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    Mapsource icon

    I open all my GPX files with Mapsource. Recently I installed another program that replaced the Mapsource icon with it's own. I uninstalled the program and now the icons for my GPX files are a generic Windows icon. The files still open with Mapsource but how can I get the Mapsource icon back?
  2. Thanks for this hint! The hard reset got the GPS working, but none of my maps show up!! I have tried showing them one at a time but nothing. I even tried reinstalling them, but nothing. Can the card be reformatted???
  3. Insp Gadget

    My 60CX died!

    My 60CX seems to have died today. It powers on but after 8 seconds, the screen fades and it turns off. I have tried different batteries and even plugging it into the computer via the USB cord, but always get the same result. Can anyone suggest anything?
  4. Yeah Gadget's gettin married. Oct 12, 08 to be exact. The wedding will be a small family affair but the reception will be a Geocaching event and we are looking for some ideas. Wedding TB's? Lots of GC sigs everywhere? Please post any and all ideas, no matter how zaney! We might just use em!!
  5. Will it include roads for NB??? (Please, Please???)
  6. Just wondering if there are any famous Geocachers. Celebraties, politicians etc.
  7. I'm glad it's such a simple and straightforward process. I thought I might have to pat my head while rubbing my stomach, something I always found difficult to do. BTW, with the new firmware it will now adjust for DST. Thanks!
  8. Just received a Triton 2000 today. No idea how to set the time. Everytime I turn it on the time is at 1:00pm, then later on changes to 9:00am even though it's about 7pm. I have looked in the options but don;t see this listed.
  9. Sounds like someone works for the Department of Redundancy Departmant.
  10. Insp Gadget

    Mio downloads

    I bought a Mio 520 some months ago and absolutely loved it. Mine was defective though and I had to return it and thestore had none left. I never got around to getting another one. Anyway, from what I recall, there is no way to download waypoints into the Mio.
  11. Sure can. I think it's great! I can view maps on any computer that runs Windows. Haven't tried connecting the GPS to it yet though.....
  12. I have been trying to install Mapsource to a flash drive to use on the road and while doing research on the subject, came across a forum posting about a program called Ceedo. It allows you to install a program to a flash drive. For some odd reason, GSAK does not work, but Mapsource runs just fine!
  13. Would it be possible to install Mapsource on a U3 flash drive?
  14. Mine takes me all the way to the cache with accuracy sometimes as good as 2m! Even in the wood it gets a strong signal and keeps it all the time. I have no idea why yours would make you run in circles unless you don;t have a good signal. Have you looked at the satellite page?
  15. I love using my Forerunner 305 for Geocaching. Excellent reception, small package etc. Great for when I find the time for a quick cache while traveling. I now see the Forerunner 405 has been announced. Does anyone know if this one accepts waypoints? Does it have a compass screen? How about a "map" screen? Have any reviews been done yet? Thanks in advance!!
  16. I was reading the Wherigo website (www.Wherigo.com) and it states: As a player enters and exits a zone using a GPS-enabled device, the players experience what the author intended for them, including viewing media, receiving directions or tasks and hearing sounds on the device. For instance, when a player walks into a zone, a player could “talk” to a virtual character, “pull” a virtual switch or “give” a virtual item to a character. As the player continues to move from zone to zone, an author’s fictional story, tour or adventure game can be experienced using Wherigo. Since the cartridges only work with Pocket PC's that have GPS and the Colorado, it would seem to me that the Colorado will have some kind of media player. Anyone hear about this? Does it have text to speech??
  17. What magazine was it and was there any accompanying info in the story?
  18. I love Easter Eggs, those special little hidden things that manufacturers hide. For example, if you hold the Avg Speed down for several seconds on the Streetpilot C330 it will bring up the diagnostics page. Does anyone know of any other hidden pages or commands on GPS units??
  19. I would love to have speed limits in my GPS. Are these considered POI's?
  20. I understand there are Custom POI's available for Canada. Where can I find these????
  21. Anyone know if the screen updates faster on the HCX compared to my 60CX? It annoys me that when I scroll the screen on the 60 it takes forever to refresh!
  22. Hey bud! I did install the 1.10 version and your right, it's rather confusing, but very interesting. Have you actually uploaded these maps to your GPS yet? No, not yet. I'm off work tomorrow, so I'll have time to kick around the house, so I might try just for s***s and giggles. Too bad one can't put both Ibycus's topo maps in conjunction with mapsource metroguide together on a gps. Then it wouldn't matter that the roads aren't there. Or can you? Yes you can have both maps in the GPS at the same time, but you can only view one on the screen at a time. Currently I have 4 different maps installed on my 60CX and switch between them as necessary.
  23. Hey Gadget! Long time no see, buddy! Listen: don't install it yet. Wait until Ibycus uploads the newer 021 with the roads. He said it should be ready in a few weeks to a month. If you download it now, you won't get the roads and highways, and it can be confusing to use, but you can do it anyways just to see how it is, then download the good one later on. Hey bud! I did install the 1.10 version and your right, it's rather confusing, but very interesting. Have you actually uploaded these maps to your GPS yet?
  24. I would try clearing your internet cache. I believe (correct me if I'm wrong here) that if you don;t clear your cache, that it doesn't actually d/n a fresh copy.
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