cover ups of the fb number to be made, for instance you could cheat a cache by logging it as found but dont sign the log book (book maybe unwritable if wet as in a cache we found) and claiming not to have taken or left anything. If the info on your site gets used as a database by OS or someone then OK no probs, nice to have helped someone!! The T:uk site is developing well and has many good features,Well done
  21. Nice site, have logged our finds but still unsure about having a duplicate trigpoint site. Also noted that the site uses a different numbering method for the waypoints than jeremyp. All our trig waypoints use jeremyp's numbers and if he pulls his site offline as hinted in a previous thread then we will be forced into changing all the waypoints to be compatable with this site.
  22. Posh got Becks a Legend for xmas but have noticed that When navigaing to a waypoint with autozoom on, the map won't zoom closer than the 800ft scale. We haven't tried it with a route with multiple waypoints only on a single GOTO navigation. its ok for navigating in the car but obviously will cause problems trying to find a cache. Any ideas ? [This message was edited by poshandbecks on January 13, 2003 at 01:20 AM.]
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