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  1. Hi Nana, don't worry about it! I will continue searching for a geocacher on Karpathos, who will maintain the cache. Thanks a lot for your goodwill! Greetings, stenika
  2. Hi wind&water! Thanks for the quick response! That's all I need! If I can use your name, that would be perfect! I'm doing maintenance on my own and with a little help from other geocachers! Someone will contact you and ask you, if you will do the maintenance for my cache. Please affirm this question, so that my cache can continue! Thank you very very much! Yours, stenika
  3. Hi! On our journey through the beautiful island of Karpathos I hid a geocache on the top of the Kali Limni. Now I've got the same problem as Stephan. The cache was not accepted, because of the distance from my home country Austira to Karpathos. The cache is well hid in a plastic box in a whole in a big rock a bit far from the way to the top of the mountain. And now I'm looking for somebody taking maintenance for my geocache. Thankfully with greetings from Austria, stenika
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