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  1. [ENGLISH - Translation]


    I have just seen this post and it astonishes me.


    I make a point of recalling that before launching me in the development of GeoLutins, I initially asked on this forum if that were authorized : http://ubbx.Groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=5726007311&f=6016058331&m=4556000791.


    Jeremy (admin) said that to me: "There' S obvious No one alignment stuff online. Bookcrossing.com does it, have does Wheresgeorge.com (the first have far have I know)."


    Here, I hope that this recall will be beneficial ;-) and you are of course all welcome on my site...







    Hi !


    Je viens de voir ce post et il m'étonne.


    Je tiens à rappeller qu'avant de me lancer dans le développement des GeoLutins, j'ai d'abord demandé sur ce forum si cela était autorisé : http://ubbx.Groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=5726007311&f=6016058331&m=4556000791.


    Jeremy (admin) m'a dit cela : "There's no patent on tracking stuff online. Bookcrossing.com does it, as does Wheresgeorge.com (the first as far as I know)."


    Voilà, j'espère que ce rappel sera bénéfique ;-) et vous êtes bien sûr tous les bienvenus sur mon site...




  2. [ENGLISH] Seek translators


    I seek a translator for my site French http://geolutins.kikankoi.com

    If possible speaking to translate it into Netherlander.

    The site already exists in French, English, German, Spanish...

    I think that 2 to 3 hours will be enough to translate the site !

    Any other language is of course the welcome because I would like that my site is international !


    Thank you in advance !!!!




    [FRANCAIS] Cherche traducteurs


    Je cherche un traducteur pour mon site http://geolutins.kikankoi.com

    Si possible parlant français pour le traduire en néerlandais.

    Le site existe déjà en français, anglais, allemand, espagnol...

    Je pense que 2 à 3 heures suffiront à traduire le site !

    Toutes autre langue est bien sûr la bienvenue car je voudrais que mon site soit international !


    Merci d'avance !!!!



  3. [ENGLISH - Translation]


    The new version of the site is really diverting...


    One does not find oneself there more !


    An example : When I want to see the cache seen by somebody, I had a list well, but I does not know at all in which order it is sorted... Front, for each mask, I had the date on which the person had found it.


    Why such so radical changes and so diverting?






    La nouvelle version du site est vraiment déroutante...


    On ne s'y retrouve plus !


    Un exemple : Quand on veut voir les caches vues par quelqu'un, on a bien une liste, mais on ne sait pas du tout dans quel ordre elle est triée... Avant, pour chaque cache, on avait la date à laquelle la personne l'avait trouvée.


    Pourquoi de tels changements si radicaux et si déroutant ?



  4. Arf...


    I have the same problem...


    I know a cache validation can take some time, but when I click on the link in "My cache page" on my new caches I can see them as before...


    I can't add photos, I can't modify my cache, I can re-read it...




  5. My cache "Dunes du Touquet" has not been approved yet...


    According to what I understood, people who validate the caches are voluntary.


    Does have reasons which can slow down this validation ?


    - the use of the HTML

    - the use of a foreign language (French)

    - etc


    Thank you to answer me ;-)





    Sorry for my poor english, I use Babel Fish...

  6. When I try to see a map I have this error message : Could't load the shapefile: C:inetpubshapefilescachedatanewcaches.shp


    I tried some other maps and I have the same message.




  7. My site is in english, french and german.

    Soon in spanish and neerland.


    You can read the help page to understand what it is...


    My site give alternative to travel bug because I give the possibility to make any free travel bug like you want.





    Sorry for my poor english...

  8. It don't use Geocaching to provide the "travel stops". I just permit to add a link to the "travel stops".

    I can be Geocaching or another... It's just a link ;-)


    2 pop-ups :


    First : opened by ulimit... Sorry i don't have any money for a domaine name ;-(


    Second : The pop-up announce the second language of the site... I cancel it soon ;-)


    RedRégis - http://www.geolutins.fr.st

    or http://www.kikankoi.com/geolutins (only one pop-up) ;-)

  9. [ENGLISH]


    Hi !


    I'm pleased to announce you www.geolutins.fr.st (free hitchiker / traveler) is now available in French and English.


    I hope there will some Geolutins in Australia !


    RedRégis - Webmaster of www.geolutins.fr.st






    J'ai le plaisir de vous annoncer que www.geolutins.fr.st ("voyageurs" gratuits) est maintenant disponible en Français et en Anglais.


    J'espère qu'il y aura des Géolutins en Australie !


    RedRégis - Webmaster de www.geolutins.fr.st

  10. The term is GeolutIn (Géolutin in french) and not GeolutEn, so don't think about brain ;-))


    A lutin is an imp.


    I want to keep this name and I will explain it in the site.


    I change the term Spirit/Summoner by GeoMaster (in french : GéoMaster).


    What about his ?



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