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  1. send the list/pics. I'll separate. email is in my profile.
  2. I've got Mapsource Topo (all 3 cds are great) v3.02 and Roads & Rec v3.00 (Oct 99) that I no longer need. Things I'd like to trade for: Nice pocket knife (Spyderco, CRKT, etc) SureFire flashlight Old laptop Obviously, I'm not looking for a $300 item, though I wouldn't turn one down . Just something interesting. Or make me a cash offer.
  3. I've got an oooolllllddddd laptop that I can setup with Win95. Has two batteries buy they both need to be rebuilt has a PCMCIA modem and external CD drive. $50 + shipping I'd load up Mapsource to make sure it works before shipping it out.
  4. how does one load the mapsource cds to the hard drive so that I don't have to keep switching back and forth between the cds? I'm sure this is possible, and I think I even saw directions here once... but I can't for the life of me find it. Thanks
  5. Saw my first 'in the wild' black bear the other day. absolutely breathtaking... and a bit adreneline pumping. and I didn't have my camera Dharma's River Walk
  6. Dave, did you graduate CP in 87?
  7. and if they're not available, Kinko's usually is.
  8. cheaperthandirt.com has some of the best online prices
  9. yep. and if the discs were there, these are the kind I really wouldn't want to see.
  10. after reading a bunch of other threads, I guess it's not that uncommon, but I had the opportunity to cache-out 4 empty DVD cases from movies with less-than-kid-friendly subject material. My kids were all asking what I was picking up and stuffing in my small hip bag.
  11. any chance you'd sell the bike bracket separate?
  12. they either make or used to make a beanbag that was just a beanbag with a velcro strip too.
  13. halfbakery.com is a hysterical satrical site.
  14. it should. the version number shown is for the Mapsource software, not the map data. On Garmin's site, you can update the Mapsouce software to 5.4 (I think that's the current version) and if you run the Topo maps, there's also a Topo specific update.
  15. Got it yesterday. Had no idea this was a still sealed package! Payment will be sent shortly.
  16. I'd also like to suggest the following site: http://www.bigfattail.com they're PocketSat+ is a palm/ppc based sat tracking program.
  17. The map will make a good firestarter.
  18. you're going to laugh, but the deal is that we had been reading books about animals. So they were afraid of bears and cheetahs that were hiding behind trees in northern Ohio. Oh, and the aligators. We've since moved to Maine and I've pretty much convinced them that bears don't live this close to the city.
  19. I tried caching about 2 years ago with my kids who were about 2 and 4 at the time. They got freaked out by the trees, shadows, etc. Had zero success and it was a miserable experience as they did nothing but whine and cry. Decided to try again this past week. We've logged our first two finds on our first two trips and this is with their new little brother in tow - but he was riding in the backpack. I went with another stay-at-home dad on one of them, so in all, we had 5 kids, ranging in ages from 23 months to 6 years. Both dads had kids on their backs, and the other 3 kids, ages 3, 4 and 6 all walked 2.9 miles with some bushwhacking involved. There was only about 5 minutes of whining and crying and that was when the 3 year old got hit in the face with a treebranch. We're hooked.
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