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  1. Seems kind of odd that after several requests, they refuse to post the name of this app. I sure wil be glad once its posted though......
  2. Continued off-topic discussion in this thread may (and likely will) lead to limited use of the forums for a bit. Threats, that's great. Sadly, this is why I don't frequent the forums anymore. Anyway, it seems the few people complaining about the few references to other apps in this thread are the moderators. Oh, and to make sure this post is not totally off topic ... I'm still waiting for the Geocaching app to be released. - Ringo67 I agree. What's the big deal about talking about other programs as well? I am certainly glad that Jeremy released this program and am very much looking forward to it, but to say that we can't talk about another program? Seems a little, ummmm, too strict if you ask me. I feel like I'm being scolded by my mother. LOL And yes, I'm still anxiously awaiting this new app, whatever it's called. LOL Maybe it's been out for a few days now but since we don't know the name of it we aren't aware. LOL
  3. There is no point in checking the App store multiple times a day. New apps are loaded overnight so checking once in the morning should be all you need. On iTunes, go to the "Navigation" category in the App Store, and you the app should shop up there once it is published. The default view for the categories is "Release Date" so new apps are on the first page. Keep in mind however that this does not apply for updates to apps, just for the release date. -J Not sure why, but Simple GPS showed up late this morning after I checked the App Store all morning. Are you sure they only load them at night??
  4. I swear this is like watching water boil!!!!!!!!! I have been checking the App store every 15 minutes it seems for a week now. LOL C'mon Jeremy! Whats the name of the app ????
  5. Learned something new today. LOL I thought it was either something I was doing wrong or the GC website. Thanks for the explanations!!
  6. Everytime I put the & sign in a TB name it shows up as &amp after I save the TB. I have to edit the name of my TB again and it saves correctly, but why does this show up in the first place?? Mr & Mrs Gadget's Wedding Memories - Timies
  7. Insp Gadget


    I am anxiously awaiting the new Geode application for the Iphone 3G. http://www.nonameindustries.com/geodeapp/ Looks like a great app, but there seems to be little update to the release of this. Last date was Aug 24. Anyone know the status of this project?
  8. Can someone explain what TOU compliant is and why Igeocacher is not? Thanks!
  9. How exactly do you load a new GPX file??
  10. So am I the only one who finds it odd that Groundspeak does not have a product like a magnetic 4 box color sticker for the back of your car??
  11. Just wondering how people advertise Geocaching on their vehicle. I have the small window cling and a TB on the trunk, but I dont think this is good enough. Why Groundspeak doesn't make a cling or a magnetic sign with the 4 COLOR box is beyind me. This seems to be the universal sign for Geocaching and yet it's not available on something that I can place on the back of my car. PLease post pics of your advertising. I would love to see the different ideas out there!!
  12. I found GC1CQD7 yesterday afternoon and I guess a neighbor spotted me and called the cops after I left. The RCMP came out and since the cache looked like a pipe bomb and there was nothing written on the outside, they called the bomb squad. They closed the road, removed people from surrounding homes etc. For 5 hours. Not good for us in the Geocaching community, however certainly understandable considering the fact that the cache was inside a pipe. The RCMP said that no one was in trouble, but from now on the caches should either be in a clear container and/or be marked on the outside that it's a Geocache. Please keep this in mind when hiding new caches!!
  13. You could try programs that don't don't have to be installed such as G7toWIN or GPSBabel. EXACTLY what I am looking for!!!! I will give these a try! Thanks so much!!
  14. Besides typing them in manually - no other way that I know of. Why not load the gpx file(s) right away ? There are well over 1000 caches in my files. We are going for 2 weeks and the trip is over 5000km. The caches along the way there are about 800. Then when I get to Toronto, the caches there are easily 1000, then the trip back, but a different route is many more caches. Just easir to load them in bunches....
  15. I am taking a long trip in a few days and I have created GPX files for the trip route. Since I will not be bringing my laptop, whats the easiest way to transfer waypoints into my 60CX? Is there a program that can be run from a flash drive?
  16. I have both a Garmin and a Tomtom GPS. I am going on vacation and created my route in Mapsource. Is there anyway to get this route into my Tomtom?
  17. Is it possible to transfer a list of Geocaches to a Tomtom and use it for Geocaching?
  18. I have a Blackberry 8800 and want to do paperless caching with it. Obviously I will use the online feature if it's available, but whats the best way to go if I don't have a signal? Is there some kind of program for the BB? Thanks!
  19. And how does one go about doing that?
  20. Insp Gadget


    The wife and I are going to be vacationing in Toronto this year. We will be leaving Fredericton, New Brunswick, in early July and going through Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York states, camping along the way. I wonder if someone can recommend a route for us and any special caches we should not miss along this route? We want to travel the scenic way as much as possible as we are both photographers as well as Geocachers. Thanks very much!
  21. We are going on a 2 week vacation and I am wondering if there is a way to have more than 1000 Geocaching waypoints in my 60CX? Thanks!
  22. I installed Garmin TC software and whenever it tries to start, I get the error " There is a problem with the Product NTDB Data Installation" It asks me to reinstall and try again. I tried this several times but no luck. Anyone know whats going on with this?
  23. Would it be a good idea to have a Google calendar plug in for Event caches?
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