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  1. I do not have to laminate things often. I go to kinkos. the one here charges $1.99 for letter and legal size papers, there are smaller sizes available cheaper. I go there to laminate the cards I attach to travel bugs. I laminate several on the legal size. Only costs a couple dollars to laminate 6-8 cards.

  2. YOu could always go to the other end. Instead of trying to waterproof the container, let the water in. Use a cut out of Tyvek (i.e. fed ex shipping envelope) as your log, this is water proof and have the swag be items water will not damage (plastics, stainless steal, aluminum, etc.) The containers used to hold bait fish would work well. Just a thought. <_<

  3. unfortunetlly sour grapes are a part of life. If someone wants to nit pick about something I am doing, they have to much time on their hands. No one should be that concerned about someone else's life. I am sorry to hear you are having a sour grape squash your caching fun. GeoCaching is supposed to be fun, when something about it is no longer fun, remove it. I would stop dealing with this person, move forward and cache on!!

  4. A general observation of mine is members only caches tend to be in better shape than public caches. I know there has been debate on here before about placing members only caches, but geocaching.com makes it an option and if someone decides to take advantage of it I say go for it. I like an idea i read on here before. Make the cache member sonly when you first place it, then after a while make it public. I think that is a fair compromise.


    They are your caches. Do what you want with them. We typically put out ours as members only for the first few months. It is fun to see who is looking at them, and it gives paying members first shot at the cache, and the best swag. Membership does have its privileges :rolleyes: After the first few months, most, but not all are opened up to everyone.


    I really like that idea, it is a good middle ground.

  6. I believe it is your cache and you can do whatever you like with it as long as it is within Groundspeak's rules. I only have one cache out right now, but when I start planting my ammo boxes I will probably make then members only for the same reason you did. To lesson the chance of public damage to the caches.

  7. I've never left an official signature item. However I belong to one of the geocoin clubs and I have left a geocoin at nearly every cache I have found since joining the club. I've enjoyed watching the geocoins travel but now there is a coin thief in my area. So I have researching signature items to leave and I took a serious look at Pathtags. You don't track them from cache to cache like geocoins. Like geocoins a Pathtag has a tracking number but unlike geocoins that tracking number isn't unique per tag but it is unique per user. Making a run of Pathtags is cheaper than making a run of geocoins and Pathtags are meant to be left in caches for or given to or traded to someone then logged in to their own collection. That allows some degree of tracking while eliminating the fear of having a trackable item stolen while it is traveling. I think I'll be ordering some Pathtags soon as my signature item.


    OMG I read your log, I can't believe someone would do that! Sorry to hear there are problems in your area. I wish you luck with that.


    I use magnetic paper to print out my avatar and then laminate it to make little magnets about 1" big, they take up no room, even in a film canister. Not trackable, but thats OK for me. ^_^

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