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  1. Long shot but worth a try, I have a couple of TB's i need to drop off, I haven't been caching for awhile and have a couple of Travelbugs sitting around since covid started and it's about time I let them go so putting this out there. I am looking for a cache/s big enough to leave a TB or 2, I visit Mackay regularly and am heading to Townsville next weekend, Is there any fellow cachers that could give me some cache codes to hunt down so I can possibly drop off the Travelbugs that I have and send them back on their journey.
  2. I had the same with the TB i have at the moment, as stated above i clicked 'grabbed it from current holder' then went to the TB's page and clicked 'found it? log it' then clicked 'write note' in type of log, i left a note stating i didn't get it from xyz cacher and that they must have dropped it off and forgot to log it then all was good. After it is logged in your hands you can log visits to other cache's that you visit, if they are not big enough to leave the TB behind or log a drop off if you do.
  3. Hello fellow Cacher's my name is Mort (Mort4744) and i am from Moranbah, I am interested to know if there are any cacher's in and around the Mackay area that could help me out. I have collected a TB that i want to send on his way but i can't seem to find a cache big enough to leave him in. So far I have found Eclipes tins, micro's and nano's, not that i am complaining i am having a ball finding these, i just want to find a bigger cache to drop him off. Can anyone suggest a cache big enough to leave my TB in, i only get a couple of weekends off a month and they are spent in Mackay with my boys at football, also the odd trip for a car service and school holidays are coming up so might be able to get in then. Oh i forgot, i don't have any pics so if you want an idea of the size of the TB you can find some here Trista's Travel Bug (TB54XPN) Trista'sTB Link Looking forward to finding a suitable cache. Mort4744
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