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  1. I actually tried this several imes. A few times I tried it here in Canada before I left. I would pan the map to NYC and start my search like that. The GPS would even say "searching near map pointer" and it still showed POI's for Canada. Also, when I was right in NYC and tried the search without panning at all it did the same thing.....
  2. My bad. I do have version 3.50 installed. I was looking at t GPS SW version which is version 2.90. Thanks for pointing this out!
  3. I recently received the City Navigator 2008 map update and installed maps covering the USA and Canada on my 60CX. I have software Version 2.90 on the GPS. I recently visited New York City and was looking for Rockefeller Center by clicking Find > All POI's and started enter the name. Strangely enough, it would only bring up search results for Canada and nothing in the USA. I was able to find it using other means, but should it not have come up using the method I tried first? I wonder if someone who has the same setup could try it and report back to see if they got the same results?
  4. Shipping, taxes etc. Came up to $193.74.
  5. I just received the 2008 update to North America NT and man, am I ever disappointed!!!! Now right off the bat, I fully realize that Garmin does not actually make the maps, but buys them from another company, Navteq in this case. I live in Canada and I swear the coverage is taking a backward step. The main Highway 2, in New Brunswick has been in place for 3 or 4 years now and STILL does not totally show up on the newest maps! POI's are so far off that they are pretty much useless. Just for a quick comparison, I had a look at Metroguide V4 which came out about 4 or 5 years ago. I don't recall who provided the map detail but it seems to be light years aheadf the new 2008 update! I wish I could post a side by side pic of the same area with both maps. Why is this happening? Why do I have to keep my old maps on my GPS for better coverage after I just spent almost $200 for City Navigator NT V8????? What's going on with the companies that make maps???????
  6. Yeah I noticed those, but I meant a replacement for the 60 series....
  7. I see that the 60 series are $50 off now. If memory serves this same sale happened just before the 60 CX came on the scene. Does this meahat a new GPS will be forthcoming from Garmin? Anyone hear anything about new Garmin units?
  8. We are leaving Saturday night for NYC and wonder if someone can tell us which caches would be good to hit. We are staying in NJ and will be taking the bus down so we will be pretty much on foot in the city. Any tourism advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
  9. I found a new update on the Garmin website for the Geko 201. The site states: Changes made from version 2.50 to 2.70: Updated software to support manufacturing Can anyone tell me what that means????
  10. Can someone explain to me why I always have to log in on the Geocaching WAP page? Does it not use cookies or is it my Blackberry?
  11. Problem is that there is no file manager in the Blackberry, at least to the best of my knowledge. I have all my HTML files on the memory card, but no way to open index.html in the browser.
  12. I just got my Blackberry and want to use it to view my GPX files while out caching. A lot of places I go do not have cell reception, but I dropped my GPX files into GPX Spinner and loaded the resulting Html pages onto my memory card. Problam is that I have no idea how to view these files on the BB web browser. Can someone help me out here?? Thanks!
  13. I am sure a lot of people who have been caching for a few years have noticed many changes in the game. I would love to hear comments about how you feel the game of Geocaching has changed. Do you feel it has been changing for the better or for the worse?
  14. Good question. I installed the original Mapsource on Vista then upgraded to the new version with no troubles. Mind you I absolutely hate Vista....
  15. Insp Gadget

    Tide Times?

    I have a 60cx. I thought there was a screen that would show tide times but I can't find it. Can someone clear this up for me? Thanks!
  16. A friend of mine said that my pic was on the front page of GC.com yesterday. I checked and sure enough after having refreshed the page a few times, there I was! I thought it was so cool! Who put it there???
  17. Just wondering if there is any Geocaching software for the Linux OS?
  18. Where can a person find more info on this? I read about it in the geocaching book - but have seen little since then. You can find a little more info under the info for the Nikon D200. http://www.nikon.ca/en/Product.aspx?m=1700...p;disp=Features You might try a photo website and asking about this feature. I strongly suggest www.nikonians.org and specifically the D200 user group: http://www.nikonians.org/cgi-bin/dcforum/d...;conf=DCConfID3 Hope this helps!
  19. I know , I know what people think of digital zoom... but..... the 770 SW does have a 5x digital zoom on top of the 3x optical. Also has a manomenter built in that gives you the depth underwater and altitude on the screen.
  20. I'm not sure that I've ever seen an altoids tin that wasn't all rusty. This is so cool!!!!
  21. Keep in mind that capturing a nice photograph has more to do with the photographer than the equipment your using. You may be able to take some very nice pics with a disposable camera while someone who has an expensive DSLR, but no idea how to use it, might take poor pics. It reminds me of the photo course I took years ago. The teacher asked me if I could play a Stradavavious (sp?) violin if he handed me one, since it was the most expensive violin in the world. No I thought to myself. He went on to say that you must learn to see the world as a photographer instead of focusing on the equipment.
  22. And you forgot to mention how much the D200 is with all the attachments. LOL
  23. There is no such thing as a Best Camera for Geocaching. It depends more on how much some one is willing to be limited when they select a camera or on what their needs are. My first choice in cameras when I go geocaching is my Nikon D50 with a 70-300MM lens. I also carry a 28MM Wide angle lens. This give me a better chance of getting a good photo of any wild life I may see along a trail. I use the D50 in the RAW format. I also have an older Panasonic Dig Camera with a Leica lens, this one if very small a much more limited than the Nikon. This one I use more for urban caching when there really is not going to be much worth photographing. I totally agree that there is no such thing as a Best Camera for Geocaching, but if you take into consideration the places that some of these caches are hidden, I would want something that can stand up to the elements. Personally I would love to lug around my Nikon D70S with all my lenses, flashes, Manfrotto tripod etc etc etc, but I sure as heck am not going to risk all that equipment. Personally I feel that the Olympus I recently purchased can stand up to any place (within reason) that I might go Geocaching. To each his/her own of course!
  24. A few days ago I purchased a 512mb cvard for my 60CX and loaded about 400MB of maps on it. Everything worked fine until one day I noticed no maps. I traced my problem down to when first starting up the GPS, I would hit enter at the first screen to go immediately to the sat page. For some reason when I did this, the maps did not load. If I allow the first start up screen to go away on it's own, I have no problems.
  25. Thats one thing I don't care about with most new digital cameras. These odd sized batteries cost a fortune. I understand with the Olympus I can take about 300 pics before the battery dies on me, so i think that will be enough for a day of Geocaching. LOL
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