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  1. I recently refreshed a classic cache: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC77E What have you been up to?
  2. Hi All! Yes, I am indeed still around, but the career has seriously limited my free time. (Hi discombob!) The SA story so far ... At some point in the year 2000, Bill Clinton, in one of his last acts, signed into US law the removal of Selective Availability from the GPS network. Up to that point it was only accurate to 100 meter. Basically useless unless you where a smart bomb or lost in the Arctic. Within months, geeks got onto the idea of hiding "treasure" and posting the coordinates online. Within a short period of time web sites such as Geocaching.com sprung to life. At the end of 2000 I read an article in The Cape Argus about Geocaching and the seed was planted. Most of my life I was an indoors person, the outdoors with that sun thing, freaky insects/arachnids and itchy grasses kept me at bay. In early 2001 I bought a yellow eTrex and logged on to Geocaching.com. At that time there was only something like 2 or 3 caches in Cape Town (or South Africa for that matter). My first attempt was The Sentinel, but from the wrong side of the mountain. Quite amusing really, since I was completely clueless about the outdoors. See April 22, 2001: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...=y&decrypt= Soon I found all the caches available in SA including doing a weekend drive to Bloemfontein and back to Cape Town to find the few other SA caches. I loved this "game" but quickly realised that it needed someone to drive it for a while to get it started in SA. After all, if there is nothing to find, nobody will bother. So I set out hiding dozens of caches (half of which still survive and in retrospect are pretty decent caches) and marketing the sport. I arranged for interviews on talk radio shows (I had to get Prof Charles Merry to do them as I have stage fright), distributed pamphlets to GPS distributors and shops (thanks to the dude in Bloem who did the DTP on the flyer - sorry forgot your name) and spreading the word to anyone that would listen. I ended up hiding around 30 caches over two years. I did fun things like adding a live web cam to my cache details pages (though not all that useful from my office window), taking 360 degree panoramic photos of the cache sites that displayed on my cache details page via a Java panoramic viewer, developed a screen saver that pulled random pictures from this site, and made a web site with zoomable satellite images of the Western Cape with clickable links to this site. (Alas, it is offline now - not much point in it now that we have Google Earth/Maps.) During this time some people picked up on this and started caching and hiding caches. The domino effect had started ... You need to understand that Geocaching was my coming out of the indoor closet into the outdoors. This was a BIG thing for me. Basically, Geocaching saved my life!!! Believe it or not. If my lifestyle pattern continued the way it was I was going downhill fast. Since I started caching I've become fit, lost weight, live a healthier lifestyle AND get to go hiking and climbing in all these awesome places. So, this geek was led out of the office by his nose, closely watching a GPS LCD screen, into the outdoors, and incredibly discovered this world called nature. I haven't looked back. A little confession: I cached for years until I discovered "that it's pretty darn nice out here" and the need to go caching to get outdoors diminished. I still cache but much less so. Nowadays I hide one seriously hard cache a year. These are all epic missions which will stay with you for the rest of your life. As an example check these two (a new cache hidden on Towerkop near Ladismith in December 2007 will be posted soon - it's a 1,400 meter in altitude hike): http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f6-85a1c122825a http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...1c-c550ac63f1c1 If this web site had the option to give points for a find, the above two (three) would add a 1000% to your score. (Discombob, your travelbug I placed in the Cederberg started off it's live in a very special place!) This is still one of my most memorable as we got lost on Table Mountain (amateurs!) and only got down at 10 PM in the dark (also, I claim that this is Africa's biggest cache): http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...cb-d9c9840d1fe2 I am still the SA moderator and I'm happy to continue doing so. BUT if you guys feel that an active member could add more value then I am prepared to hand over the reigns. My only real duty the past few years have been to lock the occasional thread that became racist, after requests from you. I've tried to find a couple of caches close to where I stay recently (Melkbosstrand) and embarrassingly I wasn't able to find them! My only major gripe at the moment is when I search for caches in the Western Cape there are so MANY to find that I feel overwelmed and give up before starting. Stupid really, as I know you guys want lots and lots of caches to find. It would be helpful if this site allowed more classifications of caches so that I could fine tune my search. I'm thinking of classification such as "On the mountain", "Near the beach" etc etc. Maybe I'm just to lazy to read the details of the hundreds (thousands?) now available. Personally I prefer caches on Table Mountain. But, hey, after my initial effort (and financial investment - each cache was probably worth a R100 and many included Dilbert and Far Side books), I am incredibly happy to see that it got off the ground!!! When you try to build/start something it is very frustrating when it takes a long time, queueing was never my strong point. Btw, is there any way on this site to automatically be notified when there is an event cache in your area? Keep caching ... Regards, Peter Scholtz
  3. Hi all, I've been out of action for a while and feel the need to get caching again ... But you guys have been so busy there are to many to choose from! Please list your top Cape Town caches so I can cherry pick a bunch. Thanks!
  4. More like my first cache attempt, but the thought counts. I've actually had to abandon and return to caches more than once! I'll be at the CITO. Funny how it I got out of the office and the progression: Geocaching -> Hiking -> Rock Climbing
  5. I made it back in May 2001 when there were seven (7!) caches in South Africa. A screen capture from a landsat_5.ecw file you used with some funny viewer. Link no more, but if anyone wants it for historical (?!) reasons feel free to email me. Back in the days I was one of very few people doing Geocaching. I had to hide 20+ caches to get you guys out there! My first cache find was Sentinel View by Prof Charles Merry (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=a6584ee8-b271-4e6c-9ba5-475f659f3d96) on April 22, 2001. Well actually I didn't make it (followed that arrow on the GPS and tried accessing it from Houtbay side!), tried again on May 1.
  6. Where: Wider Cape Town (I work in Bellville and live in Melkbos) Condition: Other than a few scratches and a crack on the front plastic cover (over the LCD, not the LCD itself!) it's in perfect condition How much: Best offer gets it, minimum though is R700 Why: I've upgraded to a Garmin 76CS with Garmaps Topographic maps ... awesome stuff! Guarantee: I'll guarantee it for 3 months. If it breaks, money back. Includes: Manuals, CD, pouch and data cable (RS232) This unit has been my trusty GPS for years and I know it's perfect other than the crack on the front plastic, but it doesn't bother one.
  7. Saw the insert just now. Wow, it was long, maybe 10+ minutes. Was pretty good all in all. Only complaint is I wish there was less focus on clue solving and more on the technology, i.e. GPS. Different strokes for different fokes I suppose. This is bound to get more people into it. Thanks Discombob and Top Billing!
  8. This is great! Can only be a good thing. Back in 2001 I tried to get the game going by hiding 20+ caches, getting radio interviews, pamphlets, booklets, the works. But it's been slow going. This is what we needed! Some coolness factor. That's if you consider yuppies cool There was so little activity back then that I especially drove to Bloemfontein from Cape Town for the weekend to go find three new caches there!
  9. Great! Don't strain them to much on their first cache I emailed the top 30 cachers. Sorry to bombard everyone. But rather safe than sorry. We need the exposure. This will help a lot to get many more cachers!
  10. Dear fellow cachers, As some of you know I have been somewhat inactive. A year from now I'll be getting very active again when I go into semi-retirement! In the mean time I've received this email and I'm to busy to help out. Can a fellow Cape Town cachers help here: Hi Peter Top Billing the magazine show on SABC3 would love to do a story on Geo caching. Two of our presenters will be in Cape Town on Wednesday and would like them to go in search of your cach - would you be happy for them to do this and also would you be willing to get involved in the piece if so could you please contact Gerry 072 355 5597 or Sunay 082 336 2122 to discuss Many thanks Sunay and Gerry Directors Top Billing User's Profile: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=65...d6-12691e4055e9
  11. Great spot. Biggest cache in Africa. Almost killed myself placing it. Nice long trip. Tranquillity Cracks, Twelve Apostles, Camps Bay
  12. Found an article in a recent Wired magazine about NASA World Winds: http://worldwind.arc.nasa.gov/ I'm busy downloading the 180 MB now, but it looks very promising. Satellite maps with great zoom and you can find coordinates this way. Has anyone tried it yet?
  13. Yes, I'm still around just not very active. Work load has been driving me nuts the past few years. I'm hoping to slow down soon so I can spend more time out doors. Forum leaders don't do anything really. I think it's just because I was one of the first to do geocaching in SA and I tried hard to promote in various ways. If you feel the need to be a leader, let me know ... Regards Peter Scholtz
  14. quote:Originally posted by 4x4 Offroad Adventure Club:Hi all you great Capetonians! (yes ok, and anybody else who wants to partake!) Given the recent beach ban and the issues about negative 4x4-ing, a new hot topic flying around in the newspapers this last weekend is the destruction on Blaauwberg Hill, irresponsible 4x4 and Quad bike owners and so on. Western Cape Offroad Association/ Alliance Blaauberg Hill Geoff Russell representing the WCape Offroad Association. The public meeting attended by approx. 50 people were primarily BCA members, a lady from city council, 4x4 enthusiasts, a few Quad Bikers and a Scrambler rider. The meeting to find workable solutions for the rampant destruction of Blouberg Hill was facilitated by Louis Raubenheimer (BCA member) and included the following speakers. Allan Harrower, a Botanist. He discussed the plants of the area. Roy Fuller-Gee, he discussed and showed slides of the damage to the hill. Tony, A geologist discussed how to prevent and deal with the erosion on the hill. Brian Woodburn SA 4x4 club, spoke about rehabilitating the hill. I was impressed with the format and how Louis handled the early interjections from the floor. Early on I had the feeling it was going to turn into a bun fight. However once it was established that there was by and large much common ground the meeting turned, in my opinion, to being very constructive. I will not discuss the to and fro of the meeting however the outcome, although not yet confirmed, was the following. There has been a large drop in people going to the hill since all of the publicity. The area of the hill must be rehabilitated. It should be done by the 4x4 fraternity, hopefully with some help from City Council. The Hill may need to be closed during rehabilitation. Once closed and reopened access to be via one route to the top of the hill.(Admission fee proposed) A playground area, possibly including the current Donga/Canyon area, to be agreed upon (Negotiations with the land owner at an advanced stage). This, it appears could happen sooner than later and would hopefully keep people from trashing the hill. If successful it could be really turned into something great using excavators etc. The meeting adjourned with agreement that a follow up meeting would be arranged shortly to discuss and finalise the implementation of the rehabilitation process. I believe this to be a true reflection of the meeting and look foreword to attending the follow up as well as the implementation of the finalised plans. I feel sure that many people from the association would willingly get involved in a project of this nature. Geoff Russell Western Cape Offroad Association Peter Scholtz www.biometrics.co.za
  15. http://www.brillig.com/geocaching/false_bay.shtml Peter Scholtz www.biometrics.co.za
  16. quote:Originally posted by clari:And where can I get the data cable at a decent price. Just got the new Garmin prices. For the Garmin GPS12: PC Interface Cable = R390 (including VAT) Data Cable = R235 (including VAT) Peter Scholtz www.biometrics.co.za
  17. quote:Originally posted by clari:Does anyone know where I can get some software to download the tracks from my Garmin 12 to a PC. And where can I get the data cable at a decent price. I'm a Garmin dealer. I only add 15% as a handling fee. Basically to promote Geocaching. I've got the basic Etrex and there's two cables you can use. The PC cable is R420 and the Data Cable is R250. Well that was six months ago's pricing anyway. The PC Cable is ready to use. The Data Cable you need to solder your own 9 pin serial port on. That's the route I went, using an old mouse. No way I was prepared to pay R170 for a plug. Re software, there's plenty available. Check the forum topic on hardware and software, there's lots of info and links. Peter Scholtz www.biometrics.co.za
  18. quote:Originally posted by Raymond E:Yawn, stretch... Well, that was winter! Gee Raymond, nice to see you back. Thought we might have killed you with the Twelve Apostles cache! Peter Scholtz www.biometrics.co.za
  19. quote:and it still does not show on my pc at home even if I refresh the page, yet I can see it at work. Try refeshing with Ctrl-F5. Also check in Internet Explorer: Tools, Internet Options, Temporary Internet Files Settings, Check for newer version of stored pages - Try "every visit to the page". Peter Scholtz www.biometrics.co.za
  20. The booklets are downloadable here: GeocachingBookletSinglePage.pdf GeocachingBooklet.pdf GeocachingLogbookCoverA5.pdf GeocachingReadMeA5.pdf Peter Scholtz www.biometrics.co.za [This message was edited by Peter Scholtz on August 16, 2002 at 05:13 AM.]
  21. Chris, Send them to me, I'll put it on our web site. Regards Peter Scholtz Biometrics.co.za [This message was edited by Peter Scholtz on August 16, 2002 at 05:14 AM.]
  22. Time to do some promotion again as summer and xmas is coming. Can anyone get printing done for free? (couple of thousand A4's, folded and stapled.) Who would like to distribute booklets? (Cape Union Marts etc.) Peter Scholtz www.biometrics.co.za
  23. Though I'm keen, looking at the level of activity, we'll have to wait for summer ... Peter Scholtz www.biometrics.co.za
  24. Peter Scholtz


    4th July 2002 Dear Dealer We are pleased to announce that Garmin have advised that the SA City Select CD production is on schedule – we will receive the product this month and we would like to ask you to place orders in advance to ensure no disappointments. Product will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. The part number for the CD is as follows: 010-10400-00 CITY SELECT SOUTH AFRICA RETAIL PRICE: R2280,00 VAT INCLUDED Please read the following important information and fax back the attached confirmation that you have read and understood this. We regret that we will not be able to supply any orders until this confirmation has been received as we do not want any misinformation to be given to clients about what they are buying. WHAT AREAS WILL BE COVERED ON THE CITY SELECT CD The City Select CD covers Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban metropolitan areas as well as the N1from Johannesburg to Cape Town, the N3 to Durban and the Garden Route. WILL THE BASE MAP IMPROVE There are no improvements to the base map except for the N1 to Cape Town, the N3 to Durban and the Garden Route. WHAT UNITS WILL THE CITY SELECT WORK WITH The City Select will work with the GPS V, GPS MAP 76 AND 76S, ETREX LEGEND AND VISTA, EMAP, STREETPILOT III, GPS MAP 176 AND 176C. WHICH UNITS WILL NOT BE USABLE WITH THE CITY SELECT CD The City Select will not work with the GPS III PLUS, GPS 12 MAP, STREETPILOT MONO AND STREETPILOT COLORMAP, obviously also not with any unit that is not designed to take uploaded map data. WHEN WILL MAPS BE AVAILABLE FOR UNITS NOT SERVED BY THE CITY SELECT These maps are being made locally with a Garmin map making software product and will be available within the next two months. PROTECTION OF SOFTWARE All maps will come with a Garmin unlock code which will have to be activated by the client via the Internet. For those clients who do not have the internet, we can perform this function for them in our offices, if they bring the product to us. RETURNS THIS IS LICENSED SOFTWARE AND GARMIN WILL ACCEPT NO RETURNS ONCE THE PLASTIC PACKAGING THAT SEALS THE MAP CD HAS BEEN BROKEN. This will also apply if you sell the product to someone who has a product for which the software is not suitable. The only circumstances under which we will accept a return of software with a broken seal is if the product is faulty. BUNDLED PRODUCTS (GPSV AND STREETPILOT III) As soon as the map is available, Garmin will start shipping these two products with maps bundled into them. Obviously the pricing will change and will be as follows: GPS V will come with cigarette lighter adaptor, vehic mount, City Select CD and PC interface cable STREET PILOT III will come with bean bag and vehicle mount, cigarette lighter adaptor, PC interface cable, City Select CD and data cartridge GPS V BUNDLED WITH CITY SELECT CD RETAIL PRICE: R8732,40 INCLUDING VAT STREETPILOT III BUNDLED WITH CITY SELECT CD RETAIL PRICE: R15059.40 INCLUDING VAT WHAT ABOUT A CLIENT WHO PREVIOUSLY PURCHASED A GPS V OR STREETPILOT III Garmin will not penalise anyone who purchased these products before bundling with additional items took place. Any client who can produce an invoice for a GPS V when he buys his City Select South Africa CD will be given a free PC interface cable. Any client producing an invoice for a Streetpilot III when he buys his City Select South Africa CD will be given a free data cartridge and PC interface cable. Peter Scholtz www.biometrics.co.za
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