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  1. I'm going a fishing trip next month and I want to use my Garmin V for routing with Mapsource and use the fishing map that shows the "hotspots" in NAD27.


    If I load the waypoints for my hotspots while in WGS84 mode will they be messed up ?? If I switch over to NAD 27 mode - enter the hotspots and switch back - will it work?


    I could really use some help. Thanks.



  2. Does changing the Heading Settings on my GPS V from True North to Mag North have any effect on the accuracy of the routing program? For caching I typically use Mag and would like to leave it set that way...


    Thanks in advance!


    BTW - The GPS V was an upgrade from an eTrex Venture - awesome upgrade!

  3. Now I feel really dumb. icon_rolleyes.gif


    They are the same coordinates?? I set the etrex to match the map format as close as I could. The map is in DD MM SS.S The Etrex will do HDDD MM SS.S


    Is there another format that might match??


    Originally posted by dave and jaime:

    for what its worth, the 2 coordinates are the same, just in different formats. does the etrex only accept uploads in specific formats? i dont know as i dont have an etrex.


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  4. I am trying to add some waypoints with EasyGPS for a trip I'm taking. The map I'm using is NAD 27 CON US and the waypoints are hddd mm ss.s


    I have set the Garmin etrex Venture to both formats but when I transfer the data it changes to a different cordinate! Here's an example:


    I load this in Easy GPS:





    And it converts to this on my etrex:


    N34 04 50.6

    W85 28 26.0


    Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?? It very frustrating...


    Thanks in advance!



  5. I should really do some research before posting stuff.


    I'm pretty new to this (only 8 caches found) and just started using a compass when finding caches.


    Since I'm not using a map of any kind, I think I'll set the GPS to mag north and be done with it.


    If I ever start using topo maps I'll have to get "smart" about declination. As near as I can tell I should be at less than a degree east here in SE Wisconsin - so it shouldn't be to big a deal.



  6. Hi!


    I inadvertantly grabbed a travel bug last weekend. When I went to log the cache I realized what I did and headed for the travel bug site to log it.


    I put in it's reference number, but it won't accept it. What am I doing wrong??


    BTW - The bug is Sullie



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