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  1. How do I Log when we find something

    Go to the geocache page of the geocache you found on the website. Look on the right side, you will see the GC code. (Example:GC#####) Under that it will say navigation, and right under that it says log your visit. Click on that, it will bring you to a page where you can log your visit, tell the story of your adventure. There are different types of logs such as: Found, Did not find, Write note, Needs maintenance.

  2. But I thought that those odd bits of wire sticking out of the ammo can made good camo, you know like vines and stuff. And I couldn't make it chirp like a cricket, so I put a clock inside it so that it would tick instead. And then I didn't want anyone who accidentally found it messing with it so I wrote "Danger this is a bomb do not touch" on it. That's ok, right?

    Only if you hide it in a highly public spot. Any mechanical clock, with ticking loud enough to be heard from inside an ammo can, is gonna be a battery hog. If you hide this way out in the woods, where the numbers oriented cachers rarely roam, the batteries will die betwixt finds. Put it somewhere that the P&G crowd will appreciate, like under the steps of a courthouse, next to an active rail road track or under a highway overpass and you'll be fine.

    I've been thinking about making a HUGE geocache and one of the local elementary schools gave me permission to hide one one their property. I'm think about taking an old van, the kind that is big enough to use as a camper, and parking it outside the school and hanging a sign that says "Free Candy". I really think the kids will appreciate it and it should get lot of favorite points.

    Dude! That's an awesome idea!

    You should paint the windows over so muggles can't see the cache inside...


    And put a mattress inside so cachers can rest after they find it...


    And then ask walking by kids to help you find your lost puppy! :rolleyes:

  3. Bore a hole just large enough to take the preform into a log.


    Hide it in the end of a tubular steel 5 bar gate.


    Tie a brick to it and leave it in a pond/stream/lake so that the preform floats just below the water level.


    Sand it, and then peel some bark off a suitable branch of a similar diameter and glue the bark onto the preform, then hang it in the tree where the branch came from - would be very difficult to spot if done right.


    Those are all interesting

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