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  1. I have tried MANY times to help the kid, including having a reviewer contact him with instructions. when I email him about it he takes it as a personal attack. It is a good cache. I want it published. I gave him my phone number to call me about it. I want to help him. he's logged on twice since October. I have tried everything but still to no avail. He does not geocache. Would you guys help too, please.


    I guess I am off topic... its a great first cache... just a not so great hider.

  2. A young local kid found out about Geocaching and hid this cache... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...8f-4461bcb96372 He has no finds and does not understand the instructions on the website or the ones I send him. He cannot figure out how to make it active or know how it became disabled in the first place. It is really a great cache... good spot, good container, nice log book, pretty area. but he wanted the coords about 150 feet off intentionally to make it "more fun". there is a marina within the search area with several expensive boats moored there. what do you think?

  3. Colt 1911 either tucked into my waistband on my back or in a 5.11 vest with 2 spare mags. Big and accurate enough for whatever comes my way. I am always surprised that so few people have tried the waistband (ie holsterless) carry. Of course I have rubber Hogue grips to reduce slip and a good strong belt is a help too. It just sits there and doesn't move much. This thread is a big surprise! I AM NOT ALONE!!! I thought I was the only Gun-toting, tree-cutting, mud-slinging, meat-eating geocacher in the world! (this does not mean that I do not respect the flora and fauna of the world)

  4. add logsheets to the micro stuff to make them read-to-hide. Since the cache is fairly large, put in a fully stocked ready-to-hide small, maybe even two.


    I put log sheets/books in all the small (lock-n-lock) and most of the micros that I put inside larger caches. All you have to do is put your name on the log and hide it! But this cache is gonna be so large I am putting in like 50 film cans. Sorry but you're gonna have to make your own logs for them, but there are some waterproof candy-tin micros that will have logs inside!

  5. Howdy! I need YOUR help! I am hiding a LARGE cache this week in a 30mm ammo can and need some ideas for the original contents! I am thinking about putting in a mag lite as a FTF gift but I need some ideas for the remainder of the original contents. What do you like to find in caches? I like to find geocaching related stuff like batteries, rain wear, official GC stickers, TBs, coins, CITO stuff, and bug spray. I do not like to find too many stuffed animals, McToys, or really cheap matchbox cars. I know i am putting in some film cans and other various micro stuff and maybe another ammo can. What do YOU want to find in my cache?

  6. Howdy I did not know about your contest until just now! I bought a Jeep rescue from Wal-Mart and hooked a TB tag to it and called it a feep! Hope you don't mind. I launched it several weeks ago! You came up with a great idea long before I did! Look for it in my profile! I named it for a hill near my childhood home!

  7. Hey thanks to everyone who has replied to my question! I did log some of my own caches at first, now I do not log my newly hidden ones! I also only logged the ones I did upon going back to do maintenance or just to check on them! I will not delete the finds I have made because of this fact.


    Something else I do is delete "write note" logs after doing a bug drop. I think it is just polite to the cache owner!


    Alas my biggest pet peeve is that some of the top geocachers log some caches as a find every time they go back to it on a different day! yes they did find it again but it I think it is a lot less honest than logging your own cache!


    Oh you can tell the world of text messaging has taken over the world by the amount of misspellings and wrong word usage in the forums. My first grade teacher, Ms. Bostic, would throw a coniption!


    Thanks to everyone for replying in a civilized manner and not really yelling at each other (or me) or making a big fuss! The forums are mostly not fun because of those who do such things!

  8. I know I will take some heat for this but here goes... I have noticed that as a cache owner, GC.com knows when we are looking at our own caches or our own TBs and coins. We have a different list of controls on them; edit, waypoints, etc. I have also noticed that when "log your visit" is selected, "found it" is an option. WHY??? Yes I have found some of my own caches, and now I will go forth and sin no more. (so don't yell at me) But If it is a bad thing then why does GC.com allow it? That is my question.

    IMHO...one of three choices...

    1-it is ok to log your own caches.

    2-It is a honor thing and they give you just enough rope to hang your self with.

    3-it is like telling a secret to a person who tells it to a person who tells..so on so on. as each person finds it it changes just a little every time and when we come back to check it, it might be something different all together. therefore a new find!

    Apologies for the Biblical and capital punishment references

  9. first lose the flat laces and get round ones ( para cord works great or get some military laces) Pull them up as tight as you can, this will reduce blisters. Tie the laces in a square knot. Wrap any excess around ankles ( or cut it off and tie knots in the ends ) Tie another square knot and tuck everything else you got leftover into the tops. para cord might be hard to untie square knots but the military laces do not deform when cinched down on and are therefore easy to untie by hand but not by anything else. This is a combat proven method. I know some soldiers that put in new laces everyday as they just make a bird's nest of knots every morning and cut them of every night. just advice from a not so old soldier!


    remember a knot is only as good as the person who tied it!

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