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  1. This is great stuff!!! I d/n and installed a version I found, 1.10, is this the newest one available? Thanks so much for your hard work on this!
  2. I don't understand why this wuld work in Firefox but not IE? It's actually being added to the Google Toolbar, right? Are they vastly different in FF and IE?? I don't really care to install a whole new browser on my computer just to use one search engine. It's not really the Google toolbar it's added to. It's Firefox's general search toolbar that Google happens to be the default for. I don't know what an equivalent for IE7 would be. I found this which supposedly tells you how to add in a search provider. Cool! Now can someone explain why it won't find waypoint #'s?
  3. Ist called LL Bean and they said they will have the Triton 2000 in stck on Nov 14.
  4. But is there a way I can have this on my Google Toolbar as a search engine?
  5. Another question. I was checking out the Search engine on the main page of Geocaching.com. Why can't it search for a GC# and give me the cache I am looking for? Is there any search engine that will search all of GC.com? For example I could either type in the GC# or the name of the cache to go tthat page.
  6. I don't understand why this wuld work in Firefox but not IE? It's actually being added to the Google Toolbar, right? Are they vastly different in FF and IE?? I don't really care to install a whole new browser on my computer just to use one search engine.
  7. I use the Google toolbar in IE7. As some of you know there are many different types of search engines in this toolbar, such as Amazon.com. I could have sworn there was one for Geocaching, but I can't locate it. Can someone help me out with this?
  8. Why does it seem that TPTB have changed the GC icons colors from the 4 seperate colors to a silver? On the new jackets and such thor is silver only. I personally prefer the 4 different colors and wish they would make clothing, stickers etc with only these colors. What do you uys think?
  9. Whenever I select the "Check for software updates" in Mapsource, I get the error: "There was an error communicating with the Garmin update server. Please retry your update If you continue to experience problems please contact Garmin support". I sent a email to Garmin support over a month ago and didn't hear anything back from them. It's not a big deal as I just go to their site and check the newest version but I was just wondering if anyone else has seen this?
  10. Is there a way to keep the 1-5 rating and just drop the last number? A 2.5 would become a 2 for instance?
  11. Strange. I copied and pasted this code into GSAK and transferred the wapoints to my 60CX. Here is what I got for one cache in particular: Q2Q5 RT74 Since the cache is rated at a 2.5 and 4, where the heck did the number 7 come from???????
  12. I love it! Could I use our code you have here, but instead of the smart name, could I drop the GC from the code and use the rest of it? Instead of GC1234, my cache name would be 1234 ST22. Is this possible?
  13. Very cool! Now the cache name is not the GC number. How can I change that back to the GC#? Also, the hint only shows a few words, is it possible to show the whole hint or is this a limitation in the 60?
  14. Insp Gadget

    GSAK Question

    I just bought GSAK and have a question. Is it possible to transfer Geocaching hints to my 60cx? Thanks!
  15. My dad is looking for a new GPS with a specific feature. He wants a unit to use in the car, has TTS and leaves a track that will record even ifg he goes off road. He definately wants a Garmin and probably a Nuvi, bt do any of these have TTS and tracks? Thanks!
  16. Is there much difference between these 2? I have been using a C330 for a year now for work and need something for my personal car. Is the Nuvi much better than the C330?
  17. I was just playing with the unit near my home and was trying to see how it would work, how quickly it would recalculate after missing a turn etc....
  18. I have been using various GPS units since 2000 and recently I was looking for a new unit for the car and after trying a few of the newer models, it left me wondering what the heck these manufacturers are thinking. Bear with me while I try to explain. I was at The Sourcecc one day and they had the Mio520 on display and on sale. I played with it for a while and finally decided to buy one. I was immediately impressed with the device. I installed it into my car and was impressed by the build quality. It was well designed and tough but I found the bracket to hold it in my car was quite flimsy. I didn't like how the cigarette adapter plugged into the GPS as it made it a bit frustrating to connect it each time I put the GPS into the car. I found it easy to upgrade the unit to the latest firmware and update the cameras and such. I absolutely love the display on the MIO. IMHO, it blows away all the competition and I hope that all GPS units in the future have this type of display. It was easy to differentiate things on the screen and also follow the planned route. I did not, however like the fact that when using the voice that announced the street names, that the unit would frequently pause while I was driving, as if the processor was overloaded and could not keep up. It got so annoying that I would sometimes miss my turn while waiting for the voice to tell me to turn. The 520 also can play videos, show pictures and play MP3 files and has Bluetooth. I returned the Mio and picked up a Magellan Crossover. Sorry to all you Magellan fans out there, but I could not wait to return this unit. The built quality was good, but I found the interface to be rather “old” and not very nice. I also found that turning the “reset” switch to power on the unit seemed rather odd. The display was rough, but it was fast and did speak the street names which I really liked. I took it for a drive and was immediately unimpressed, especially when I was more than 1km from my intended route and the GPS would not recalculate. I returned this unit the very next day and picked up a TomTom One XL. I found the TomTom to be the nearest thing to what I was looking for. As with all the other units, the first thing I did was to update the Firmware, which in the case of the TomTom made a huge difference. I loved that the One XL was easy to use, had lots of features that were designed for driving and was well built. I hated the display though. Why does a Tomtom shift all around when your at a dead stop? I found the graphics to be very blocky, light years behind the Mio. I liked the Mapshare feature which allows you to make corrections to the maps right in the GPS itself, but it was very limited. It would allow you to enter a street that was not on the map, but only if that street was a straight line. In my area, there are some parts of a new highway that are not on any of the GPS units and I was hoping to use the TomTom to correct this, but alas, it is not able to. I was very disappointed in the Plus services from Tomtom. They advertise this service as being so great to have updated safety cameras, traffic information etc, but none of them are available in Canada. I returned this unit as well. After having tried all these units and having used a Garmin Streetpilot C330 at work for a year or so, it made me wonder. What are these manufacturers thinking? Why would they add an MP3 player, Video Player, Bluetooth, IPOD control, etc etc etc to these units when they are not needed for trying to find my way to my destination? Why can't they concentrate on things like better maps? More accurate POI's? Gas prices displayed when looking for gas, times to take rest breaks and such? It makes me feel that these guys are going in the complete opposite deirection to what we need. What do you guys think? Do you find it necessary to have all these extras in your GPS receiver? What things would you like to see?
  19. I just bought a TomTom One XL and had some questions about it. Can someone suggest a Tomtom User GrouP??
  20. Just wondering if there is any news on a new Garmin Forerunner? I am goito buy one, but if something new is soon going to be relased, I will wait for the new one.....
  21. I activated a new TB under the wrong GC account. Can this be changed to the account I want it under???
  22. I just returned to Canada after visiting New York city for a week. I absolutely can't believe the difference in acuracy in the maps between the USA and Canada. The POI's I searched for in NYC were bang on each and every time, as well as the addresses I searched for. The GPS took me to the exact location of where the business is located. I was so impressed, especially when you compare this to the exact same map detail for Canada. Most of the POI's for Canada I check are so far off that they are pretty much useless. The Dairy Queen in Atholville, NB on the maps shows it as being in Campbellton in the middle of a residential area. When I talked to Garmin, they mentioned that they do not supply the POI's. Anyone know whe they come from? Any idea why the maps are so much more accurate in the USA than Canada?
  23. Just bought a Forerunner 205 which I love using for Geocaching and noticed on the box a screenshot from the GPS that appears to show a vertical profile of my run, walk or whatever I am doing. I can't seem toind this screen on the Forerunner itself and was wondering where it is.
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