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  1. Oops! This is not a geocaching.com problem. I goofed! I just loaded a new version of GSAK and failed to change the down-load settings.
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    Fox Hunts

    Here in the Marquette, MI, area, we have fox-hunts weekly from May through August. In fact, we have done this for the last seven or eight years and even had a couple of "special" hunts on Saturdays in February (8 degrees), March, and April. We use two self-contained foxes (in ammo boxes), which are planted within a five-mile radius of our starting point, usually within one of the many wooded areas in our locale. Most of our guys use tape-measure beams and ht's with active attenuators. Some have even gone to the high-tech Australian receivers. The rugged terrain of this area as well as our close proximity to Lake Superior can cause some misleading reflections, but that doesn't stop our guys from finding the foxes, sometimes in less than an hour but generally less than two. The one who planted the foxes awaits the successful hunters with appropriate refreshments afterwards. Because it is competitive and egos are at stake, fox-hunting is a lot more "intense" than geocaching, but it is great fun. KG8YT
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