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  1. The sale is on!




    I ordered mine! CinemaBoxers, I had to paypal you the money directly, I was having a problem with the shopping cart online when it went from your site to the paypal payment center. Just a heads up. Thank you for yet another awesome coin!


    Hey you could have added yours to my order and saved on shipping. Didn't know you were watching this thread.


    I thought about that, but i saw whipping was only a couple bucks, so no big, Pus when i add my order to yours, my coins are always "missing" :huh: some coin gnome comes and steals them out of your envelopes. :unsure:

  2. I do hope you find it. I agree your best bet aside from going out and searching for it yourself is to post a not on the cache page of the last cache you visited. I lost my mace near a cache once and had it returned to me by posting a note.


    An extra step you can take to help ensure recovery in the future is to place a label with your name and number inside the cover to the battery compartment. That way the info is not exposed to the elements and will not fade off. I also have a trackable geocoin attached to mine. If is gets lost, the finder can enter the coins tracking number and it will have my info on it along with any reward info.


    I hope it does turn up.

  3. ..............all round and shiny...................*DROOL*................wait.............coin prices went up? I did not realize they cost anything......................i just keep finding the cuties laying around in little green boxes in the woods.

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