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  1. These are very neat. Geocaching is environmentally related to nature. Well you cant get more natural then this, plus I assume it is made in the USA. These more truly geocaching related then many of the coins that have been coming out lately. Good job!

  2. 1). Coin & Souvenir Mission Sent-April 15th

    2). Coin & Souvenir Name Received - May 1st

    3). Coin & Souvenir Mission Sent - May 8th

    4). Coin & Souvenir Mission Received -May 6th THANK YOU




    Here are the goodies i received in my package!



  3. I think these are beautiful and put a fun artistic spin on the rose. I do see the 11 roses total on the front, i like how the other 10 cleverly blend in. Plus I am a big fan of butterflies, so having those on the back is neat. My only dilemma is which color do i get? I cant wait to see samples of these.

  4. I personally could not care less how many or what metal or color are metal. I don't care about limited editions vs XLE vs RE. I buy a coin because I think its pretty, plain and simple. I do own some limited editions because i like them better then the regular editions, it has nothing to do with them being rarer. Like the Karma coin, all 3 versions are nice but I really like the glitter. I thought it was the prettiest, so I got one. I don't care about custom icons, and don't really care to much of they are trackable or not. I look at the design, color, and metal and how they all match together and buy the ones i like.


    I get my personal collection for my enjoyment and to share when I attend events. One day if I get tired of my coins I will sell them off, but only to try to recoup what I paid for them. I have no grand delusions any coin I own will become the worlds best investment. {i.e. beanie babies}. Until that day comes I will continue to admire all my shiny coins.

  5. Seems I got my mission to Sweden. It got charged with customs and moms so it is now charging me alot of money to get it. Do not know how to do. Maybe I can appeal after but I´ll have to pay upfront to get it. Better be veeeery god chocolate for $164 :o


    email sent ;)

  6. 1). Coin & Souvenir Mission Sent-April 15th

    2). Coin & Souvenir Name Received - May 1st

    3). Coin & Souvenir Mission Sent - not yet (I am awaiting a custom postcard, hence the delay :o )

    4). Coin & Souvenir Mission Received -May 6th THANK YOU, pix coming tonight!

  7. I got my sweet package in today. Thank you so much Karin, I love the coin!


    1). ChocoEmail Sent - Yes

    2). ChocoName Received - Yes

    3). ChocoMission Sent - Yes

    4). ChocoMission Received - Yes!


    Great to see it got there, but how about the trade? Did it get there also?

    You should receive two envelopes from me, mailed out the days after eachother. :D


    I am still waiting for my missions, maybe they arrive today.

    grodan Karin.


    Heya Karin, yes I did get both your packages. Beautiful coins and yummy chocolate. Thank you!

  8. Good thing this was bumped, I missed it the first time around.


    1. Participating - yes email, sent 4/28/08

    2. Received Name - no

    3. Mission Complete - no

    4. Mission Arrived! - no

  9. I would love to see a list, although i understand why you don't want one posted. Personally I am having a hard time with them in the math trade. I know there are beautiful coins as my mom has a couple, but having no way to see which editions are which colors, I cant really pick out which ones i want in the math trade. Is there any way to give an "coin name" and photo without revealing who made the coin? That why the minter wont have to worry about being bombarded with trade requests. Or perhaps someone can email me privately?

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