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  1. When I started I took pictures of all of the hides I had. I printed them out and made a photo journal. Now I sometimes upload them on tumblr or instagram. I do not put the GC code or anything about the cache. I usually just pose one of my mini Funko Pop figures with it.... I know I'm weird.
  2. Thank you!!! I can't wait to try this.
  3. I take small wooden disks and paint them bright colors. Then I stamp our name in them, then finish it with a light cover of silver Buff-n-Rub.
  4. Hi there and welcome to geocaching!! Is my cell phone gps good enough? If you use the app that you buy yes. I've heard the free app has limits to it. I use my phone most of the time. I do have a GPS and use it when there is no cell service and for other things. I feel like my phone spoiled me because I love using the satellite image. I would recommend that after you've been doing it for a while to go ahead and get a GPS. It does come in handy. Will this feeling go away? After a while you won't care if muggles are watching you. At least I don't anymore. I try to use stealth but I sometimes talk to the cache. Like "ok I know you're here somewhere." If I am having feelings of looking silly should I even play this game? I felt like I looked silly at first but for me the thrill of the hunt was worth it. I've been asked what am I doing, even had a police officer ask me once. Just explain to them that you're geocaching and then explain what that is. I printed out "muggle cards" that say "Congrats you found a member of Team Bad Wolf not using their stealth skills". I also has the link to the website and a brief explanation. It sounds like so much fun and something my whole family would like. It is my 2 year old loves going. Everyday she asked if we can go find a geocache. Any ideas on how I should start? Look for ones nearby. Also to start it helps to look at the difficultly rating. First few you may only want to do a 1-2 star rating. Just keep in mind just because it has a 1.5 difficulty rating do not mean you will find it right away. Check to see if it has recently DNFs (did not finds) it may be missing. Alos, I've ran into a few 1.5s that should have been 4s. Also, are the containers marked with a symbol or anything that I should be looking for? Not always. Usually the larger ones are. But that doesn't mean they are easy to find.. How can there be a log in something the size of a berry ( i just read on another thread someone found a fake berry on a tree)?? A thin strip of paper rolled up. I've seen some containers the size of my pinkie nail. I personally have on that is inside a bolt. Logs can be in just about anything. You can find a lot of ideas on Pintrest or even Amazon and Ebay to get an idea of what's out there
  5. I am hosting a Meet & Greet in my area. Any advice on making it a good one?
  6. Yesterday was a fun and frustrating day. I went out geocaching with friends. It was a large find day, we found 8 of them while walking the Olympic Discovery Trail. Not wanting to quit the other main member of Hot Mess decided to showoff a cache that we own GC4KDYX. We get to the location and found out someone had used the log and everything in it as fire. It must have been that morning because some of it was still warm and still smelled like fire. To be honest we were very upset. It was set up so whoever found it could write a lounger journal entry or draw. The last time I checked it a woman had written about when she would take her puppy to the same spot we were at and now her fur baby has passed. The container was very well labeled it just pisses me off that it happen. But I will replace it and find an even better hiding place. I know these were not your everyday muggles. Sadly drug using muggles tend to come on to that beach when it's dark to use.
  7. Right now I just use my smart phone and the geocaching.com app. I'm going to be getting a GPS later this month...as soon as I decide which one to get.
  8. My left foot has a special power of finding just about very hole there is. So I tend to limp a bit now
  9. Here's my 2 cents... if you want to make geocaching a family event, do it! Who cares what the cache is like as long as you are looking for it as a family. The family time should be important not the cache. We've found some lame ones but the fun is in the day we spent looking for them.
  10. I need to get one of those. I forgot I do have a flashlight in there. Also I carry around a first aid kit in my purse at all times.
  11. My friend and I decided to do one account for the two of us. We started out as Team GCG for GeoCaching Goddesses. But my brother and son started to join us, so we felt we needed a name change. I bought a date stamp and it had cool sayings to go with it (I got it for my Smash Book)one of the options was Hot Mess...so now we are Hot Mess.
  12. Welcome I'm some what new as well. My friend and I started about a month ago. Right now I mostly do finds in my town so I don't need any major tools. I carry mine around in a cosmetic bag in my purse. Here's what's in it: 2 pens and a pencil a toothpick for rolling up micros a couple of pair of rubber gloves (lol one of our find was attached to a fire hydrant) an extending magnetic picker upper thing lol idk what its really called its the size of a pen going to get a mechanics extending mirror and hand sanitizer I've seen things from orientaltrading.com. We leave more like a calling card. It's large table confetti from Wal-Mart its glitter lips and I wrote Hot Mess on them.
  13. I'm a newbie as well, thanks for the info!
  14. See this is why I shouldn't post when very tired. Sorry I'm working on going to school to be an Art Therapist and have mandala's on the mind Mandala Description To relax and to improve concentration, there are many things that can be done. One of these is, in peace or with soft background music, to color in a Mandala. Mandala more or less means "circle" or "center". Shapes and patterns are added to a clearly calming center point. Mandalas are healing mediums for the soul Mandalas are the merging of body, spirit and soul They uncover your own creativity You discover yourself and the real you You become calm and gain trust and composure
  15. Like I said I'm new but this thread gave me an idea for one. But I'm not sure if it would be ok or if people would like the idea or if it's been done. I want to put a large cache in the woods or on a beach (I know a few places that I can get permission to place them). In it I want to place a small sketch book with mandalas in it and leave some colored pencils with it. Then have people when the find it fill in a mandala with whatever they want. Sp thoughts on this please. Thanks! P.S. sorry if I sound like I'm babbling it's been a long day but I wanted to get this out before I forget my idea. P.P.S. see I'm so tired I just noticed it said me ok not be ok
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