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  1. Team Rock-it = paypal lionesspuma
  2. I think that a Sunflower would be Nice on oneside (maybe with the geocache symbol in the center) and the state on the other. If you do make them Would Love 2 please
  3. I want all of you to know that those "across the pond" hope that you are all ok. words are not enough to tell you how much we wish this had not happened and that even though it did how much we want those effected to get well. Please everyone be VERY careful when out cacheing and in general. But don't be afraid to do what you have always done. That is where terrorists win. With much Love from California USA Team Rock-it
  4. Would like to order 2 coins please thank you Team Rock-it
  5. An idea for TBs make em small. Especially if they are in California which is mostly micro or small caches. You don't have to use the tag just write the number on an object (permanent ink). A small book so that each person can write their name on it as it travels. Sending off all 4 with a goal to get back to you when the book fills. Simple Keychains are also Very good. Pick your favorite animal to go visit zoos. Sit at home and brainstorm Write down ALL your ideas no matter how silly. You never know if it will work.
  6. Car Manufacturers may be a goal. or heck electric plants. Auto parts stores, Car dealerships, autoshops, Pictures with mechanics, Pictures with Engines, There ya go some ideas.
  7. Pretty cool idea but I agree you are going to want a wild river. This could be an interesting TB type idea. but logging the coordinates would be a problem.
  8. Well James said that the base metal was kinda pricey for smith made due to the fact that you are not going to find many smiths who want to work in base metal. Heck we are always getting "you will repair silver Wow" when he's working. If you are interested in the silver we will take some of the cost in coin trades. For a nice bezel for the california size coin it's $30 + return shipping. Or you could send it with a self adressed,and stamped (box, envelope, etc.) Most of this is price of silver so smaller coins would not be as much depending. Drop us a line. Team Rock-it P.S. He is still keeping an eye out for the base metal ones though. I got a couple other ideas (just thought of them as I typed this but gotta ask James first. )
  9. Careful venting (No names said) is ok. Fine no problem sometimes you just want to vent. Be careful and watch your own backside though. Don't do what he, she, it is accusing you of. (harassment) For those people who are all lovey "make a change within yourself" When a person needs to vent this is counterproductive. Saying you are sorry for them is one thing. Trying to change their lives is another. Be CAREFUL!!!! Vent in a more "Less Likely to get Sued" Manner. A simple note saying that a cacher (no names) was rude to you and won't return/release your bug after you asked politely, is all you need to post. (lots of emoticons) GeoCacher's are smart if they want to find out more or commiserate with you they will post or look up your TB's. No more needing to be said. But you still get to vent and inform those who want to know. Jessemay from Team Rock-it (waiting for the burns)
  10. Heya Sorry I cannot help with the base metal bezel. Will ask the other half of Team Rock-it about it. He is a Silver smith and has done a Bezel for the California Coin for me. (will post pict later) I will post again when I find out. Another Question Is anyone interested in S.Silver Bezels for their coins?
  11. Thanks for the ability to order your state coins We would like 3 and we have sent via Paypal Team Rock-it 3
  12. PLEASE if you know of someone who has that many of the jeeps find someway of destracting them nicely and nabbing the bugs to set them free. If that doesn't work plan a commando raid on their home and steal the jeeps setting them free in the wilds of the geocache farthest from them. Make sure not to hurt them tooo much. Team Rock-it
  13. That brings to mind an episode from the Mork and Mindy TV show wherein Mork tosses up a couple of eggs and exclaims, "Fly, be free!" {splat}{splat} Why not "Fly be Free" Giggle
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