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  1. Hello from Massachusetts! While on vacation on LBI last week I designed a short multi near the Barnegat lighthouse. My relatives live nearby and agreed to help with maintenance but the local admin approver insists that "geocaches should be maintained by geocachers" and therefore I need a local cacher to assist and also be listed on the cache page.


    Consequently I am looking for a local individual who would be able to provide maintenance if necessary. I return to the Island every summer so it would just be for the in-between times and quite frankly the cache should not require maintenance as it is well protected.


    If anyone down there can help out I would appreciate it. Please contact me through my profile and I will send you the details.






    Pepperell, MA

  2. I posted this in the New England forum but I thought I might get a better cross-section by posting it here as well.

    I recently came across a type of snowshoe which is designed differently from most snowshoes. It is called the Yeti and their design is shorter and slightly concave. Their marketing theme is that they are lighter and provide more mobility than standard snowshoes. Has anyone heard of them or had any experience with them? Thanks!

  3. Just to jump back in on my own topic - I think that encrypted parking coords might be the best compromise. When I leave my home state of MA, I have had great difficulty in some cases finding the way in to certain caches in other states. In some cases I have emailed the owner PLEADING for directions after driving around unfamiliar roads looking for unfamiliar landmarks! For my part, I have often responded to local logs from out-of-towners seeking assistance because I have been in their situation. One of the earlier posters compared encrypted parking coordinates to the encrypted hint and surmised that cachers who wanted them (such as myself usually caching in a narrow window) could decrypt and cachers who did not (and feel that driving around endlessly in unfamiliar localities is part of the fun) could ignore. That makes sense to me! Thank you all for all your input, opinions, and perceptive commentary.

  4. After nearly falling twice on an icy trail today, I thought it was time to investigate crampons or similar. Since I do not plan any mountain climbing trips, I was interested in the Yaktrax which are coils that slip on and off of your regular shoes or boots rather than full crampons which retail for $130+. Yaktrax look easy to roll up and pack in a back pack. Has anyone had any experience with them - good or bad? Are they worth the $20 to $30 price? Do they work? Thanks!

  5. What is the consensus on publishing coords or specific directions for parking? I have had occasion to do some caches where it took longer to find the parking or trail head than it did the cache itself (no fault of the cache). I realize in some cases this may be part of the adventure but is it geocaching or geoparking?

  6. TEAM SPOONHEAD came about during our annual extended family white-water rafting trip. Every year we try to do something to make our raft(s) distinctive for the generic video that they make. One year we put duct tape symbols on our helmets, another year we put "The Incredible Hulk" on the bow of the raft. The first year we taped plastic spoons to our helmets and I made T-shirts with the logo TEAM SPOONHEAD for all 18 participants. The name just stuck and when we got into geocaching (not the entire group) we thought that it was a pretty good name to use.

  7. What is the proper etiquette when you encounter a fellow geocacher as you arrive at a site and then YOU find the cache first! Should you announce that you have found it and immediately log in (thus giving the location away), announce that you have found it and then let the other person continue to search (thus giving the location away by your proximity), or let the other cacher continue to search without indicating you have found it (thus allowing him/her to think that HE/SHE actually found it before you did. I'm sure this has happened often. What did you do?

  8. Here in the northeast where it was below 20 degrees for about six weeks (it seems), where there is 2-3 feet of snow on the ground, where my kids have not been able to go outside for recess as school since Christmas, virtual caches have their purpose. You do the calculations or whatever, visit the site, and email the verifying information. We have to do SOMETHING in the winter!

  9. I posted a virtual location type cache (Google cache) with bogus coordinates within 10 miles so that potential cachers would have an idea how far they would have to travel to solve it. After all, if I know the bogus coords are 50 miles from where I live then the cache itself is at least 40 miles and I would have to decide it this is too far. Ten miles seems reasonable. Any closer would give away the final location and the entire cache could be done on a home computer.

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