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  1. IMO


    RSG, this all started from someone trying to get you to sell your tranquility's for a lower price. The above discussion will always have people on both sides. In your situation do not let someone try to bully you down in price because your tranquility's are activated. This is not a common situation because activated or not you have an extremely rare collection of coins that is going to have in increased value regardless of weather or not they are activated. Sell the coins for the value you feel they are worth. People will always look for reason to undercut a price, That is just economics. Good luck and I hope Walter gets better soon!

  2. I dont care one bit if it as activated or not. I activate all my keepers anyways as I enjoy taking them to events with me and letting others discover them. As long as they have been properly stored to protect them and they can be adopted over, i don't care one way or the other.

  3. I know there is a thread for Sig items :D

    It got moved to the general caching forum...what sucks, is that it was pretty much MY FAULT!!! The Old Skool "Tokens are Cool" thread would probably still be around if it wernt for me! :)


    Never even got one stone tossed at me, so BRING IT ON! :)

    Well, if the makers ogf the Snowball Coins come up with a Rock Fight Coin, I'll throw one at you.


    Are you looking for a pebble or a boulder? :)

  4. Please keep in mind i just started working on this design so I am sure I will be making several changes before I am happy with it. This is just to give you a basic idea of what the coin will look like. This is a mock-up pf the front.



  5. I know I am a total dork for admitting this, but my crew has their own myspace page. I entered this pic in photo contest and came in 1st place. I put the aquarium screensave ron my laptop and my cat would pounce on it knocking the screen backwards and flat on the table.




    One of my other kitties got drunk and "earned" some beads.






    If you are familiar with LOLCATZ you will enjoy these. My orange cat Maxwell is a total ham for the camera.





  6. I have room for 30 names in my preliminary design. This is what I have so far.


    1. Emil

    2. empty

    3. Mike

    4. Cameron

    5. Thayne

    6. Riley

    7. Nicholas

    8. empty

    9. Ross

    10. empty

    11. Alex

    12. Zoe

    13. Christopher

    14. empty

    15. Conor

    16. empty

    17. empty

    18. empty

    19. empty

    20. empty

    21. empty

    22. empty

    23. empty

    24. empty

    25. empty

    26. empty

    27. empty

    28. empty

    29. empty

    30. empty

  7. I am working on an autism coin I have wanted to create for a while. I would like to make is a bit more personal. I would like to add the names of children affected by this illness. If you have a child or know a child who suffers from autism please email me their first name only. You can PM me though here or email me though my profile. I am unsure how many names I will be able to fit or if I will even end up using any of them in the finished design, although i really want to. The design is still very young in its sketching out stages. Thank you.


    Edit to add: These will be trackable on geocaching.com.

  8. waiting on packages from


    ModelCitizen (2)

    PSU Fan







    All incoming packages received!



    Coins mailed out and received by





    doc256 (2)


    psu fan



    It looks like there is still one package out in the wild.

  9. Ok, so I have come up with 3 legitimate color combinations and 1 very cooky combination I may use for my AE. I am considering a no enamel 2 tone edition, but i am not making any promises. :( It will depend on how the samples from the mint turn out.


    Preliminarily my 2009 Fantasy Butterfly will have a Royal Edition, Gypsy Edition, Earth Edition, & a Cooky AE edition.


    I am having so much fun with this coin. My husband was cracking up with some of the crazy color combinations i colored in earlier today before i got a bit more realistic about what others may like to see :)

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