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  1. I know my mom kehunt64 is interested in these also. If there are different metals or finishes I may take one of each, especially if there us a slight break int he price for buying a set.
  2. I would take one of them as pictured above. Are there plans for other metals or colorations?
  3. I just got this coin but the site to activate it is down. Is there another place I can go to get the activation code for this coin?
  4. did this project ever take off? I really like this coin.
  5. Hiya, I recently acquired this coin and (again) cannot figure out where to activate it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you!
  6. Hi, I recently acquired one of these but cannot figure out where to get the activation code. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thank you.
  7. I own a maestro 4040 and very quickly realized it would not do me much good for caching. I promptly bought a magellen 500. I do a lot of urban caching and the 4040 works great for getting me to the area of the cache, but once I am out of the car and on foot i need the 500 to get to ground zero.
  8. if payment was made through paypal less then 45 days ago, you can file a dispute through them. If the seller does not respond to them with tracking info within the alloted amount of time or the tracking info does not show delivery, paypal will reverse the charges.
  9. There were 3 different versions, where you the cacher/coincollector had your name on one side and flavor on the other. Various people were involved in the project. Pghlooking handled all the orders/shipping, and quite well I must add Currently, you would have to obtain them off someone who minted a flavor so to speak. There was talk of possibly a 4th version but not until after the new year if at all. With that being said, I do have one in each version. I can share if you like. shoot me an e-mail I am sure we can work something out. Steel City Babes v1 - very cherry (red glitter, metal nickle) v2 - hurricane (red glitter swirled with rainbow, metal bn) v3 -steel-o-licous (gold glitter swirled with black glitter, metal BN) I think that is right Do you have pictures of your v2 and v3? the glitter swirling sounds very interesting.
  10. Funny i stumbled across this post, I just told my mom today I will be hiding their gifts in a park near her house and all I will be providing the co-ords. I think it will be fun, especially while I am video taping it.
  11. Email sent I would also like one in antique copper, even at the higher cost this coin is classic.
  12. please add me dark_onyx1982 Thank you! Now our whole family will be on the coin
  13. trackable or not, I would buy some. I think glass (particularly colored glass) is beautiful!
  14. Opps i just realized the tungsten W is a phone also I currently use a tungsten t5 and love it, but i would prefer a unit with a keyboard on it, not just on the screen. Does anyone know of any PDA models with keyboards on them? if you personally use one, what do you think of it?
  15. Did you get my email dark_onyx1982? I haven't heard back from you yet. Hiya, My mom had a similar issue with one of the coins she ordered, but not the excact same as mine, her others were perfect, so no need to worry about all of them having the tiny glitch . She contacted the min about getting an exchange and we are gonna combine our exchanges and send them back at the same time to save them a bit of shipping. Thank you for your help. ~Krystal PS - did i mention this is an absolutely beautiful coin??!! Even my muggle husband likes it.
  16. I received mine in the mail toady, I love the silver. I sent you an email about it. Very beautiful coin, well done!
  17. OMG!!! I was a little hesitant based on the artwork, but the samples are amazing! I want one!!
  18. I see you want to make everyone happy, i missed out on the pins, so can I have a pony instead? Very nice looking pin! Thank you for continuing to bring holiday cheer to the forums.
  19. grrrrr after the voices in my head stopped screaming at me about how much I have already spent on coins, I got a black nickel one.................sorry mom
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