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  1. geocaching is good because it is freedom, non profit. I trick this as game for me in Singapore as well as my travel trip.If it to be commercialised, I will keep my GPS and forget the game. www.geocaching.com web site was so wonderful I like so much. Now I spend most of my free time for it.
  2. i havent heard about this in india. my friends live there and they havent mentioned about it till date.
  3. thank you. i would like to see further progress in this forum.
  4. i would like to but there are so many audience, till now i have spoken only in small mass. sorry
  5. thank you so much i will mail you for this class. i would like to take.
  6. I'm an undergraduate geography major, and one of the required course for is "field mapping" which makes use of GPS.
  7. i think if you you prefer to go outside your country in nepla there are many adventurous places where you can visit in cheap price.
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