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  1. send the list/pics. I'll separate. email is in my profile.
  2. I've got Mapsource Topo (all 3 cds are great) v3.02 and Roads & Rec v3.00 (Oct 99) that I no longer need. Things I'd like to trade for: Nice pocket knife (Spyderco, CRKT, etc) SureFire flashlight Old laptop Obviously, I'm not looking for a $300 item, though I wouldn't turn one down . Just something interesting. Or make me a cash offer.
  3. tech, studying code and hope to take the test in Dec/Jan time frame.
  4. this would be better for mobile/portable use http://www.byonics.com/tinytrak/
  5. I listen regularly with my VX5 and an aftermarket antenna, but it's still a rubber ducky. But I wouldn't have grand aspirations of getting into it with the antenna - I'm sure it could happen, but the signal would suck (technical term)
  6. and don't forget that just the other day, they turned on of the ARISS rigs into an FM crossband repeater. Should be running for at least a few days. 437.80 up, 145.80 down
  7. I've got an oooolllllddddd laptop that I can setup with Win95. Has two batteries buy they both need to be rebuilt has a PCMCIA modem and external CD drive. $50 + shipping I'd load up Mapsource to make sure it works before shipping it out.
  8. yep... I've seen one on ebay over the past 6 months or so... BIN price of $75 (including the duplexer) and it finally sold for like $130. I hate being broke. Its 132.00 at ARROWS websire..... with duplexer. yeah, but the bag isn't included in that price.
  9. yep... I've seen one on ebay over the past 6 months or so... BIN price of $75 (including the duplexer) and it finally sold for like $130. I hate being broke.
  10. how does one load the mapsource cds to the hard drive so that I don't have to keep switching back and forth between the cds? I'm sure this is possible, and I think I even saw directions here once... but I can't for the life of me find it. Thanks
  11. to make things a bit easier (or maybe not) the TinyTrak3 can be had used at hamfests for around $20-30
  12. _mo_

    Ham Radio

    simplex: think walkietalkie. one person talks, while the other listens. duplex: yes, two frequencies, but still, only one person talks at a time unless you're talking full-duplex, then it's like a phone - you both talk when you want, but you probably won't have to deal with that much.
  13. I picked up Ham University. Using it to learn code and it has the general, question pool once I'm ready to start that.
  14. nope, Kenwood is the only one with built in TNC that I'm aware of. They have the handheld you pointed out and a mobile. Otherwise, you're looking at adding hardware to a ham/gps setup. The tiny trak is quite small http://www.byonics.com/tinytrak/ and lets you do basically the same thing
  15. just an fyi - you'll need to attach it to a GPSr to in order to do this. It doesn't have any gps capabilities built in, just the interface necessary
  16. missed the Sahara part... Good luck and be safe.
  17. it's illegal to use ham bands for a commercial venture (APRS or voice or whatever) and I'm pretty sure that using a marine frequency while not floating is illegal. Look into using APRS over a business freq - its certainly possible and won't get you smacked by the FCC
  18. congrats! as for what to get, talk to the locals as to repeater accessabiilty (assuming vhf/uhf to start out)
  19. Saw my first 'in the wild' black bear the other day. absolutely breathtaking... and a bit adreneline pumping. and I didn't have my camera Dharma's River Walk
  20. _mo_

    So I'm Vain

    W2ARZ It's the sign my grandfather had for probably 30+ years. He passed several years ago and I got the idea to grab it when I found that his original sign was still available. Thought about getting his last sign, K4JFN, but he'll always be the Jolly Forty-Niner from Eastern Carolina, as he identified himself.
  21. I'll give you $25 shipped
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