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  1. Yes I did get the serial cable. All my caches are urban caches, I am a priss and dont go deep into woods or anything LOL so I did not see the need I would have for topo software. I dont want anything that will give me to many advantages, my GPS gets me right on the cache as it is, i enjoy the hunt :laughing: Their are 2 CD-roms neither say DVD. I can post pix if needed :rolleyes:

  2. I purchased an Explorist 500 on eBay and it came with Topo software. Can this software be used on any GPS? I have no interest in using it, so I figured maybe I could sell it. It came in the original box and has the booklet. I wasn't sure about this because I thought i read somewhere that once it had been used on one GPSr it could not be used on another. If that is the case I will stick it in my closet. LOL! Thank you for your help

  3. My brother has recently gotten into geocaching. My mother and I both have nice GPS systems, but he would like to have one for himself so he can actually hunt instead of just following us around. I am looking for a GPS that gets decent satellite reception and connects to a computer. Feel free to email me directly dark_onyx1982@yahoo.com


    Looking to spend $50-$70 and my bothers B-day is June 25th. I will pay for priority shipping. Thank you.

  4. My buddy and I just put one together last week. We were bored one day, and thought we'd give it a try... :anitongue:




    wait...............................................................when I stop laughing I will type a respone...................................................................................................................................................................................


    I LOVE YOUR IDEA. I checked out your site. It is very creative! I hope she does well and the law does not get her. If she was near me I would let her hang out with Bear on the Run who is curentlly hiding out at my place.

  5. Hey everyone, I spoke with Jake and things are looking good. For those of you who would like to trade, please email me at dark_onyx1982@yahoo.com your address and the coin you will be trading. I cant wait to see everyones design! Thank you all for your compliments and input, and a special thanx to Jake for being so patient and helpful. :ph34r: I will post a pic when I get the tags.

  6. Will do! Is the transistion going to cause a possible delay in email response or production once the artwork it approved? I won't be expected to pay more will I? I have already paid in full including extra for my extra colors. A little extra wait is not a big deal, I was just wondering.


    There will be no delay in making your tags they are still on track.


    The reason that we do not have GeoTags on our site right now is we are trying to get the pricing worked out, the way things are looking if we continue to produce GeoTags the price will have to increase due to the fact that the first order of GeoTags was in the thousands and therefore the price was allot less then future orders of under 100. We are currently evaluating whether or not the tags will still be marketable at a higher cost.


    One option we are exploring to keep cost down is to only offer GeoTag orders in larger groups. An idea I had was to create a mailing list for all potential customers to be notified when the next group order has started that way a larger order would be made and the cost would be lowered.




    Jake I have sent you a few emails the past couple of days with no response, could you please call me. I need to speak with you before you start minting my design. My number is in my emails. Thank you.

  7. In our transistion from myself to Jake there is a bit of an issue ith pricing. Trying to work out with mint. Stay tuned.


    Will do! Is the transistion going to cause a possible delay in email response or production once the artwork it approved? I won't be expected to pay more will I? I have already paid in full including extra for my extra colors. A little extra wait is not a big deal, I was just wondering.

  8. That is a lovely design!


    If you are trading coins with someone, it is almost NEVER OK to trade an activated coin unless the other person has agreed to accept an activated coin for the trade. And then, if both sides agree and it's clear that an activated coin is being traded, then you should send and adoption offer to the other person so that they can 'own' the coin.


    Now, as others have said, I have sent along *extra* activated coins -- usually overseas -- to places where I wanted my coin to travel. And if that's the case, then you should prepare the coin as you would any other traveler, with a goal sheet, tag (if possible), and sturdy bag to travel in.


    I'd love to trade GeoTags with you when yours are completed. I hope that CoinSwag gets the details worked out soon so that we can put in new orders. I guess yours is already in process with them... ?


    I wasnt sure what was going on with that. I have already been charged and they did the die art, but I have not approved it yet because I has a couple of questions. Some of the greys look alike and i want to make sure they are usung raised metal in the right area. Anyways I noticed they took Geotags off of their website the past couple of days. Whats up with that?

  9. I made my cards into magnets by lamanting a magnet between the sheets of paper. THey came out very nice. I also have stickers for the logbooks, but I still write notes in them. I dont wanna log just a sticker, it seems to generic.

  10. I haven't been geocaching all that long, but have aready found a few micros with cards and stuff crammed in so tight it takes a pair of needle-nose pliers to get to the log book. I'd say cards are fine in small and larger caches but not in micros. I've left a few cards myself but only in the larger containers. Just use common sense about it.


    LOL I will be sure to attach a pair of tweezers..............no really, these would not be for micros. :P

  11. Thank you all for the tips. I really like the mini cards. Here is my design front and back. I am gonna print them out, put a piece of sheet magnet between them, then laminate them. It then becomes a reversable magnet and will not get ruined when it rains.






    Sorry they are so big. What do you think?

  12. I've been looking at the moo minicards for this purpose. I like to take pictures, and thought this might be a neat way to use some of my pix. I'm still on the fence though.

    Neat idea, but awfully expensive.


    Anyone checked into waterproof cards?


    I had the impression people didnt like cards because when they get wet they just create garbage in the cache.


    I was concerened about that also, I planned on laminating them. It sounded cool when i read some posts about them on here, but i was not sure how popular they were with the cache owners.

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