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  1. I would not think so, as long as there is a note explaining that. I have noticed a couple on the list that say "will have in hand by XXXXX" or "purchased and will have soon". For those of us interested in those coins the lister is being fair by letting us know we may have to wait a little to get them.

  2. I think once you release a coin, its gone........weather you activate it an place it into a cache, or gift it to another person you no longer have control over where it ends up. You can only hope the person who ends up with the coin(s) do what they are supposed to do with it. Not everyone handles things clean, honestly, and respectfully.........sadly that is life. I personally have not sold any coins. Coins i receive and do not want, I offer as trades. If for some reason an big emergency came up and (if) i ever decide to stop collecting coins, i would sell my coins, but I would not be dishonest about what coins I am selling and alter info for different people. That just looks shady, which is what i think the big fuss was about. To each there own, at the end of the day they are just a {pretty} piece of metal.

  3. Hi we'd like to play too, but don't actually know what the rules are, can some one tell me what they are?

    thanks kindly



    It is very similar to a "secret santa exchange". If you are interested in joining you add your name to the list. On a date selected by the host (may 3rd in this care) you will receive a name of a participant you are to send your "mission" package to. In this case the package should include at minimum a coin (one from your recipients wish list if possible) and a postcard from your city. A lot of people add extra coins and/or goodies to their mission packages, but this is not necessary.


    On the other end your name will be given to another participant in the mission and they will be doing the same for you. You will receive a surprise package.


    This is a very simple and easy mission, great for a first timer. You should join, they are lots of fun!


    I have long hair myself and I just got it cut from my waist up to the middle of my back (I told her 6 inches, she cut 8). So after I located a picture of you I figured you went pretty short if you have to style it now. I then measured the length of my hair in a ponytail and it is 14 inches, so guessed 14".



    For some reason this does not surprise me at all :) Congratz on winning!

  5. Hello rvjn and welcome to geocaching. The tracking codes all all coins aare 6 characters long, Usually alphanumeric. any other codes on the coin are probably initials of the designers of the coins or something of the like. There are some "coins" out there that are not trackable on geocaching.com, but are trackable on other sites. Somewhere on the coin it should say "trackable at {insert website here}" If you would like to email me privately with the codes on the coin, i may be able to better help you.

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