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  1. just tell me what you think the acronym A.N.A.E. would stand for. Ex:Americans never act equally, acrobats never acrobat effectively it does matter if its supid or anything, just give me whatever you can think of. it for a t-shirt. thanks
  2. thanx for all the imput my dad just went out and came home with a etrex legend im still working out how to use it tho...
  3. is this it http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=1533 ?
  4. also, do you have to pay for gps service?
  5. i dont mind techincal, just as long as its not too techical if you no what i mean. im pretty good with computers and the like, but would prefer to avoid the hassle.
  6. Can any one recomend a good but cheap GPS for beginers? I dont have much money to spend on it, but what about the cell phones with GPS's? Feedback please... ~E.m.u.
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