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  1. I know the Prowler53 Paw coin is an oldie and as I feared there is no way to replace it. So currently have a coin i cannot use. It really bites in this situation because it took me a good 6 months to get my hands on this one, as I really LOVED this design. Thank all of you for your info and your help.


    For the others who have duplicate numbers I can only hope your coin is a bit newer and a replacement can be found.

  2. I know that some numbers and letters can look alike. I am sure my code contains a zero and not an "O". Even when i replaced the zero with an "O", it says that is not a valid number. The problem is, this tracking number has already been activated by another party and they have checked and it safely in their collection. So I have a coin with a tracking code that has already been activated and "owned" by someone else. I am with you rsfish, I am not sure how to handle this. :laughing:

  3. I have been collecting coins for close to a year and I have come across a problem new to me and I have not seen mentioned on this board previously. I did several coin trades a few months ago, some activated, some unactivated. Well in the process of going through my coin album and adding the coins I got a few months ago, I sent adoption requests to a couple of people who had forgotten to process the adoptions at the time of trade. Funny thing is, one of the coin the owners says they never traded this particular coin. Their coin is sitting safe and sound at their house. I know 1 & I, along with 0 and O, can look alike. there is one 0 in the tracking number. I have tried the other variant of the code and i get a "it does not exist" message. So there seems to be 2 prowler53 paw coins with the same tracking number floating around. Has this ever happened before?

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