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  1. Done it, got it, deleted it, and somehow seem to have incremented my total count by one. ...and the numbers have sorted themselves out today. Problem over.
  2. Done it, got it, deleted it, and somehow seem to have incremented my total count by one.
  3. My geocaching has been limited this year for a variety of reasons, and in practice limited largely to unplanned quick excursions. There has not been an occasion when I have had the coin with me, and found anything but a micro - this is my fault for not keeping any caching equipment but my GPSr in the car. I do still have the coin in question, and have replied more than once confirming this, and explaining the situation. I had not yet replied to the latest which was received this Monday, while I was working at an event over the bank holiday, and only had limited internet access from my phone. As to Twitter, I block any Twitter contacts from people I do not know personally, and now barely use it, except for one specific non-Geocaching related use. Anyway, my apologies for holding on to the coin for so long. Wold you like me to post it, or to make more of an effort to get it back into circulation? As to the beard, it seems many geocachers have them.
  4. I'm in Coventry, and visit Warwick once a week. Feel free to PM me.
  5. Can't access, Ido not have the privelege Same for me. I can access the forums OK, but don't have permissions from this link you need to be members, easily done and costs nothing, honest ...but doesn't seem to give immediate access to it either.
  6. Most goals aren't discovered until the cacher returns home, and logs the cache and the bug. Simples.
  7. I have two adopted caches. One was placed by a well-known cacher, who died some time back. It had been adopted by some otehr cachers, who later moved out of the area. Its located on a historic site, and was located with permission of the site rangers. That one, I have changed as little as possible. I changed the damamged box for as similar a box as possible, and replaced a damp logbook, with a new one, Otherwise I have left it unchanged, under its obvious heap of stick-o-flage. The other was placed by an overseas visitor on holiday, at a lovely spot, and put up for adoption before it had even been reviewed. When I offered to adopt it, I went and looked for it, and found that it was a piece of hotel notepaper, and a pencil, in a half-litre drinks bottle, in a bush by the side of the (clearly-signed from outside) private road leading up to the hotel. In that case I found another location in the same very attractive river valley, found a more suitable container, and supplied a proper log book. In agreement with the reviewer, we relocated the cache, but kept the name, and the sentiments expressed by the original setter intact. As usual, there's no simple answer that fits all circumstances, but I think we got these right in both cases.
  8. ...and if not, if it's been archived, you could always set a new cache there.
  9. 16 caches in York - mainly micros. A weekedn that wasn't planned around caching, but in which I managed a couple of decent sessions (as well as a few pub sessions etc). And no, not sunny, but pleasant.
  10. Hello, welcome along. You'll find plenty of people will help you on here, but (mainly) we're not mind readers. The more you can help us with describing the problem, the more we'll help you. 'Someone' said something almost totally meaningless, and you described your problem in terms so vague as to be even less use. It might be worth asking someone what they meant. It would be worth telling us what is actually going wrong. One possibility, grasping at straws, is that your GPSr has been configured using the wrong datum. The geocaching glossary http://www.geocaching.com/about/glossary.aspx explains this. You'll need to read your GPSr manual to find how to check and change this.
  11. All GPSs will to some extent be degraded under a tree canopy - or anything else that reduces their 'view' of the sky. Canyons (whether between buildings, or natural, reduce the number of satellites they can detect absolutely . Canopies - whether leaves or anything else - can weaken the signal from some of the satellites that they can see.
  12. No to be honest, there is Geocaching and there are geocaching forums. They are for the most independant of each other, you don't have to use the forums and you don't have to geocache. You can choose that which you enjoy, maybe one, maybe a little of both. I agree heartily, Mongoose. Most recent problems with the forums seem to be entirely self-referential - angst in the forums about the forums. Diverting to observe, but nothing to do with caching, really. I'd add one other point - it's not just seen in Geocaching forums. I'm seeing the same in a variety of forums and email distribution lists. Add the time of year, with people spending ore time indoors at computers, to the general economic and political gloom and people get more inward-looking and antsy. As said above, there are forums and there is geocaching. This problem is a forum problem - tupperware boxes aren't biting back, or winding people up.
  13. The tempting thing to say is to not set it in Coventry ;-) More practically, it's autumn, and it was set mid-week. People will come, but to start with they'll probably look at weekends in daylight, especially as it's a multi, and therefore a cache that involves an investment of time. To get more people looking for this sort of cache in future, it could be set as a series rather than a multi. That way people can hit individual caches, or go for the numbers of doing the whole thing. Nice to see it's up and running though. I really must put the container in place for my one in the area, and check that it still fits now that yours is there. Two caches will be more of a draw than one.
  14. They've definitely been in the USA - probably at one of these caches... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp...&submit4=Go
  15. Where do people get these strange ideas for other uses for cache containers? Next you'll be telling me that people wash their hands in those strange American Bison cache containers!
  16. It is private land since the hospital owns it, but anyone can use the area whenever they wish, preferably during daylight hours. If that's the case, I'm sure that the hospital estates department will be happy to give permission. It's private land - that means that permission is required.
  17. I'd expect to find a large white pub by the side of a main road. Inside there will probably be a group of people sitting chatting eating, and drinking. It's likely that somewhere there will be a few bags or boxes of coins being examined, and someone will be talking about converting letters into Octal, and how a particular location is still covered in ivy / buried in nettles. If you listen carefully someone will be rude about micros, and someone else will say "it's not about the numbers." at which point the others will grin, agree, and start counting to 1000! Occasionally, someone will wander in looking lost, and may even introduce themselves.
  18. The simple answer is yes - once people have bought them, they can do what they want with them. The only problem really occurs when a Geocoin intended by the purchaser to travel finds its way into a collector's hands, and stops travelling.
  19. At long last the key issue has come to the surface - which language? As Groundspeak seem incapable of getting right national features critical to the game - such as post codes (the UK equivalent of zip codes) - what's to make us think they'll do any better on language-specific spellcheckers. No - if people want to spell check, let them use their own spell checking.
  20. For the last few days, this may be the theory, but it is bunk.
  21. I think it's up and working. Although it's showing somewhere about 100 miles from where I'm sitting, it's spot on for the datacentre through which my employer contacts the internet. Where is it? I've had a look on some cache pages and on the search page and I can't see it. (Must be old age is getting to me ) The home page. Now I'm in a library in Shifnal, an it's showing me as being on the South Bank!
  22. I think it's up and working. Although it's showing somewhere about 100 miles from where I'm sitting, it's spot on for the datacentre through which my employer contacts the internet.
  23. Two new ones here - similar timescale, no response. Preview looks fine - I'm going to try amending an old PQ to see if that works instead.
  24. Excellent news - well done to whoever was involved in the negotiation
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