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  1. <--- Is not above begging ~~*~~*~~ I wish for a wishing coin~~*~~*~~ Congratz to everyone who already had their wish come true.
  2. Got a package from Whitby today. Whoo hoo! only 2 more to go. This whole math trade has been lots of fun!
  3. I am off to rob a bank or hang the mayor off a bridge, let the dark knight try to stop me! MUH HA HA!
  4. Well I went into the geocacher address book and tried to change everyone addresses to my own, but I got caught and that plan fell through. So I started stalking my postman and she tried to mace me today. I cant stalk my moms postman anymore, he got a restraining order against me. So now I just run around stalking everyones mailbox and stealing all bubble mailers. Moms easy, her mailbox is only 10 mins away...............................uh oh, I forgot I gave her a key to my apartment and my safe a while ago for safe keeping. I better hide my stash. Ah-ha, my locker at the bowling alley, she doesn't know how to get into that. Muh Ha Ha..............my evil plan continues. <------ Master bubble mailer thief!
  5. Drats, mom wins again..............umm..............She doest have an address, so you can mail her coin to me. Congratz to all the winners. The stories were great!
  6. After nearly being maced by our postman I got my coins from 2Golfers and PSUFan. Thank you for the siggy items 2Golfers!
  7. After nearly being maced by our postman I got my coins from 2Golfers and PSUFan. Thank you for the siggy items 2Golfers!
  8. i nominate Butterfly Lady, cuz she knows how much butterflies ROCK!!
  9. Most collectors will only by or trade for unactivated coins. Personally, I activate all the coins I plan on keeping in my collection as I take them with me to events to be discovered, so if I find a coin i like I will get it even if it is activated. Activated coins can be adopted to a new owner. I have a small stash of activated coins I use in missions, as gifts, for FTF prizes, and traders. At every event I have been to there is an area or table set up for coins and travel bugs for both discovery and people looking to trade. There are some events targeted to coin lovers, but you will find them at every event large and small. Putting coins in caches in a personal decision you must make. Opinions on this vary. There are people out there who like to take coins and keep them, instead of moving them along. This is really the case with any traveling object. Coins, travel bugs, and personal trackables have been known to disappear. Sometimes after 5 miles, sometimes after 5,000. It really varies. By all means release some, they are fun to watch and track, but never release anything that has a significant value because there is always the chance can disappear. I hope this helps and welcome to the game!
  10. both, depends on how you portray it.
  11. I nominate KDV for doing such an awesome job in hosting the latest math trade!
  12. Another story I have visited this one supposedly simple micro 3 times, once alone, once with my mom and once with my muggle hubby. I knew what tree it wsa at, but for the life of us we could not find it. The fourth trip up to it was my mom, a muggle friend, and myself. Again, we search every nook, cranny, branch, and leaf. My muggle friend (first time out caching mind you, cursed boy scout!) picks this little piece of bark up off the ground and says, "is this it?" upin seeing the flaming look in the eyes of myself and my mom he backs up slowly and asks, "whats wrong?" We could not believe we got showed up by a muggle!
  13. YEA! More time to pick on my mom I would also like to nominate The Moop Along for always being so generous.
  14. And I still have the little plastic spider I got from that cache that had us lost in the woods in the pitch black! We did good that whole day, then mom had to get "one last cache" before heading home. Needless to say it took us over an hour to get a cache that should of taken 5 minutes. We were in the back undeveloped park of a city park with no moon and several recent reports of dog attacks in the area and my mace was in the car. It was in interesting night. Hey, its raining right now, why are we not out caching?
  15. HHHMMMMM sounds like I better be checking my stash Hey look!-----------------------------> A distraction.
  16. Oh, i am the first My coin confession, I sneak to my moms house up the road and raid her coin stash, she shows them no respect by stashing them in a box and hording them to herself. I free them, provide them a nice cozy spot in my notebook for all to see. LOL <---- is laughing because upon reading this I know my mom is freaking out and running to go coint her coins. MUH HA HA I nominate Tsun! edit to being Number 2 to post, i took to long typing this lol
  17. I am a non Christian, but I am not sure what this thread is for. Is it to discuss geocoins? If so, why start a non-Christian thread. Religion doesnt play a factor in geocoin discussion. Are you trying to get an idea for a geocoin that envelopes other beliefs? I guess I am unclear as to the purpose of this thread. I am interested to see where this goes.
  18. This is a beautiful coin with a great message! Thank you to for sharing this and whoever created this, you did a great job!!
  19. I just ordered the set and got a couple of fairies too. Great job!
  20. Got my dragon coin in today with some bonus pathtags. Thank you TMA!!
  21. All coins mailed today, I did not make it to the post office yesterday. 3 packages in the US and 4 out of the country, all for under $11.00 Whoo Hoo! Now its time to stalk the postman! I already have 2 of my coins! I cheated since 2 of them came from my mom who lives right up the road.
  22. and we are talking about which coin? lara/rsg The Strawberry Swag (all 3 metals), Logginberry (a 3 metals) and Sour DNF (gold and black nickel).I should have said newer flavors
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