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  1. VERY COOL!! your coin has lots of character and it pretty darn cool looking.
  2. This is a great thread. I always keep my eye out for doggie coins. I like them so much I have my own doggie design coin the works. It is in the early stages, so I don't have a projected release date yet.
  3. I have not yet had the honor of receiving a mystery coin. I can only hope.
  4. OHHHHH VERY PRETTY!! Congratz on getting this coins TSun, you are a very deserving person!
  5. I never pass up a good mission! 1. email sent - May 25th 2. name recieved - not yet 3. mission sent - not yet 4. mission arrived - not yet
  6. Its "Someimes you feel like a nut", the T is missing. Guess I will have to send you one so you can see. On its way tomorrow. Oh TJ, I have a Gold Walleye I could possibly be talked out of for one of those sparkly things of yours. You know I have this coin and never noticed the spelling. When i saw this I checked my coins and you are right. Thats just funny. My hearts desire is to get a mystery coin. Especially the Wishing Koi and new wishing angel ones. Really anything with animals on it.
  7. Another great mystery coin! Thank you for sharing, it is beautiful!
  8. This pic was taken as we were waiting a jeep to tow us out. At Florida Finders Fest 2007 GC14D8Z we were headed to one of the midnight meet-ups down this side road full of nice soft dirt. Although this minvan had the spirit of 4x4 it didn't have the brawn and we got stuck not even 200 feet down the road.
  9. Congratz to all the winners today and thank you very much for the all the fun!
  10. Oh i won LOL opps I was so into the game i did not even notice I won! lol I will let everyone else have a chance now. Good luck and thank you for the contest!
  11. 17th place of 48 participants how often are we allowed to post?
  12. I received my Kuntry Kashin from BloodyBeer today. Thank you! Only one more coin to go!
  13. LOL That is exactly why i dodged math trade #2. I did not realize what it was until my mom told me about it as she was in math trade #2.
  14. Congtratz to the winners and thank you for the fun contest!
  15. 1: Which is my (grodans) favourite dog. Shepard 3: What is my (grodans) mothers favourite animal? bird
  16. 1: Which is my (grodans) favourite dog. poodle 3: What is my (grodans) mothers favourite animal? frog
  17. 1: Which is my (grodans) favourite dog. terrier 3: What is my (grodans) mothers favourite animal? shiba-inu
  18. 1: Which is my (grodans) favourite dog. shiba-inu 3: What is my (grodans) mothers favourite animal?cat
  19. I hope all of you going to GW have a blast! For those of us not able to make it,hopefully there will be some little copperheads left over that will need loving homes.
  20. totally cool! I just got this coin. Now I have to think os a totally cool puzzle cache to go along with this coin.
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