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  1. I would suggest you look in the appropriate regional board
  2. Visit either Ararat or Beechworth (I recommend Beechworth) and visit the Insane Asylum for a ghost tour. Plus there is a cache nearby
  3. Our list of states: Massachusetts, DC, Maryland*, Virginia*, Georgia***, Tennessee, Arkansas*, Missouri*, Kentucky*, Alabama*, Mississippi*, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah*, Montana, Idaho*, Wyoming, Colorado*, Nebraska*, South Dakota, North Dakota**, Washington and California. * Dipping into long enough to get a cache. ** Is still up for discussion *** A quick virtual at the airport
  4. Doc and I are going to America in May for 8 weeks. We'll be visiting 24 states, 1 District and 2 provinces by the time we are done. So if anyone wants to meet up, let me know and I can tell you how close and what dates we'll be closest to you.
  5. I think it's a great idea. I have one making it's way to a friend. Hopefully when he has retrieved it, he'll send it back to me
  6. I've found a lot of mini lollipops, party poppers and bullet shells in caches locally. I've removed them every time but not sure what the appropriateness level of each item is. Should I be saying something in the logs?
  7. I would just register his collar TB and name it after him. You can upload photos of his travels and he is linked back to you.
  8. I regularly visit Kyabram. There are 2 parks that would be great for this. Edis Park and out the front of the Fauna Park. Email me if you'd like to discuss further
  9. A cache near us was muggled and subsequently adopted by another local caching team. When the new coordinates popped up, the witchjy half of us went looking for it and logged it again. We believe this is acceptable as double-logging as the coordinates had moved more that 10 feet AND the cache was in a new container.
  10. The pair of us will be travelling around the US for two months and plan to hit a couple of caches in each location we stay in. I have dozens of animal cards that one of the supermarkets were giving away. They have a photo of an Australian animal and a piece of information about it. I figured it might be a bit special to have something Aussie from the travelling Aussies
  11. I'll definitely look up some favourites We are planning a big drive from Billings to West Jellystone, down through the Big Boobies NP, across to Mount Rushmore, back across to Cody and then back to Billings...amongst other things
  12. Hi everyone. We will be in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota and Seattle in late Mid June to Mid July. Just wondering if anyone can recommend some good caches, small size or bigger. Also wondering if there will be any events on during that time? Thanks
  13. I recently tried to climb a mini mountain, scraped the back of my leg with the car door before I even started. Then I nearly went head first into a tree. I really need to learn my own limits with a walking stick but the cache was too tempting
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