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  1. Try downloading and installing Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0 Redistributable Package first. You can find it here
  2. Napy

    Error editing PQ's

    I have one along a route and one created by coördinate. But with both PQ's I have the same problem...
  3. Whenever I try to edit one of my PQ's, I receive the Signal Frog with an error message... Is it possible to have a look at that? It's not fun to recreate the PQ's everytime you wish to change something...
  4. I think there are many cachers in Belgium that want to help you, but what do you want exactly? Will you ask questions or do we have to write a little story about our experience that you can use? You need old dogs or fresh newbies? Or maybe both? If you can give us a little more information (maybe here and on the forum on the .be site) you'll see that Belgian geocachers often are very helpfull to give our hobby some extra media-attention!
  5. Ook van ons veel succes toegewenst met een soms niet al te makkelijke job! Hopelijk tot ergens te velde! Napy Nathalie, Aki, Pieter & Yargo
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a program to use on my PDA Mio Digiwalker (using Route 66) to drive to the starting coordinates of a cache... Now I always have to transfer it to streetnames before i can find the starting location! For caching itself i use the Geko 301. So that i cannot use to navigate to the startpoint... Hope someone can help... Preferred in Dutch but English isn't a problem aswell...
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