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  1. I use this on the PC. http://www.geocaching.com/map/default.aspx Out in the field I have started using Geocaching Live in my Nokia phone. Not sure if their is an Android version yet. http://live.geocaching.com/guide/
  2. http://forum.geocaching.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2054 Something related on the Aussie site.
  3. What kind of snake is the brown one? That puppy is one long snake! Some sort of python, non venomous, probably timid. As for the snake in the links, also non-venomous and also probably timid. It is not happy as it is caught in an electric fence. The guys that took the photo cut the fence to allow it to get away. From the on-topic discussion, I think I am going to have a go at making myself a nice walking pole with a bit of artistic carving. I can imagine it becoming a long time friend.
  4. I like doing puzzle caches. I won't be offended if someone refers to me as a "puzzle slut". I didn't really care for "numbers addict" in lieu of "numbers whore". To me, "addict" can have very negative connotations as well. It implies a lack of wil power, self control, etc. Bolded by me. I still think it is right in this context and too me the word is less confronting. PS. Enjoying this thread. It highlights how we are all different yet the same.
  5. Maybe numbers addict? This to me seems more appropriate. An analogy would be the addicted cigarette smoker. If a smoker runs out of cigarettes they will head out for more, rain, hail, sleet or dark of night. Just have to have another cigarette. Would you call them a cigarette whore? To me a whore has only ever meant someone who sells there body for money. If "whore" is commonly used in place of "addict" in the US, I guess I will have to get used to it as it will be common usage in Australia before to long.
  6. Do you use two hockey stick shafts or just one?
  7. Different words have different impact around the world and sometimes within different regions/states within a country. I am not a prude and do not find any "words" offensive in the context of it as just a word. However in Australia, if you call someone a whore (and they are not one), be prepared for a fight.
  8. bshwckr


    I love the FTDNF concept. I have just gone back and edited my DNF that I posted on a cache in Northern Territory, Australia last week. I now proudly claim FTDNF http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...e4-65930e718ceb I have only recently mended the error of my ways and started logging every DNF. Until now, I also thought it would reflect badly on my reputation as a cacher if I logged a DNF on a cache that everyone else found easily. I now accept that I am really not very good at micros. I heard about a cache (maybe in Australia but not sure) that you only qualify to log a find if you have already posted more than 100 DNF logs. At the rate I am going, I will qualify very soon. As to the original question, it has always been my understanding that if you did not find you post a DNF. If you find it later, you ADD a Found It.
  9. I use a program called GSAK. There is a macro that can be run in GSAK that will upload the data to your Nuvi using the Garmin POI loader program. Read about it here; http://geocaching.totaltechworld.com/index.html
  10. Sorry for my off topic above but I wanted to share the scary snake pictures I found. As I get older and my legs are complaining more on the longer up and down tracks, I have been getting interested in walking poles. One of the issues I have with them is that they do not look very "cool". Ever seen anyone doing Nordic walking. I like the idea of the wooden staff. Its closer to the act of picking up a stick on a walk. May look good in Gandalf kind of way and it is a superior weapon with longer reach than a walking pole. (good for snakes and FTF stouches) Also with one staff versus 2 walking poles, you have one hand free to hold the GPS. Realistically though, my reading indicates that 2 walking poles are the way to go.
  11. . Rattle snake!!. That's not a snake. This is a snake. PS. can you spot the cache location? Or this one http://www.hemmy.net/images/cool/snakefence02.jpg http://www.hemmy.net/images/cool/snakefence01.jpg Caching in Australia anyone? At least we don't have grizzly bears.
  12. I like to have my ego stroked on a cache that I placed which took significant effort but TFTC is better than nothing. If the finder had an epiphany on finding the cache you will get a good log. I have seen logs that took an extra log because the allowable space was not enough to complete in one go. I have reached the word limit once before on a cache that required an overnight walk to nab. This was the first time I ventured into a designated wilderness area for an overnighter on my own. The experience was a major one in my life and I had no trouble finding the words of appreciation. Each to there own but does it really matter?
  13. Conspiracy theory... Groundspeak have been planning an April fools joke for some years now. My guess - February 12. Things will ramp up as it gets close. (Edit) Just saw Feb 12 is taken in the sweep so I will go Feb 14
  14. Firstly, I would like to offer my condolences to all those affected by this tragedy. Hi The Rat In respect to the likelihood of a lawsuit in these circumstances, I hear what you are saying. Being from Australia, the second most litigious society in the world, there is also a chance that a suit would result from similar circumstances here. You mentioned earlier that GS may need to look at the lack of rules etc to do with the hiding of caches in dangerous situations, however, I would like to get your opinion on what I believe is a similar circumstance. I subscribe to "Walks" magazine which is based in Australia and promotes popular and remote walking tracks, mostly in Australia but with feature walks OS. It is a really good mag IMHO. You probably have similar magazines in the U.S.A. Some of these walks are going to have sections of track on the top of sheer cliff faces with no barriers for protection and other hazards, yet the magazine does not feel the need to publish a disclaimer. If, on the magazines advice, someone decides to tackle one of these published walks and suffers a mishap, I cannot imagine anyone blaming the magazine. Can you explain how this scenario is different to GS publishing a geocache? bshwckr
  15. Might still be some poster putty stuck to the brickwork. No... there might be an obviously vacant place where the cache may have been.... if it was a simple brick looking thing stuck with putty... it wouldn't have taken anyone a year and a half to make. According to the CO, it WAS attached with poster putty. Quote from post #89 (bolded by me) It was stuck to the existing brick with poster putty and coated with stonecreations paint. As the cache was in place for 2 years, there may be some other sign that this particular brick was covered up. I am a bit too far away from Grand Rapids at the moment to go and look myself otherwise I would. I am still hopeful of proof that the cache existed. Having said that, the existence of the cache is not the main issue here.
  16. Might still be some poster putty stuck to the brickwork.
  17. Did I miss something in these nine pages, or is this new information? What complaint was acted on? Well spotted! What complaint?
  18. 100% exactly right. Precise and to the point based on the information at hand. Unless new information comes along, I do not see any point in further comment.
  19. Could be both at error; Groundspeak could have handled it better AND the cache did not exist in the first place.
  20. I have just scored a HTC Touch Pro with work. The screen is very nice for running Oziexplorer maps, the trouble is the inbuilt GPS is crippled with static navigation. That is, it wont register any movement less than 5km/h. This makes it pretty useless for caching. I emailed HTC and initially they stated that that is the way it is. I mentioned that I would let my fellow cachers know in this forum and I received a response that they will work on a patch. I will be informed when it is ready and I will pass this info on to the forum when it is available.
  21. Just scored a new HTC Touch Pro for work so I thought I would load up some caching hardware and give it a go. Not so good. Seems that the GPS is crippled by static navigation which makes small movements not register. I shot off an email to the maker and to their credit I received quite a prompt response. Not the answer I was after though. See the response below. If anyone has managed to get around this issue, I would appreciate the knowledge. Cheers bshwckr Thank you for contacting HTC Service Support. Regarding your inquiry, I have checked with our senior engineer and he said that currently the static navigation cannot be turned off or modified and there is also no patch available for us to modify this. The GPS for HTC handsets are designed to use static settings. Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again, and refer to this ticket # ******. Thank you for your continuous support of our products and services.
  22. Just to confuse the issue a bit further, there is a Peter Pan statue in Victoria Lake Reserve Wanganui New Zealand. I'm not sure if it is the same statue as the rest but the Kiwi's are definitely up for a cache. bshwckr
  23. Hi Dinkers As you would have read earlier, I am also fairly new to geocaching. It doesnt take much to get into it. I have a Pocket PC phone that I have on a plan from Telstra in Australia at no cost to get started. I pay $90 a month on the plan but I use that much on phone calls anyway so I consider it free. I spent $100 (seen for $60 on ebay lately) on a blue tooth GPS and $35 on GPS Tuner software. With this set up I have managed to find over 40 caches. I have also placed one cache which has been found and reported as acurate. This is an NMEA system which is not the best but obviously good enough for my purposes. My daughter has been helping me find some caches and has become as addicted as I am. She has spent the money and bought a Garmen Etrex (which is still the low end of the market). I think it might be slightly more acurate on first approach to GZ (ground zero). With my set up and a bit of patience, I end up with the same results. I personally favour the Pocket PC as it gives me a colour screen and allows me to scan in topo maps and calibrate them in GPS tuner. However, I would also like a dedicated GPS unit to compliment it. I believe it could be possible to geocache without a GPS unit at all. I copy/paste the GPS coordinates from the cache page into the search box in Google Maps. This gives me an arrow that points to the exact location of the cache on a fairly detailed map. I use this all the time to make sure I dont get caught on the wrong side of a river etc. when I plan on walking to a cache. Therefore, I believe you could spend a lot of money or nothing at all to enjoy geocaching. However, there is nothing like getting just the coordinates (with no other clues) and heading off with your hand held bit of technology and finding something in the middle of nowhere that contains a travel bug that came from the other side of the world. Maybe we will bump into each other next year at Key Summit. Thanks GSVNOFIXEDABODE I have already set the GC as a waypoint (only 1963.02km from my home coordinates!)
  24. Thanks, Just a quick look tells me Im going to want more than 2 weeks! Im off to apply for a transfer with my company. 4 years might cover it. I would like that special, only get to after hours of walking through scenic wonderland type cache, if you can recommend one. Regards Bshwckr
  25. Have a trip planned September 2007 to NZ and plan on spending 1 week on each island. I have spent a lot of time in NZ and love the place (a bit un-Australian I know!) and have finally talked it up enough to bring my wife and 2 other friends. Fairly new to Geocaching (44 finds as of today) but appreciate that it takes you to the best locations and places only the locals might know about. Therefore, I would like to include at least one geocache each day. Starting from Bay of Islands and finishing in Invacargil 2 weeks later. So could the NZ Geocachers recommend some special caches that would help to impress my travelling party? Caches that are not far to walk would be appreciated as every traveller with me is either unfit or has fragile health (double transplant). I however, would like one that takes at least half a day to walk out and back but near an attraction that would keep the others happy in my absence. (I have been to most places in NZ so I can probably miss out on what they are doing). You have nearly a year to come up with an itinierary so I hope you can help. Regards Bshwckr
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