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  1. Congrats guys on beating the world record. Personally I don't understand how that many caches can be found. Lets take that 51 in one hour for example. That's almost one per minute. Considering that a cache can't be closer than 200m apart, how do you drive that distance, get out, find the cache, etc etc etc, in less than a minute???? How many people were there? How many vehicles? I wonder if the new record holders could give us some tips to us? Not trying to rain on their parade, I'm really happy for them, but how does one do this???
  2. I like to read some RSS feeds inside Newsrack on my Iphone. I have entered the GC forums addy but it says there are no RSS feeds to show. Is there a way to read the GC forums inside Newsrack?
  3. I thought the new 3Gs was better on battery life than the 3G? And how do you carry spare batteries for it? Is it user replaceable unlike the 3G?
  4. I tried searching and looking through several pages of posts but did not see this listed, so I apologize if this has been asked and answered already. Is the new Iphone 3GS any better at Geocaching than the 3G? Does the GPS update any faster? Does the digital compass help at all? Thanks! Insp Gadget
  5. There is only one Wherigo cartridge in New Brunswick. Twice I have driven the 2 hours from my home to the start point and both times the Oregon freezes up whenever I arrive at the start point!!! I have the latest firmware. What's going on??? I have never played a Wherigo cartridge before and would love to but I'm sure not driving back and forth constantly to try it!
  6. You can get one of the Swiss Army Knifes with a flashlight built in, but as far as I know there is no one tool that does it all very well. For searching inside dark holes in bright daylight, I find that I need a lot of light. For that, I got a Fenix LD20 - 2xAA batteries, 180 lumens when I need it. I got a Leatherman Skeletool CX, used occasionally for extracting logs, and once used the knife to extract a splinter (it's not as heroic as it sounds, just needed it to break the skin). A pen or two, to sign the logs. I bring a mirror, but it has not been very useful so far. A camera for interesting things you see along the way, and possibly to take a photo of things from awkward angles so that you can inspect in the LCD. A stick for prodding, though I usually just pick up small branches for that. I even have a cheap metal detector that helped me find a cache once. At the very least, I'd go with a nice pen, a good light and a good multi-tool. Edit : actually, I'm curious why someone who's geocached for as long as you and found a fair number would be asking such a question. Maybe you can tell me what you use so that I can learn from you Well I tend to go out with a backpack full of stuff. Bear spray, first aid kit, etc, but every now and then a cache pops up not far from home and I want to go find it without all my junk, as the wife calls it. I tend to always get there and regret not bringing a pen, flashlight or some such tool. The wife found a small pen that clips onto my GPS lanyard but it worked twice and died. LOL A few weeks ago I went to find a quick cache, which turned into a long hunt cause the coordinates were more than 50M off. LOL By that time it was getting dark and I wished I had a strong flashlight, so it got me to thinking that there must be some kind of a tool that would give me a decent pen and a strong flashlight in one small unit that I could quickly grab. Hence my request. LOL
  7. I was just about to say the same thing. Not one person gave me a decent reply. Oh well....
  8. Looking for some ideas of a tool to bring Geocaching with me. Is there something small, that contains a decent flashlight, pen, etc? Any suggestions?
  9. Thanks for the hard work guys!!
  10. I have the newest software on my Oregon 300 and ever since having this unit I have noticed a weird problem. When viewing the map page and navigating to a Geocache, the distance to destination does not update when I get close to the cache, lets say under 50m. It just locks at a certain distance, lets say 43m and does not update even though I am closing the distance to the cache. The only way I can get it to update is to close the map (And as soon as I press the X on the map page, the distance updates just a split second before the screen closes) and reopen it. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a way to fix it??
  11. Question about my new Oregon. I d/n my PQ into my Oregon, including the wps file. I also have some personal waypoints. When I want to update my PQ, I delete the gpx and wps files, but the waypoints stay in my GPS. Is there a simplier way to get rid of them other than deleted ALL my waypoints?
  12. Would it be possible, instead, to increase the size of the writing for the cache waypoints that show on the screen? While I drive, I like to quickly glance at the screen to see if a cache is upcoming, but with the Oregon, the icons and writing are so small I have to pull over and scroll the map around.
  13. Is it possible to increase the size of the Geocaching icons on the map page of the Oregon?
  14. Why can't I associate GPX files with Garmin Roadtrip? I always have to import them.
  15. For all things Oregon: http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/ Look on the left sidebar for the Compass info... Oh, you might consider upgrading to SW V2.98 as well. Congrats on the purchase, you're going to love it. Sam I found 2.98 but can't run it on a Mac. Is there a way around this??
  16. For all things Oregon: http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/ Look on the left sidebar for the Compass info... Oh, you might consider upgrading to SW V2.98 as well. Congrats on the purchase, you're going to love it. Sam I found 2.98 but can't run it on a Mac. Is there a way around this??
  17. Insp Gadget

    Oregon Compass

    I just bought an Oregon 300 and am a tad disappointed. It seems that it takes me right past the cache for 20m or so, then says I passed it. Reminds me of my old Magellan. LOL. I am a bit confused over the compass though. The setting is for Auto or Off. What does this do? Which setting is better?
  18. For the life of me I can't figure out how to open a GPX file in Roadtrip and transfer that to my Oregon. Can someone help me with this?
  19. Just bought my first Macbook. Is there a version of Mapsource for this? How can I work with my GPX files and transfer them to my GPS?
  20. Starting to look for a new GPS to replace my old 60CX. Just wondering if Garmin will be releasing anything in the near future? Any rumours?
  21. Seems to me that some Geocaching apps have gone missing from the Apps store. Most notably is Igeocacher. Am I missing something???
  22. I subscribed to the Geocacher Magazine in Feb of this year. Since that time I have received one magazine. Last I heard they sent an email in Sep saying that things had to be changed and they would have a new issue out shortly. Have they gone out of business? Anyone know what's going on???
  23. I have had my Iphone for several months now and love it. Also have Igeocacher, Geocaching, and several other programs used for Geocaching on the Iphone. Problem is my Iphone itself!! It can locate my position no problem, but navigating to a cache is horrible. The Iphone seems to update the position (no matter what program I use) about every 20 seconds!! So if I walk towards a cache and the arrow points one way, after several seconds, it will swing in a different direction and may or may not update the distance to the cache or my speed. I have tried locating several caches, all without luck. Is the GPS in my Iphone screwy? Is there a setting I need to change? Does YOUR Iphone do this??
  24. I am entering some additional waypoints for a cache I am creating. I don't understand what "Waypoint Lookup Code" and "Prefix Code" are used for. Can someone enlighten me please?
  25. Looks great!! I love the program. I have noticed a small bug. When I try saving a cache, the program crashed on me several times.
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