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  1. congrats beautiful design what's on the back? as u asked for input i'd suggest raising all the metal to make it stronger and more butterfly like. would give you more scope with colours too - look at the tranquility coins for ideas i think they have used nearly every translucent colour and combo possible :rolleyes:


    2. look at the swirled enamels on other coins - moab kokopelli for one and it's on black nickel. you can swirl translucent with opaque hard enamels too


    Thank you all for your input and positive feedback! I can't show the back and spoil all the surprise now can i? :unsure: I will post updates as they comes. B)

  2. I like the design a lot. I tend to lean toward the dark jewel tones in preference. I bet black or that deep purple with the design in gold would look very cool.


    I also like a choice in metals when buying coins but that is certainly up to the person forking out the dough. :huh:


    I thought about doing a "royal" version with jewel tones, but a lot of the darker translucents make it hard to see the underlying design through. My mom is gonna bring me her collection of Tranquility coins on Sunday so I can see a lot of the translucents in person, hopefully that will help me make up my mind a bit.

  3. After many months of off again, on again artistic block getting this design just how i want it I am now stuck on color combinations. I would love to hear your ideas. I will be using all translucent hard enamels and most likely minting this coin in polished gold. Any ideas?






    This coin means a lot to me I feel it relects my fun quirky side. I absolutely love butterflies, but i wanted to put a different spin on the normal butterfly look. I call this my fantasy butterfly. Thank you for any inspiration you can provide. :huh:


    Edit to add: These will be trackable on geocaching.com.


    You might have to go to the dark place...rhymes with sea-way.


    Yep I checked there too, none for sale there right now but I guess I'll keep checking back...


    Which geodog coin are you looking for? If it is mine, I still have some of the AE and will be happy to send you one. Drop mean email :mad:

  5. I was looking though the coins on my wishlist to see if any did not trade. I was surprised to see the lump of coal earth turtle did not trade.


    933, 1394, 944, 921, 294 were on my list but did not make the trade chain. I am gonna toss in a shameless plug here. If the owners of these are interested in a direct trade for one of my geodog coins i would be happy to do it. They are about the only traders i have left after this. LOL

  6. All my outgoing packages are sealed and will be mailed on tuesday. The one mistake i made on my list was i mixed up the numbers for the yemon-yime gold, somehow i out in a number for a yemon-yime bronze. Going through 1400+ coins I am surprised that is the only mistake i made. I am very happy with my trades and I will be back for trade #5.

  7. There were three participants who did not get lists in to me:



    Penny and Kona



    I've run the trade software and have had a clean run (no errors or warnings).


    Of the 1437 entries (remember, a few coins were grouped, so there weren't actually 1488 entries), 673 were traded. That's a little more than 46%.


    Its late, so I'll wait til tomorrow to post the lists.


    Ahhhhh we have to wait one more night...............i think my head is gonna explode from anticipation. :D

  8. Plenty of time was given for people to put together their want lists. I'm worried that if they didn't find the time to submit their want lists, or even send a quick email explaining their situation, that they might also have trouble finding the time to pack up their coins and ship them to the trade recipients.




    I definitely agree with this post. If they weren't responsible enough to get their want lists in on time, they'll probably won't be responsible in mailing their coins out.


    This is a concern of mine as well. I knew i was cutting it close with my list but I had no problem being bumped out if i missed the deadline. i knew the rules. IMO :D But I am not hosting the trade so I will do whatever the host decides.

  9. 1. Participating - yes email sent 1/24/09

    2. Received Name - yes, 1/26/09

    3. Mission Complete - yes, 2/10/09

    4. Cupid Arrived! - YES 2/6/09 THANK YOU CUPID! I lvoe the coins, Especially the blue "Micro cache" i have not seen this before it is very pretty.


    Mission Complete!

  10. I just went to see what was in my mailbox this morning hoping to get a bubble mailer. There was only one but, it was the famous black one. I just couldn't believe it. I was hoping for it but never thaught I would get one :D

    So, I told Wyatt, drop your sheriff's badge, we've been roped by the Geo-Bandit. He was very happy to wear it on its cowboy hat.




    Thanks Geo-Bandit, you made our day a very happy one :D


    We have received coin # 317 so, there are more than 300 :D


    :):o I love that picture!!

  11. 1. Participating - yes email sent 1/24/09

    2. Received Name - yes, 1/26/09

    3. Mission Complete - almost :)

    4. Cupid Arrived! - YES 2/6/09 THANK YOU CUPID! I lvoe the coins, Especially the blue "Micro cache" i have not seen this before it is very pretty.





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