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  1. I d/n the new POI loader from Garmina dn use it to load Geocaches into my IQUE M4. The files seems to load easily and quickly. I see it is in main memory under the Garmin folder, however I don;t see the Geocaches on my maps screen. I see those POI's listed under Manage My Data, but nowhere else. What am I doing wrong??? how can I see the caches on my screen?
  2. I just got my Ique M4 and so far love it. I do have 2 questions for you. 1. This unit is obviously made by HP / IPAQ of which I have one. Do the cords from an IPAQ 4150 work with this unit? 2. How do i transfer Geocaching waypoints from a GPX file to the M4? Thanks!
  3. Can someone tell me how fast the IQUE M5 can create a route? How does it compare to the 60c? I am buying an M4 and wonder how fast the routing speed will be as I heard the m5 is rather slow
  4. I just ordered my Garmin Ique M4 which should be in some time in January. Anyone have any comments about it? I will be using it in the car and not for Geocaching.
  5. I dunno. I used to be an Auxiliary with the RCMP and I compared the GPS with radar and they were identical. I think the Judge would take into account the fact that I was driving the limit for a long time prior to the actual stop and might give me a break. How would one go about getting this into evidence?
  6. I think of it this way. Lets say I have been driving for an hour with the cruise control set at the limit. I come upon someone driving under the limit and pass them. As I pass I am over the limit and a cop catches me. If I went to court I could prove, using my tracklog, that I had been following the limit for an hour and the officer only caught a small portion of my driving. I wonder if the judge would rule in my favor based on that scenerio?
  7. I was just wondering if anyone has used a GPS history to beat a speeding ticket? Would this be accepted in court? No, I have not received a ticket. LOL Just curious is all....
  8. Can we assume that GPS in general will be faster in operation? I find my 60C is slow updating map screens etc. Would this new chip speed that up?
  9. That's what I call service! Thanks very much for this!
  10. I found out the other day that Don Adams died. He was known as Agent Smart and of course did the voice for Inspector Gadget, which is my Geocaching nickname. \ I purchased a TB and attached it to an IG figure and wish for it to travel to Don Adams grave to pay respects and have his pic taken at the grave. I have checked many web sites but found nothing about where he is buried. Can anyone help with this?
  11. I just installed Suse linux and so far love it. Anyone know if it's possible to run Mapsource in Linux and connect my 60c? Currently I only have Windows installed for Mapsource. be nice if I could completly remove it....
  12. You can always use NRoute for real time tracking.....
  13. I passed it along to Garmin Tech Support. I'm sujre it's just something minor to fix up. On a related note, I was using my 60C the other day. Asked it to create a route from one cache to another which was about 5km away. It took me on this strange route covering a distance of over 800km!!
  14. Were you taking a detour to Venus? LOL
  15. I was creating a route with Mapsource from Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada to Sydney, Nova Scotia. Mapsource told me the trip would be 663km, which is about right, but the time to make this trip would be 927 days, 12 hours and 57 min!!!! I tried the same with version 6.8 and this problem did not show up. Anyone else notice something like this? I would attach a screen capture, but really have no idea how to......
  16. I wonder if French wording on cache pages would have to be 3 times bigger than the English to comply with the Quebec language laws? LOL
  17. I tried that but since I have been caching since 2001 and only recently got the TB, it shows hundreds of caches that I have not logged the TB into. Maybe I should revisit them all again. LOL
  18. I have a TB tattoed on my body and log each cache I visit along with many people who log me at events. I look at the online map and I find this very poor. You can't see all the places I have been because each cache name is superimposed on top of this map. I can't even zoom in. Is there a way I can make a Pocket Query for this TB so I can view it in Mapsource? Does anyone have ANY suggestions??
  19. http://www.energizerbatteryfinder.com/resu...t=er-dvd&brand= The one I have is the third or fourth down. I have been trying for days to kill it, but no luck. It has been running my VX-6R for 4 days now and there are still 3 out of 4 bars showing. LOL
  20. Just got my Yaesu VX-6R 2 days ago and so far I love this new toy! Works great. I was concerned with the rechargeable feature as I do a lot of hiking and th last thing I need is for the battery to die when I need it the most. Tonight I was at Radio Scrap and noticed an Energizer Rechargeable battery pack which will increase the operating time significantly. Not worried about that battery any more!!
  21. Closing this topic. My original post was a serious one and I was concerned about the name of the game and Geocachers in general. From reading some of the posts, my concern was not worthwhile.
  22. I can assure you that me neighbor did tell me this. It certainly was not my intention to cause any trouble here. I simply thought that someone may have heard something about this. As I said, seems totally unlikely to me....
  23. I checked with her and she said she heard that on the local radio station. I think she must be confused since it makes no sense to me whatsoever. Be hard to get a signal in the subway....
  24. A neighbor told me she heard on the news today that the people responsible for the bombings in London this morning may have been communicating through Geocaching or sending waypoints through the system. I don't believe it since I doubt the Government would have been able to find this out as quick as that. Just wondering if anyone heard anything about it?
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