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  1. I assume these are the same people who will turn in to a river or lake while driving because their "GPS told them to". Stupidity, unfortunately, knows no bounds.
  2. This thread is awesome. I love this kind of stuff. Here's one I found caching (a DNF for me unfortunately) that was really interesting not far from where I live. I had been by it literally hundreds of times and never even knew it was there, despite being fascinated by local history no less! (not my picture) There's tons of mining stuff in and around the mill, including several mine shafts. I really need to get back up there and try to find it. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f5-daf62870059f
  3. What's the point of having cache pages if no one's going to read them? I bet Groundspeak could save a ton of money by taking down the website and just maintaining an email list of random coordinates if that's all people are interested in. People and their silly numbers. What's the fun of the game if all you care about is getting numbers?
  4. Some would argue that despite not having paperless caching, the 60CSx is better than the newer units There's a reason they still get $200+ for them after 5 years!
  5. Bump. Anyone else make the mistake of buying one of these (ONIX400)? I did and I'm sorry I did. Fortunately it wasn't anywhere near full price, but still. Haven't tried the XM Radio or the weather yet but I have a feeling that's all these things are good for.
  6. Because I bought a $350 (at the time) top notch GPS unit, I have a ton of knives/backpacks/mall ninja gear, and a 4x4 and I needed a reason to justify it all. Shoulda seen me last night trying to bushwhack to a location where I wanted to put a cache. I had just about every kind of tactical bag you could imagine, AND a gun (it's a known bear area).
  7. I'm interested in the 62st but I'll wait for some reviews to see how it stacks up to my venerable 60CSx. I bought that stupid thing 5 years ago and it's still going strong as ever. There's a reason they're still commanding $200 after 5 years while other models/brands drop in price or off the face of the map in no time comparatively. Touch screen models are no-go for me. I bushwhack too much.
  8. Wasn't caching but was with a large group of family that I do sometimes take on caching, we were actually up at a local ghost town. Walking the 3 mile hike back out of the ghost town I saw some other hikers coming our way about half a mile down when something rather large and brown ambled across the road. Everyone with me thought it was just a dog that had been with the other hikers or something. Didn't have the heart to tell them it was a brown bear until we got back to the car. After that my wife made me get a large caliber hand gun to carry with us whenever we go back to that area
  9. This is Cle Elum we're talking about, where the High School motto is "Huh?" and the City Police motto is "Not in my town!" I had a friend who was a police officer in town, it's too bad he's retired now because I would have talked to him about it. But the general impression I've always gotten from the local police is that they're pretty closed minded and the typical power tripping small town police force. It's getting worse with all the people moving in from the west side that believe that as soon as they cross Snoqualmie, laws no longer apply to them (no offense to those who live on the other side of Snoqualmie and aren't like that). It's sad to see that they are turning their attention to our harmless sport. You have to admit though that at times there are careless cachers who don't pay attention to muggles or are too wrapped up in finding the cache they don't care what they step on to get there. It's unfortunate, but it's true. I know of at least one other cache on a cemetery (up in Roslyn). IIRC it's far enough away from the cemetery it shouldn't cause trouble, though. There's plenty of other caches in the town area that might soon get attention from the authorities. Every time I check the logs for gonepostal (GC1048V) I wonder how it's still there. I know I've felt uncomfortable going to it, even though I know the person in the house across the street. I have to wonder if the cache placer got permission from the property owner before placing it? Did he with the now infamous Fly By cache? This is why I haven't and won't place any city caches. Too much drama. - Team Vostok
  10. Cle Elum, eh? That's where I am! There's a bunch of real nice caches around here but they're almost all unreachable this time of year unless you have a snowmobile. I've got two up here, one I adopted on Osborne Point and a new one near Skull Spring, both are above Taneum Creek. There's also a nice easy one right at the top of Peoh Point. There's a lot of nice ones up on Blewett too. I plan on putting one up near Lester (just the other side of Stampede Pass) this spring, sort of a history cache since there's a lot of railroad history up there a lot of people don't know about. - LC
  11. The only time we have ever revisited a cache to take a bug was for our first Geocoin. It's a cache that rarely gets many visitors and the coin had been sitting for about a week in the cache so we figured it was fair game. Plus, most TBs we have in our possession have been languishing around in WA for months now and we're leaving for Hawaii on Thursday and taking them all with us to drop in some fresh caches. We've been swimming in bugs and coins lately because there's been a glut of them in the caches around here and alot of the caches here don't get visited very often so most times a bug or coin will sit for some time before it gets found. And yes, any time we've found one we've taken it. We don't trade bug for bug or coin for coin, but we always try to leave nice goodies in caches where we've taken bugs or coins from. Isn't that the point of a travel bug/geocoin? - Team Vostok
  12. My dad (philipmw aka Desperado) has two greens and we have one yellow. We're dropping them off in Hawaii sometime this week. - Team Vostok
  13. Yep, only Sarah's Happy Hollow. It's a nice cache, long walk if you park at the bottom though. - LC
  14. I think what they meant but "upto 256mb" is that they're only going to make Garmin branded memory cards up to 256mb. Since some people are brand eliteists and will only buy Garmin cards (at a markup) for their Garmin device. As far as the Ultra II microSD, I've only heard of the problem with 76Cx, 76CSx, 60Cx and 60CSx. Could be it's a problem that doesn't affect ALL the x models? - LC
  15. Here's what I use: 2007 FJ Cruiser Garmin 60CSx And good ol' fashioned findin' power. - LC
  16. I plan on leaving decent things even if the cache doesn't have cool stuff. Granted, I just started 'caching, but the reason I got interested in this is the treasure hunt, not necessarily the treasure. First cache we went to was last night, and all it had was a bag clip, some kind of religious tract with a camo cover, a pair of scissors, some batteries, and a used thing of cherry lip gloss. Yes, it was used. I left a inexpensive but nice light flasher like joggers or bicyclists would wear. If I find cool stuff, great, otherwise it's about the thrill of the hunt - LC
  17. Just a quick picture of what it was like last time we were up there just a few weeks ago. This is on the Cedar Creek side after FR3350 and FR3352 meet up, this is what you find if you keep heading down the ridge into the Taneum. It is accessable from this side as you come up the Taneum from Ellensburg, look for a brown metal post sticking out of the ground with CEDAR©R (the C was partially worn off) hand painted on it in white. http://vostok.smugmug.com/photos/76350502-O.jpg Obviously I wouldn't recommend coming that way for a regular car. Going up FR3350 from Cle Elum over Peoh or just going up FR33 and then going up FR3350 would be a much better bet. - LC
  18. We're new to caching, in fact, we just found our first cache yesterday (On Top of Old Peoh Point, since we live right under Peoh) but we live in the area (about 3 miles from Osborn Point as the crow flies) and would be willing to adopt the cache if one hasn't already been found. We're going up again probably this weekend to find Osborn Point and Place of History Mystery. Seems like Osborn Point hasn't been found since 2005? The roads up there have gotten pretty bad, but it's still passable unless you come up the Cedar Cr. side, where it would require a capable 4x4 and good driving to get up. So I'm putting this in to say we'd be willing to take over Osborn Point if someone hasn't already - Lost Cosmonaut and Obscurevision (and sometimes Desperado)
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