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  1. I recently bought a new digital camera to use for Geocaching. It's a Pentax W20 and I used it a bit before deciding it wasn't the camera for me. It's waterproof, so i really liked that, but the picture quality was very poor, so today I exchange the Pentax for an Olympus Stylus 770 SW. This camera is shockproof (can be dropped on concrete from 5 feet) waterproof down to 33 feet and able to withstand below zero temps. I shot a few pics today and the quality is by far superior to the Pentax. If your looking for a good digital camera to go Geocaching, I strongly suggest this one. What type of camera do YOU use while your out Geocaching?
  2. That's too bad. While I did not read it each and every month, I did enjoy dropping by every now and then to have a look. Hopefully it will come back....
  3. Just wondering if the magazine is still being put together.
  4. Thanks Coach. Actually Mapsource runs fine in Vista, but Vista seems to crash a LOT more than XP and I don;t run a lot of programs either. Also, I usually wipe my hard drive every few months and do a clean install, and with XP I never had a problem, but Vista will only let you reinstall it on the same computer 10 times or so. Just getting sick of all the restriction Microsoft is putting on the program I paid $140 for....
  5. OK, I have been running Windows Vista since Day 1 and am sooooo disappointed in it. It crashes a lot more than XP. I don;t run a lot of programs, but I do run Mapsource and Google Earth along with a game or two. Nothing major. If I were to wipe my drive and install Linux (of which I know nothing) can I still install Mapsource and connect my GPS? What about GE? Thanks!
  6. Ummm guys, I think your missing my point here. LOL I have NO intention of hiding a caching inside a storm drian that is hundreds of feet long. Just looking for a way to hide the coordinates inside a culvert that runs from one side of the road to another. Large, usually dry, no turns, easily see the other side etc, mayb e what? 30 feet wide? The actual cache would be hidden in the woods. And Vinny and Sue Team, are you serious about duct tape leaving behind a small amount of residue for a reason not to use it? Not being sarcastic in the least bit here, but a serious question. Would some city official seriously give you a hard time for that residue? He would probably be standing ankle deep in old chip bags, cigarette butts, pop bottles etc while looking for that residue! LOL
  7. I don;t think duct tape would hold. Concrete is very dusty and also there might be water running through the culvert....
  8. Oh. I had no idea. Is this the section your referring to? Caches that deface public or private property, whether a natural or man-made object, in order to provide a hiding place, a clue or a logging method. The guideline go on to say that there may be exceptions. If I was able to get permission from the city, would this be ok?
  9. I want to make a multi cache where the coordinates are hidden inside culverts. I had used a permenant marker before and it faded away in no time at all. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to mark the concrete permenantly in an easy way? (Not interested in using paint) Thanks!
  10. Just curious how many people attended Geowoodstock 4 that was held last year....
  11. Just wondering if anyone knows of a CITO event in NB this year? I posted on the MGA but no solid answers. What date is the CITO anyway???
  12. How does one attach pics to this post??
  13. OK, but is there a way to completly remove all the Custom POI's I uploaded without adding new ones?
  14. I was playing with Garmin's POI loader and loaded a few points into my GPS by mistake. How can I remove these???
  15. When I receive my GPX file each night, there are 2 filesn in the archive. The actual GPX file and another one called 878455-wpts . Can someone tell me what this last file is for?? Thanks!
  16. I' can't program if my life depended on it, but how hard would it be to create a Geocaching gadget for Vista's Sidebar? I think it would be cool to have my stats displayed, maybe a search bar for caches, and I think it would be very cool to see a counter of the number of caches posted on GC.com that would increase everytime someone posted a new cache! What do you guys think??
  17. I guess it must be my phone. I can read tons of other sites, except for this one. I thought it quite odd. Any way I can access this site so I can check caches while on the road?
  18. Yup, thats the site I am using but when I "click" on the links, it just brings me back to the main page instead of displaying anything. Havent even tried the new caches yet.
  19. Is this the right address? I click on the links but it always goes back to the main page. I cant access any of the cache info....
  20. I am starting to make some new calling cards and want to include my better half. I was thinking of putting a pic of Mr and Mrs Insp Gadget on the front, but what does Mrs IG look like?? I sure as heck can't draw so I wonder if some of you can draw? How about uploading a pic of Mrs IG and lets get some ideas rolling! Thanks!
  21. Just wondering if there are any new models from Garmin on the horizon....
  22. I was just wondering if any other people out there have a TB tattoo? I have had one for almost 2 years now and my girlfriend is going to get one as well. How many human TB's do we have in the world??
  23. The M4 will accept POI's, but how to I make those POI's warn me of my speed in speed reduced zones???
  24. I am interested in creating my own list of POI's, especially ones that warn me when I approach a speed zone. I understand that POI's can warn you when you approach these areas. I have an Ique M4. Can someone explain what programs I need to create these and how to edit them? Thanks!
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