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  1. HI, welcome to the hunt!
  2. It is a mirco, I am not sure where you live and what kind of weather you deal with, but several people have said the clear film canisters are more moisture resistant than the black ones.
  3. I do not have to laminate things often. I go to kinkos. the one here charges $1.99 for letter and legal size papers, there are smaller sizes available cheaper. I go there to laminate the cards I attach to travel bugs. I laminate several on the legal size. Only costs a couple dollars to laminate 6-8 cards.
  4. Just a modern day hazard you have to live with.
  5. I am nocturnal so I prefer night caching. Luckily I have not had any problems. On top of my normal caching gear I always have a mag light, LED light, pepper spray, gun, and my dog. The creepiness adds to the fun factor. JMO
  6. I have found several cool signature items. Those really are my favorite items.
  7. This has not been launched yet, but here is the page i set up for my "travel coin" http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1283734
  8. Has anyone ever used their coins like a travel bug? Attaching them to a hitchhiker and giving them goals? How has this fared for you?
  9. That really is a good clip! Thanx for the link.
  10. YOu could always go to the other end. Instead of trying to waterproof the container, let the water in. Use a cut out of Tyvek (i.e. fed ex shipping envelope) as your log, this is water proof and have the swag be items water will not damage (plastics, stainless steal, aluminum, etc.) The containers used to hold bait fish would work well. Just a thought.
  11. on the other hand.................. "oh its is labeled as a geocache, no way it can be a bomb"
  12. unfortunetlly sour grapes are a part of life. If someone wants to nit pick about something I am doing, they have to much time on their hands. No one should be that concerned about someone else's life. I am sorry to hear you are having a sour grape squash your caching fun. GeoCaching is supposed to be fun, when something about it is no longer fun, remove it. I would stop dealing with this person, move forward and cache on!!
  13. A general observation of mine is members only caches tend to be in better shape than public caches. I know there has been debate on here before about placing members only caches, but geocaching.com makes it an option and if someone decides to take advantage of it I say go for it. I like an idea i read on here before. Make the cache member sonly when you first place it, then after a while make it public. I think that is a fair compromise.
  14. Caching with no clothes...................I am so in!
  15. I use the energizer rechargeables and they work fine. I have 3 sets so there is always a charged set ready to go. I have an explorist 500 which uses 3 AAA. A AAA 4 pack costs $10
  16. I really like that idea, it is a good middle ground.
  17. I believe it is your cache and you can do whatever you like with it as long as it is within Groundspeak's rules. I only have one cache out right now, but when I start planting my ammo boxes I will probably make then members only for the same reason you did. To lesson the chance of public damage to the caches.
  18. OMG I read your log, I can't believe someone would do that! Sorry to hear there are problems in your area. I wish you luck with that. I use magnetic paper to print out my avatar and then laminate it to make little magnets about 1" big, they take up no room, even in a film canister. Not trackable, but thats OK for me.
  19. political brochures I wonder which items will survive the criticism of an entire group. This is an interesting experiment.
  20. Quick question, does anyone remember, for the short time GeoTags were listed in CoinSwag.....how many coins were included in the starter package? Thanx
  21. What do you do with your GeoTags? How many end up traded to be collected? How many end up in caches to be passed around? Just wondering what most of you do with your GeoTags.
  22. I got my geotags in on Monday, I have a few set aside for trading. Let me know if you are interested and if you could send me a pic of your tag. Thanx!
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