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  1. Dave, did you graduate CP in 87?
  2. _mo_

    Which Technology?

    read the book, then take the practice test over at qrz.com about 30 times. you'll pass no problemo
  3. I've got PocketSat loaded up but haven't messed with it too much. I've been playing with SatScape for the PC and think I've got it pretty much figured out. Lots of pretty graphic choices. But the list of predicted passes is what seems the most useful.
  4. I don't know what questions I have... I'm just starting to get reading on this. My background: had my ticket for a little more than a year and have 2 rigs. older Icom mobile 2m FM job and a Yaesu VX5R. Looks like with the FM limitation of mine, I'll have to stick to UO-14, AO-27 and daylight passes of SO-41 (from the 2004 ARRL handbook). I'm going to try listening in on passes the next few days and maybe give transmitting a shot after I get the jist of what goes on. Also thinking about picking up the Arrow antenna that I've read about on just about every webpage that talks about using an HT for the birds. edit: have to scratch UO-14 from the above list as it's dead.
  5. need more details that that... make and model # would help
  6. have a specific model# for your radio?
  7. you're not the guy always on that machine who has the Land Rover, are you? or am I thinking of another repeater...
  8. I can get into that machine just fine, as long as I'm outside. Only thing I have at home is the HT. Might need to move the mobile rig into the house.
  9. I can't do a real comparison, but I do wish the 5R had the dual recieve. check the reviews over at eham.com. and post this question over there. You'll get tons of good feedback. and as for having too many functions - that's like having too much money in the bank.
  10. Heidi & Cherry - welcome to the insanity.
  11. I read the book Now Your Talking then took the practice tests over at QRZ.com about 20 times (until I passed every time) it's not a hard test once you have a basic understanding of the material. Make sure you take a bunch of practice tests as ALL possible questions are available to the public
  12. either is a fine radio... before you buy your first rig, talk with some of the locals to make sure an HT (handheld) will be sufficient for your area. Where I live (southern Maine) it's kinda iffy with only a handheld.
  13. too bad that doesn't work for CW
  14. the VX5 is a great little radio - I have one. Haven't seen the 7 up close, but I'm sure it's great as well
  15. anything linked up into :maine: would be great! I'm in Old Orchard Beach. On occassion I can hear what's coming out of the 146.655 machine on Mt. Washington, but that's a rare occurance.
  16. and if they're not available, Kinko's usually is.
  17. http://www.qrz.com/clubs/seventh.html#Washington
  18. cheaperthandirt.com has some of the best online prices
  19. 1. if you want an HT for your first rig, read point 2. If you HAVE to have an HT as your first rig, go to eham.com and read some reviews of the current models offered by the biggies (Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood). 2. listen to your friend - he's pretty much dead on. 3. hit the Aksarben Ham club site. I'm sure they have some sort of annual hamfest. I'll look you up next time I'm in town. I grew up in Omaha. My dad's a big ham, NC0X - mostly HF CW, but you might hear him on 2m as well.
  20. yep. and if the discs were there, these are the kind I really wouldn't want to see.
  21. after reading a bunch of other threads, I guess it's not that uncommon, but I had the opportunity to cache-out 4 empty DVD cases from movies with less-than-kid-friendly subject material. My kids were all asking what I was picking up and stuffing in my small hip bag.
  22. _mo_

    Radio Mods

    I've got a Yaesu VX5 and there's a software mod for 'freeband' that I was considering trying. I suppose I could just carry one of the FRS radios we've got lying around. mostly wanted to avoid extra equipment.
  23. _mo_

    Radio Mods

    that's one of the no-no mods... ? my bad. been a while since I've read anything official. and I'm a tinker at heart.
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